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Hi Everyone !!! Today is going to be a interesting giveaway apps post today. I’m not going to go into details like I normally do because I’m going to post up 7 different apps from the developers of Stylodelic Apps. It started with a quest of looking for apps to write about. Since most of the Top 200 Photo Apps aren’t my cup of tea and not really all that great like it used to be, I had to start digging. I dug really deep to find an app called Analog 35. I got the FREE version to try out and really liked it, so I went and found the developer’s blog post and left Olaf a comment. A few days later I for an email from Lars with a bunch of app codes and a list of apps. What I’m going to do is talk about the app in each section, give you the direct link to make comments and constructive criticism and helpful feed back to improve these apps. I would like to see these apps on the Top 200, regardless of their limitations and low res output. These app are just really good because they don’t have the typical run of the mill textures layered backgrounds. I’m actually impressed with the textures. They are the type of textures I can see my fellow friends in the Mobile Art World would use along with anyone who just love to come up with creative solutions. I will leave 5 promo codes for each of the apps, a direct link so you can make comments and feed back about the apps and a link to each of the apps to the App Store. If you do get one of the codes, it would be nice to send the developer a thank and some kind of feedback. The top photo up above are 4 out of 7 apps I’ll be writing about, Filter Stamp BW, Filter Stamp FX Angel my Photo and India 3000.

Analog 35

Let’s begin with Analog 35, it’s really a nice refreshing take on new types of textures to slap on top of your photo. Even though the app has been a round for awhile, this is a diamond in the rough type of apps. I love the background layers and textures with this app. The downside is the res out, it’s 640 x 640.

Analog 35 Vida

Here is a sample shot edited with Analog 35. You have a choice of the FREE Version or the paid version. Until they update the res output, I’d stick with the FREE version for now. Click on the apps for going to the App Store, Analog 35 and Analog 35 FX. Click “HERE” of you got the app and want to give feed back and suggestions to the developer directly. You can get more in-depth details about Analog 35 too.

India 3000

Another crafty and creative app called India 3000, it has the same concept of Analog 35 but the textures are different from one another. It’s easy to operate like Analog 35.

India 3000 Demo

This is my demo from India 3000, as you can see the photo isn’t that large and only does 500 x 500. You can pick up India 300 for $.99. for more informaion about the app and you want to leave feedback and suggestions about the app click, “HERE” !!! Now if you do pick up one of the promo codes please try and leave a thank you or a comment.

Promocodes for India 300:


Filter Stamp BW

The next app on the list is called Filter Stamp BW. What a really nice black and white editing app, this app has the most unique and beautiful textures I’ve seen for a black and white editing app. Filter Stamp BW sells for $.99 at the App Store. I know there are some people who just like to do extreme black and white editing out in the Mobile Arts community.

Filter Stamp BW Demo

This is my demo from Filter Stamp BW. The app res output is 640 x 640 and I’d really like to see the res go up on this app. Click “HERE” to leave your comments and feed back for Filter Stamo BW. If you happen to get a promo code for this app please leave a thank you and some feedback.

Promocodes for Filter Stamp BW:



Sepiamatix is a camera only operated app with live filters, the app works great because of thee low res output. It just a simple fast snap, load up your photos and share camera app.

Sepiamatix Demo

The res output is a little odd at 640 x 774, so you can’t do any square photos with this app (shown in the demo photo up above). What I’d like to see is photo import from your camera roll, different ratios options and higher res output. Sepiamatix sells for $.99 at the App Store if you want to pick it up and try it. You can click “HERE” to give feedback and suggestions on Sepiamatix. If you happen to get a promo code for this app please leave a thank you and some feedback.

Promocodes for Sepiamatix:


Angel My Photo

Angel My Photo is where you can layer prefab Angels on top of your photo. I know there are a lot of people out there in the mobile art world looking for an app like this. It has beautiful Angelic backgrounds to choose from and makes your photos look like a work of editing art.

Angel My Photo Demo

My demo photo waited with Angel My Photo and res output is 640 x 640. You can pick up Angel My Photo for $.99 at the App Store. Click “HERE” to leave feedback and comments about the app. If you happen to get a promo code for this app please leave a thank you and some feedback.

Promocodes for Angel My Photo:


Filter Stamp FX

Filter Stamp FX is an app that I really like too because of it’s vast choices filter selection. A lot of the filter are really cool and not the run of the mill like most app on the market today. Some of the filters you apply on your photos can make them look out of this world.

Fliter Stamp FX

The biggest major draw back is the res output of 320 x 320 and in need of a serious update to bring it up to 2014 standards. I like this app but I wouldn’t want to pay for it because of the very low res output alone. Filter Stamp FX sells for $.99 at the App Store. Click “HERE” to leave feedback, suggestions and comments about the app. If you happen to get a promo code for this app please leave a thank you and some feedback.

Promocodes for Filter Stamp FX:


Filter Case


Filtercase you can create your own IMAGE FILTERS. You can mix 3 different groups together. Color Monochrome, Sepia Tone, Gamma Adjust, Exposure, Color Controls, Vibrance, Hue Adjust, Highlights and Shadows and Vignette. Name your filter and save it to the FILTERBANK !!! Export the filtered IMAGE at full resolution !!!

