Combo Apps/Moment Lenses

Future in mobile photography lens…take a moment and watch the video. I saw a post from Geri Centonze on Instagram. You can click below if you want to invest in these two lenses.

Kickstarter for Moment Lenses

The Temple Of Piety & Moon Pond, Studley Royal, YorkshirePatienceNo limitsThe Storyteller 25/365Dawn from Rocky Knob Park - 20140124The GLIF is UP !!!
 Angel of acceptanceMalaysian DancerIt's cold all over…Oscar Mike. US Marines "OnThe Move" to Afghanistan 201231#2014/365.............:).       IPHONE
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Stylin'The Farmers PathBabaikaHappy Hour#Aeroplane #Hipstafiend #iColorama #iphonography #iphoneography #MoPho #flying #plane#Hipstafiend #day10_Details #MakeBeautiful #Hipstachallenge



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2 Responses to Combo Apps/Moment Lenses

  1. rjllane says:

    Hello Tina.

    Thanks for the heads-up for this Kickstarter project.

    Great quality lenses, and US$99 for the pair is not TOO steep for what you get (modest x 2 telephoto and a x 0.63 wide-angle). The weak link is, as always, how you attach them to the iPhone, iPad or Galaxy – their plate solution (using adhesive) purports to work with or without a case.

    Overwhelming response do far, so it is guaranteed to go ahead, and it has a very short project timeline – 16 weeks – so I’m guessing that they are well ahead on the pre-project development path !!!

    If there was a more robust solution for the mounting, I would be in it for sure, but I think I shall not get involved. I will track what happens when all of the backers get their hands on them – via the project comments page.

    … Richard (MomentsForZen)

  2. Hi Tina – You know I’m in on this one – thanks for the mention. I’ll be one of those who hopefully can give a hands on assessment after I receive them.

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