Combo Apps/The GLIF is UP !!!

Today is about the evolution of an old product that has been totally redesign for the future of mobile photographers. We all know that the iPhone design changes every couple of years. Now you want to look for mobile photography products that will last for the next few iPhone generations or any smartphone. Well Studio Neat has done that with redesign their very popular Glif/Glif+ Tripod Mount and made it for future generations of mobile photographers to come by making the Glif adjustable to work with most smartphones in today’s and tomorrow’s market.

My New Glif from Studio Neat

Here is my New Glif I got in the mail from Studio Neat. I really like how they package and send their products. Just like shown in the video the package really does adjust, I get a kick out simple things to match the concepts of the products.

What comes with The New Glif

What’s inside the package ? Well you get an Adjustable Glif, a Hex Key and a Keychain Attachment.

Leif adjusting the Glif

Boyce adjusting the Glif

I had Leif and Boyce try it. The hex key is really to operate even for Boyce whose 12 years old. They both like playing with it and find creative ways to clamp the Glif onto things where you would slip your smartphones to make it prop up for viewing pleasures. They both said it was easy to use and liked how it operated.


In fact Boyce likes it so much and played with it more than Leif. That he said “This would make a good gun for my Lego Bionicles, Tina !!! Can I have it ?” The point of view of a 12 year old boy…typical.

Glif Demo - 2

This is my sisters iPhone. I wanted to show you how it fits with a slim case from an iPhone 4S. You can get away with a slim case with most smartphones and iPhone 4 and up models using The New Glif. It slides your smartphones in and out real easily.

Glif Demo

Just like it says and shown in the video you can use most smartphones, like the HTC 4G. The New Glif fits really well with thinner, newer and flat back smartphones.

Glif Demo - 3

However it will not fit or work well with an iPhone 3G/3GS or any concave back on a smartphone. iPhones with a Mophie Battery Case or any battery case, you’re out luck in trying to make it work. If you have an Otter Box you can forget in making that work too. I know some mobile photographers have to have their cases on. That’s fine, just don’t complain about your limitations on finding mobile photo products to fit your cases. It’s just not gonna happen, you’re going to have to find that line of when to not use your case and when to use your case. I’ve learn to compromise with my Mophie Case. After the ordeal with the battery mess and Apple Store, when I get a new iPhone I will not be getting another Mophie Case or any battery case. I’m going to go back to using slim case or thick tough case. I’m also starting to like using the nakedness of my iPhone 4S more and more…

New Glif Tripod Mount

Now the part that everyone has been waiting for, what do I really honestly think of The New Glif ? Overall The New Glif is an investment for the future of mobile photography for any design change of most smartphones. It’s easy to carry, operate and has multi-purpose functionality to it’s design. Tom and Dan have outdid themselves in making a loyalty based product for the future and going beyond the niche of iPhoneography and stepped it to Mobile Photography. They saw a future, paved the way to make customers happy, keep their loyalty and opened up their market to Android and Window photographers. They took something old and made it new with the same detail and quality as the original product and stepped it quite a few notches. You’re wondering about the price, why is it $30 ? Why so much ? All Glifs are designed and manufactured in America, 100% !!! When you buy a Glif or a Cosmunaut, you will have satisfaction of owning something that was made in America by Americans.

Glif+ for iPhone 5/5S

Our little company launched back in 2010 with the original Glif for iPhone 4 on Kickstarter. 5,273 wonderful backers later, Studio Neat was born. We’ve updated the Glif since then (with the Glif+ pictures up abaove and a version for the iPhone 5) but the new adjustable Glif marks the biggest update yet. When you purchase a new Glif, it includes a hex key to adjust the Glif to fit your device, as well as a keychain attachment so you can carry the Glif with you wherever you go.

If you are rocking a naked (caseless) iPhone 5/5s or iPhone 4/4s, and prefer the utter simplicity of the original Glif, it’s still available! The Glif and Glif+ are designed to work with a “naked” (caseless) iPhone and are available in two versions: iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5S.

Product Price List and Shipping:

GLIF Original – $30
The New GLIF – $30
SLOW FAST SLOW (Camera/Video App) – $1.99
FRAMEOGRAPHER (Camera/Video App) – $4.99
COSMONAUT Stylus – $25

Shipping starts at $3 USA/$9 International.
Also available at and Photojojo.

We end the post with a video of how the Original Glif were made, just like I showed at the end of the Cosumnaut Stylus post. I love watching videos on how things are made, they give me a new prospective and appreciation of what goes into making the product. I want to give a big thanks to Tom and Dan at Studio Neat sending me The New and Original Glifs to write a review. These two guys are amazing and very creative !!! If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me You can also contact Studio Neat at or call +1-(512)333-1570 or write Studio Neat, P.O. Box 90723, Austin, TX 78709-0723, USA and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @studioneat.

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5 Responses to Combo Apps/The GLIF is UP !!!

  1. imapurrson says:

    Hi Tina, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a tripod for the phone and GLIF seems like a great contender! Smart that they did forward thinking in reference to the GLIF working with future phones. Thanks for your thoughts on this product and the great info you supplied!
    Cheers, Denise

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  3. ledsteplin says:

    I was given the Glif Tripod Mount and Stand. But I have no Tripod. Where do I get the Tripod shown in this video? Thanks!

  4. ledsteplin says:

    Hi, I was given the Glif Tripod Mount and Stand as a gift. I have no tripod. Where can I find the tripod shown in the video? Will the mount fit any tripod? Thanks!

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