Filtercase Demo

This is my demo photo of Vida sleeping, shot with LemeCam Pro and editing with FilterCase. I wanted to take out some of the yellow and play with the colors a lot. Overall, this app is in need of a serious update to bring to 2014. To be honest I thought it was Filter Stamp FX iPad version but to my surprise it’s just a basic editing app. In comparison to other editing apps, I can see why this got lost in the shuffle. However, Filtercase is a diamond in the rough and has potential to be one of greats in photo editing. Now remember this is an iPad Only app, so if you get the code don’t be upset that it will not work on your iPhone. FilterCase sells for $1.99 in the App Store.

Promocodes for FilterCase: (iPad Only)


There’s no direct site to take you to make comments or FilterCase so I’ll give you the direct email to the developer, Lars Peterson I want to thank Lars Peterson for giving me all these apps codes to giveaway. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me at Have a good day and enjoy the promo code giveaway on this blog post. See you soon !!!

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15 Responses to Combo Apps/Stylodelic App Collection

  1. Kim says:

    Hi Tina,

    I used the last code in the group for the App Filter Stamp FX. Thank you so much for the reviews and codes! 🙂

  2. blaquira says:

    Great blog! I have had analog 35 and angel for a long time. They are really great…only thing is the res…they really need to work on that!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I’m hoping if people will make comments and say something about the low res issue. That the developer will do something about it to change it. These apps are awesome !!!

  3. Jen says:

    Hi Tina- used the last for fliterstamp BW- will play with it a bit and leave dome feedback. thanks!! I don’t comment much but read your blog regularly through Feedly 🙂 @spagirljen

  4. imapurrson says:

    Hi Tina,

    Thank you so much for bringing these cool editing apps to our attention. I very much agree about the unusual filters. They are not the run of the mill as seen in other photo apps. I like them a lot.

    I used:

    rw4 (last 3 numbers of promo code) for India 3000 camera.

    9wp (last 3 numbers of promo code) for Filter Stamp BW

    6kr (last 3 numbers of promo code) for Sepiamatix

    Nnm (last 3 numbers of promo code) for Angel My Photo

    9ph (last 3 numbers of promo code) for Filter Stamp FX

    Thank you, to you, Tina, for writing about and sharing the codes for the photography apps, and thank you, to Olaf Solarxzyk, for enabling me to own some very cool new photo editing apps.

    It’s always fun playing around with apps that are different than all of the rest. 🙂

    Cheers, Denise

    • imapurrson says:

      PS: I commented on all of the apps about the low resolution through the link you so thoughtfully supplied with each app. I sincerely hope the developer makes a change for the better in that regard.

      • ashcroft54 says:

        I do too and I noticed because of my blog post. Those app pop up as being popular on App Shoppers !!!

      • imapurrson says:

        Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he follows up with the promise of working on the resolution. I received this reply back on 1-23-14, from his website that I had made the comments on:

        The following is
        Copied and pasted:

        Ahoi Denise,
        thank you very much, i know the resolution is not the best but the filter layers are very big. We are working on possible fixes to support a better resolution.



        End of copy and paste.

        Tina, Your blog and written words are powerful. You have a positive influence in the photography world whether it be with your very awesome edits of your pics or through your well written blogs and tutorials on the photo apps! Thank you again, for all you do! You’re very much appreciated for sharing your knowledge!

        Cheers, Denise

      • ashcroft54 says:

        I’m really glad they replied to you too !!! It means they’re listening to people’s suggestions.

  5. Paul says:

    Im not that enthusiast with these apps… These are just toys .. A such low res don’t even need a post, that’s the best way to put the dev back to work. Seriously I had better resolution on my Nokia 3210 back in the days.
    Just thanking him for being explicit about the output res in the store.

  6. iNDone_art says:

    Nice post but I don’t think he deserves it cause he has 41! Apps in store and almost all of em never ever got any update. Maybe two or thee are 1.1 versions, all the rest is still 1.0. He better would make less but better apps. I wold never ever pay for such a app. Less is somtimes more!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      A reply from the developer…

      hi there,

      thank you very much for the nice big blog post,
      i know the resolution is not the best but the filter layers are very big.
      We are working on possible fixes to support a better resolution.



      …so in the end they did deserve the blog post.

  7. Marc Bestgen says:

    Hi Tina if there is a code left please tell me ! I must fly with few time to browse the codes. Anyway I’m writing for just mentioning that for me a low resolution is not an issue because I love the look some pictures show, i love imperfection when done a beautiful way as i see on the developer and other people pics and , i enjoy vintage older looks as the apps are presented and do not like too much the perfect razor edge look a super perfect produce (otherwise i would buy a 200 usd Nikon which masters resolution, cheaper then Iphone!). And no, I’m not drunk! Some computer softwares quite expensive even imitate lower resolutions to give an authentic “alive” look : ) I think the words from Olaf are very nice and quickly responding support deserves a good beer! Good evening all! Marc

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Marc, I’m sure I’ll get more codes because when developers get updates approved. They get more promo codes, I think they get 100 now but I could be wrong. After the blog post was posted, the apps popularity rose on App Shoppers. These are really good apps but I want the higher res than have to pump pixels in the photos.

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