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InstaShake Demo - 4

Tonight I’m going to show another innovative blending app called InstaShake HD for the iPad. The app is only available in the European App Store, but I got lucky and the developers gave me a copy of it. You all know about the iPhone version of InstaShake which got a lot of buzz since it went FREE for a limited time. You can also load the iPhone version on your iPad too, since your can’t get the iPad version in the US. Now I discovered this app on accident and was just looking around App Shoppers. Normally I stay away from apps that have “Insta” for the titled because it usually all “Instagram” based type of apps. That means it will have the limitations such as square format only and low res output. But I looked at the screen shots and decided to get it because it was free at the time and a blending app. I downloaded and tried and it blew me away !!!

Camera Roll-3279

Now let’s get started with the demo, first off the only problem I have with this app that it’s square format only. I got a few people telling me that usually a buzz kill for them if apps are square formatted only. Right now the app works for me and my Project 365. But I would like to see an update in the future that will allow other ratio formats like 4:3, 2:3 and Golden Ratio. The app will save your images at whatever your photo you’re using, so if you use low res photos you will get a low res save. Make sure you’re using high res photo when using this app if you want a high res save. This is what InstaShake HD will look like on your iPad. It about the same as the iPhone but all your tools and features are all shown on the screen. You have 12 different blending formats to play with, opacity slider and photo swap. You will always start with the second blend as your default when you load this app.

Camera Roll-3280

I am loading up my photo on my iPad. What you have after your load your photo is the crop button on the top right hand corner. you will use that if you’re using a non square photo to crop in place. You can also adjust the brightness of your photo you’re suing too. What I like to see is more editing adjustment in the future when you load a photo like monotone, hues, saturation, contrast and brightness.

Camera Roll-3281

Here is the brightness control for your photo, after you loaded it up.

Camera Roll-3282

I can do the same thing with Vida with the brightness adjustment.

Camera Roll-3283

This is the default blend you will always start with when you load up the photos.

Camera Roll-3285

Camera Roll-3286

These two screen shot are me playing with a different blend layer and messing with the opacity slider. You can see how they both work together hand in hand. Somtiems being in the middle of the two photos don’t always work so you need to mess with the slider until you find your happy spot.

Camera Roll-3287

Right here I swapped the photo but tapping on the swap button to change the blend layers around. Left will always be your master background layer and right will be the slave to apply on top of your photo.

Camera Roll-3288

These are you save and share options of you like what you’ve blended together.

Vida InstaShake Demo 1

My saved Vida Demo.

Camera Roll-3291

Now I wanted to talk to you about the “Magic Wand” button and what it does. What the magic wand does is mask in your layers in case you don’t like the preset blend layers and you want to do something more creative.

Vida InstaShake Demo - 3

The only thing I don’t like about this tool is it’s not smooth and you cannot adjust the mask brush, so it will look like a really sloppy mask job when you use this tool. What I would like to see is a update on making the magic wand work smoother and adjustable when applying the photo mask on to of your photo. Other thing I would like to see added is blend modes, Multiply, Overlay, Softlight, Hardlight, Difference and so on. I feel you really need the blend modes since you’re using a blending app.

InstaShake HD Demo - 2

Here’s another demo using the Magic Wand button, you can see it looks like a sloppy masking job.

InstaSHake HD Demo - 3

Most of the presents are great and can execute them very well. Overall InsatShake HD is great, innovative and very useful for me at the moment with Project 365 edits. This is one app you should have in your editing arsenal for creative editing. The app has room for lots of growth and improvement. I’m hoping they will add more ratios options, better masking tool, basic editing tool and blending modes in future updates. People with Android Devices, you can pick up InstaShake at the Google Play Store too. Hopefully in the future they will make a version for Windows Phone users, since there is a lot of mobile photographers with Windows Phones out there.

App List:

InstaShake HD – 1.79 €
InstaShake – $1.99
InstaShake Android – $1.99

I’ll end the blog post with a video demo done with InsatShake for the iPhone. I really like the song on the video demo, kind of catchy. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me You can also follow InstaShake on Facebook and Insatgram @insta_shake. Have a great evening and see you soon !!!

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10 Responses to Combo Apps/InstaShake HD

  1. iNDone_art says:

    Hello Tina,
    this sounds quite interesting and I would love to give it a try. Btw i’m in Europe and I actually own a iPad.
    Regards Andy

  2. Danny says:


    I would like to try it on my Ipad. So does it apply to the US store?



  3. Greetings Tina,

    I wonder if there are any codes left? I do have an iPad.

    Thank you,

  4. rjllane says:

    Hello Tina.

    Enjoyed your breakdown and demo of the app – I appreciate the honesty of your comments – so refreshing as many gloss over the issues with apps, and do themselves a disservice by losing their credibility. In the end, people drift away from such sources. So …. Keep up the strength, and those who count will keep reading.

    Will enjoy giving it a test drive … Thanks … MomentsForZen

  5. Kat Mein says:

    Would love this for my iPad if there are any more codes. I am in US and do it all on my iPad. Thanks!!

  6. Lisette says:

    Hello dear overseas friend and IG-app-master!
    Leaving this comment As we agreed in IG.

    Lots of Love from me in Holland,
    Lisette 🌷🌷🌷🌷

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