Combo Apps/Pixology Official Launch

The Sun Sets

Today Pixology is officially launch of the app by the developers of Moxie. Now most of the bugs have been worked out and runs pretty smoothly, they’re still working hard to make better improvements and updates. I ran the app on my iPhone 4S and iPad 4. The top image was edited with Pixology, titled “The Sun Sets”.

Camera Roll-3184

Pixology is an iPhone only app but you can loaded it onto your iPad. All the screen shots in this blog post comes from my iPad. You can either take a photo or load a photo from your device.

Camera Roll-3185

It’s really important to follow the developers and send them feedback if you’re having issues with the app. I know Kyle said most of the bugs are worked out on most of the devices. The only problems he’s expecting are from iPhone 4S. A lot of the iPhone 4S problems from is the 8 megapixel camera and not enough RAM. You run into the low memory issues. I gave Kyle some helpful advice from other developers that were having the same problems. So if you’re like me and still have and use your iPhone 4S, follow Pixology on Instagram or make sure you send them feedback through the app. There is always the App Store to leave a review.

Camera Roll-3186

After you have loaded the photo, you have your choice of crop ratios. Since I like to use Instagram, I’ll put my photo as 1:1 (square format).

Camera Roll-3187

You have three button an “X” for restart the loading process, “ARROW” for posting and saving your photo and “+” to add your layers.

Camera Roll-3188

Here are you options after you tapped on the “+” button, you can layer and blend a photo, textures (layer and blending) and adjustments to enhance the quality.

Camera Roll-3189

Camera Roll-3190

Camera Roll-3191

These are screen shots of menu pop-ups for each of the editing options.

Camera Roll-3192

I decided to pick “Blur” for my textures and these are your layering options. I know over time and future updates you will have more to choose from and more variety.

Camera Roll-3193

Camera Roll-3194

Here I am playing with the opacity of blending in the blur layer, if you want to change the blend modes them tap on little picture from the left hand side of the opacity slider.

Camera Roll-3195

Camera Roll-3196

Camera Roll-3197

I’m in adjustments playing with the Hue/Saturation sliders. I always like to play around with the hues and saturation to give me images that otherworldly look to them. Now you know my secret on how I play with colors and hues.

Camera Roll-3198

I added another layer and as you can see it’s in “Normal” blend mode, so I’m going to change that but tapping on the left hand side picture on the slider.

Camera Roll-3199

Here are your blend modes !!!

Camera Roll-3200

I picked color because I liked the look and how it came out on top of my photo. I wanted to show the textures and to blend in naturally.

Camera Roll-3201

Here are you options to post and share, save on to your device or send your photo to another app to be edited.

Camera Roll-3203

When you send your photo to another app, it will not save. So I suggest you save first then send it off to another app to be on the safe side.

Camera Roll-3202

This is my finished demo with Pixology. The images save at 1920 x 1920 on my iPad 4 but on my iPhone 4S the images saves at 641 x 641. I’m not sure what the other output saves are on other devices. All I can say is check and let me know by making a comment.

Camera Roll-3204

Some of the outcomes I’ve made with Pixology reminds me of taking an Alternative Process class. Like this image here, it’s the same as the top photo shown at the beginning of the blog post but with a grungy style to it.

Creepy Feelings

This image was done on my iPhone 4S using Pixology, titled “Creepy Feelings”. Overall I like this app because it has lot of room for potential and growth. At the moment with official launch Pixology is at an intro price of $.99 at the App Store and will go up to $1.99. I wanted to thank Kyle and his team with the communication and heads-up with Pixology.

Invnt App List and Prices:

Pixology – $.99 will go to $1.99
Moxie – FREE
Pictwo – $.99

I leave you with the Pixology video advert and key features. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me I recommend you send Pixology feedback, suggestions and creative ideas to help them. It’s important to let developers know if you’re having issues and/or helpful suggestions to improve the quality to make a better app. Without your feedback and helpful suggestions developers will not know if the app is working properly. Have a good day and see you soon !!!

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33 Responses to Combo Apps/Pixology Official Launch

  1. Claudia says:

    Thanks for the blog Tina!! I would love to try Pixology!!

  2. ChrisCGN says:

    It looks nice really…
    I’d love to compare it to the other overlay apps 🙂

  3. fp says:

    I’d like to try it, T.!

  4. Jose Arbulu says:

    Nice blog! I would like a code please!!

  5. Isaac Gee says:

    This app looks pretty heavy in a ‘can do a lot w/little’ sense. As always, I’m hoping I’m one of the lucky few in the top 10 to give this app a go.

  6. Pal Rez says:

    Can’t wait to try this app!

  7. blaquira says:

    Awesome post can’t wait to play with this app

  8. lalaithbr says:

    Really would like to try it.

  9. If I’m not too late I can dig on trying it for free. As always thanks for writing about these new apps.

  10. danmblog says:

    I’m really getting into layering now, and I’d love to try this app out!

  11. 365ken says:

    Thanks for thinking of me!!!

