Combo Apps/Forgotten To Be Faved

Forgotten to Be Faved

Forgotten apps that came out in 2013 and they might turn into instant faves in your collection. The blog post idea came from a tweet chat between Renee, Carry and I. We were going back and fourth on twitter about apps because Renee took a break from social networking and posting photos for awhile. Renee asked me if we would recommend apps to her since she’s been gone for awhile. I gave her tweet list of them but it was the popular apps. Well this post is going to be about the apps that came out that were kind of forgotten in the mix of a lot of other apps. I will do a quick overview of each to the 5 apps shown up above.

Lo-Mob Supersliders

From the developer who brought you Lo-Mob has made an app called Lo-Mob Supersliders. The app was offered FREE at one time and I picked it up. It became one of those…”OH YEAH I LOVE IT”…then was put in the app basement along with a lot of apps that overshadowed Lo-Mob Supersliders.

Hidden Within

Lo-Mob Supersliders is broken down into 3 pre-fab slide sections, Supersliders, Flexframe and Superflex. It’s easy to operate and has the same functionality as the original Lo-Mob. What I love about this app is no matter what kind of pictures you take and use it. You photos or images will have that out of the lab and printed darkroom style. You get that retro chill when you process any of your photos with the slide effect. This is by far one of the best slide format apps on the market. Your slides save at 2400 x 2400 resolution. Lo-Mob Supersliders sells for $.99 at the app store and is a steal.

Tinned Cam

Tinned Cam is what I like to call the “slap stick effect” and you’re wondering what does that mean. It’s slapping a sticker on top of your photo. You can slap effect or text on top of you photo or image. This was another great app that was overshadowed because of it’s 1280 x 1280 resolution saves. Even with the app being free and easy to use with a few in-app purchases, it’s still worth the pick up. Why ? Because it’s easy to use, quick and effective if you want to post quickie on Instagram, Tumblr and/or Facebook. I say get over your hang-ups on high resolution output. Sometimes you don’t always need high resolution output for quick postings or just having fun.

Camera Roll-2966

What else is nice about Tinned Cam is you can make one really cool looking collage with the different effects, frames and text. I like the graphics because they’re not trendy, just very iconic and reminds me of the 90s. Tinned Cam is FREE with in-app purchases to open up effects, frames and text to stick on top pf your photo.


Popkick is a cross between HOPE Poster, Harris Camera and Warhol’s Pop Art</strong> all rolled up into one app. Popkick is one of the most simplest apps on the market with stunning colorful effects. The app resolution is 1710 x 1710, not to bad and nothing to be hung on about either.

Pop in the Darkness

As you can see PopKick has that dramatic and “wow factor” effect appeal to it (shown up above). You can pick up for $2.99 in the App Store.


PolyPic is a polygon/mosaic effect type of app. The app normally sells for $.99 but is FREE (again) at the moment. I wrote a review about how the ratio was buggy and need work. Well with the recent update not only did the developer fix the ratio bug but he added 2 new filters. The app saves at 640 x 640, yes low res but with it being free and something to just post quickly. Polypic is a good stable app. I would rather the app be bug free and running smoothly than high resolution, crashing and glitchy. I’m sure over time the developer will make this a high res output app.

Raindrops and Pennies

But again I like the results of what you can do with this app and the potential of how this PolyPic can grow into one of the best app of it’s kind on the market. PolyPic is very simple to operate with creative results. I know this app will be great for creative textured layered backgrounds. So pick it up while this app is free so you don’t kick yourself later and wished you picked it up when this app wasn’t popular and a hefty price tag.

Vinylize Me

The last and final app I wanted to talk about is VinylizeMe! What the app does is make pre-fab album covers with your photos/images. Take a picture or load an image, place it in one of the pre-made tempelets and you got an instant album cover that looks like from the 60s. You can change the headers and custom the titles on the covers. After you’ve done that you can add wear and tear on the albums covers to make them look a little more authentic and realistic.

Tina L Rice presents...Combo Apps

Here’s my album cover and the end of this blog post about the “FAB 5” apps that were forgotten to be faved in 2014. VinylizeMe! sells for $1.99 in the App Store. I can see this app growing with a vast collection of different and more customizable and hopefully fonts in the near future. It’s a very innovative a creative concept for editing you images. I do dream about my mobile art being on some of my favorites bands, DJs and solo artist. You could say it’s a step on the right direction.

App List and Price:

Lo-Mob Supersliders – $.99
Tinned Cam – FREE with in-app purchases to unlock FX, frames and text
Popkick – $2.99
PolyPic – $.99 but FREE for a limited time
VinyalizeMe! – $1.99

If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me Check out these app and see you soon !!!

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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Forgotten To Be Faved

  1. iNDone_art says:

    Hello, i’m using Popkick on a iPhone 5s and i can select save pictures in S M L resolution M = 1504 x 1504 p L = 2600 x 2600 p ~ 6mp. It’s not “high” resolution but not too bad either.
    Thanks for your great blog!
    Regards Andy

  2. Kristo Valle says:

    I purchased them all except for poly pic and vinylize me because I ran out of space on my phone but I do love them all thank you for bringing the news

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