  12. 365ken says:

    Thanks for thinking of me!

  13. imapurrson says:

    Hi Tina, Nice write up on Pixology! Your edits with this app look fantastic! I’m sad to see that I’m late to receive a code. Perhaps the developer will be generous once again sometime in the future, and maybe I’ll be in time for that promo code. Fingers are crossed.

  14. nicolas cevallos says:

    i would really like to try this app sounds really fun to play with

  15. Steven says:

    Me me pick me love u blogs ig feed 🙌🙌🙏🙏

  16. nicolas cevallos says:

    would be so great to try this app

  17. Steven gamez says:

    Me me me pls love ur blog n ig pls

  18. imapurrson says:

    Hi Tina, thank you for the informative write up on this interesting looking app! Pixology sounds like a fantastic editor! Your demo pics look very cool! I’m sad to see I missed out on receiving a code. Perhaps at a future date the developer will once again feel generous with issuing codes, and hopefully I will be timely then. Fingers are crossed. In the meantime, Happy New Year, to you and yours!
    Cheers, Denise

  19. Pingback: Combo Apps/Pixology Official Launch | kimartino

  20. Kimberly says:

    Looks like a fun app to try! Thanks for the info!!

  21. Danny says:

    Great write up! Any codes left? Thanks!

  22. rjllane says:

    Hello Ashcroft54.

    A thorough and informative write-up – as always. However, … I’m wondering whether I missed the “killer” or “unique” feature of this app, or whether it was just(?) another app for taking/processing images in terms of image size and dimensions, layered effects, lighting adjustments, and social network posting? And this app looks like it is challenged to produce output with large pixel extents (1920 pixels maximum?).

    There are just SO MANY of them now, and I want to find what is special about anything new that comes along.

    … MomentsForZen

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Well the concept with this app is like your said layer and blending of textures, photos and anything else you want apply on your photo. It’s basically made for the person who likes to collect textured backgrounds for layers. You can adjust the opacity and same with the blending modes. Where most apps are just pre-fab slap on textures with not real adjustments to them. This apps is make for the beginner to intermediate mobile artist. I will probably use this app on my iPad over my iPhone because I get high output res and easier to process on my iPad than my iPhone. Since you have an iPhone 5S, you might get better results and output. As for me I have an iPhone 4S and will wait for the next iPhone because I know the model of the next iPhone will change and I’ve invested in gear that fits my iPhone 4S. That’s why I will not waste my money on an Olloclip or any kind of case that will screw or attach lenses.

      • rjllane says:

        Hi there again Ashcroft54. Nice summation of the niche for this app.

        … MomentsForZen

        P.S. I hadn’t realized that my possession of an iPhone 5s had made such a lasting impression on you 🙂 I agree that the iPhone 6 may have a different form factor. It is unfortunate that somebody as committed to iPhoneography as you cannot enjoy the quality of the 5s camera until a new iPhone comes out (late this year??) – the 5s camera really is a significant improvement over the cameras in the previous models.

      • ashcroft54 says:

        I do get frustrated at time because I can’t always get the latest and the greatest on iDevices. One think I have learn and need to keep learning is to make the best with what you got. When I took photo classes you always had the classmate who had the latest greatest camera and lenses. Then they would get the best films and paper. I could only afford whatever I could get my hands on at the time. What it taught was to be more creative, try to get the best output with whatever your using and love what you do. 9 times out 10 the ones with the best toys hardly ever produce any quality work. They just like showing off what toys they had but never really knew how their toys worked or how to operate them.

        What’e even more interesting is because I still have my iPhone 4S, I’m learning the true pros and cons of this device. So it makes me wonder, are you learning to be a better mobile photographer by getting a new iPhone when it comes out ? Are you really utilizing the full actual potential of constantly getting a new iPhone ? A good friend (Julie Couch) gave me some really good advice about buying photo gear after I bought my Canon 40D. Julie Couch said, “Tina invest in good glass and not a new body. Technology is always going to change but glass won’t. A lot of photographers make the mistake that it’s the body that does the work but it’s the glass that gives you the true quality of your photos.” It’s like all those people who have to buy new Olloclips because the want the latest and greatest iPhone. Eventually people will stop buying the Olloclip for that reason, who wants to spend another $70 each time the iPhone changes it’s design ?

      • rjllane says:

        You are correct in that the MAGIC of photography is a reflection of the photographer, not the tools. And that most artists create there best work when going through hard times. However, all things being equal (which they are not given $’s and lenses, etc.), your results with an iPhone 5s rather than a 4s would allow you to create visual treats in even more spectacular ways.

        Don’t get too frustrated – you are one of the kindest and most creative individuals that I know, and the 4s/5s thing is irrelevant in either of these traits.

        … MomentsForZen

  23. rjllane says:

    And if I were producing Olloclip lenses, I would forgo the additional income that would come from people having to buy a new set every time they change handsets/cameras. Instead, I would aim to build long-term loyalty by designing and producing a universal system that would fit any handset+cover combination.

    … MomentsForZen

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