Combo Apps/Self Discovery, A 365 Project by Carry van Bruggen

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Happy New Year and good evening, tonight we have a very special guest, Carry van Bruggen and her Self Discovery, A 365 Project. I saw her start the project and was really intriuged with her images and the the use of apps she applied on her selfies. I asked her awhile ago if she wanted to post her work up so others can take a look at this inspiring work. It took almost a year, Carry finished her project and now we have the blog post. This isn’t the typical guest blogger, in fact Carry has been with me from the start with Combo Apps. She has followed me for over 3 years on Instagram and was one of those handful of people who helped me get Combo Apps off the ground. Tonight I want to pay tribute for her hard work and dedication of one year in the making. Carry’s work is about self discovery, sticking to the project and finishing with a bang on New Years !!!

What I liked about her work is Carry really mixed it up, she did very minimal to extreme editing. The tops images were edited with these apps and one of my faves. Procamera, Photofixer, PerfectlyClear, Adobe Photoshop Touch, Autopainter, iColorama, Repix and BigPhoto. You can read more about the story behind the project and during the project below.

What is your selfie project about ?

It’s all about me. Not that it started out that way but it certainly turned out to be about me. It’s a journey that surprised me and that I’m thoroughly enjoying. When I first started I didn’t realize how confronting this process would be but I like the fact that it both empowers me and shows my vulnerability. I am showing myself in all my glory but also in all my ugliness. it empowered me cause it taught me about myself and who I am.

Why did you decide to do the selfie project ?

I wanted to do a 365 project to learn more about editing. I only started photographing in the fall of 2010 when I bought my iPhone 3GS. I fell in love with digital photography and bought a Sony Nex-5. I had to learn an awful lot about photography so I started practicing. I took my camera for a walk every single day and I still do. But I missed the knowledge to edit my pics so I decided that 2013 would be my year to learn about editing. I started a 365 project on January 1st. The plan was to publish one extremely edited pic a day on Instagram. I started out with a week of selfies and continued doing them. I did not only learn a lot about editing but also about myself. Each selfie shows me as I was that day, how I was feeling and the edits reflect that.

Carry van Bruggen Image

Procamera, Photofixer, PerfectlyClear, Adobe Photoshop Touch, XnShape, XnViewFX, Repix and iColorama

What apps have you been using so far ?

I started out mostly using my iPad 3 to take these selfies, mostly using ProCamera or ProCamXL to take them. Sometimes I used my old iPhone 3GS and if I did I used the native camera. At first I used Photofixer to take care of any blemishes, but I switched to Retouch for better control and Perfectly Clear. I like Colortime because it gives you so much control over color and where you want it. I like apps that give you a paint effect like Watercolors or Glaze or Brushes, but lately I have been using Photocopier and Artoon HD a lot more. Most of all I like apps the do one thing and do it really well like: Mozaikr, Percolator, pixl and SketchAgent and ever since apps like Tangent, Fragment and Mextures. I had no choice but to fall in love with them. I use Adobe Photoshop Touch and Image Blender and Juxtaposer for layering or blending. I also use Snapseed and Scratchcam or Picgrunger to age a pic. I have made a lot of discoveries like iDesign or Over, but I use these kind of apps sporadically.

What have been your favourite apps ?

My absolute favorite app is Decim8. I like its bold effects and like to use several different ones in multiple layers. I also love Percolator. I like the effect it gives when you use it together with other effects from other apps. It keeps its distinct features and still blends in well with other effects. I have found I like apps designed by people who actually use a lot of them themselves best.

Carry van Bruggen Image

Procamera, Retouch, PerfectlyClear, Adobe Photoshop Touch, Glaze, Filterstorm, Procreate, DistressedFX, Snapseed, XnViewFX, Leonardo, Mextures and Squaready

Do you plan to try and test other apps out with your selfie project ?

I’m always on the lookout for new apps and inspiration. I follow several blogs on Twitter on mobile photography, like “TheAppWhisperer” and “LifeInLofi” and of course “Combo Apps”. I also follow artists who’s work I like for inspiration on several platforms. Luckily there are many talented artists that share their work on many platforms.

How long will you be doing this project ?

This project will last at least 365 days but who knows? I like doing these selfies soo much that maybe I will continue them when the year is over. Maybe not on a daily basis, cause sometimes I need more than just a day to spent on them. I’m always working on more than one project at a time. It not only has to do with your editing possibilities but also with your emotions, sometimes they have to stew to get their essential flavor. For 2014 I have decided to do a weekly project, but it’s still a surprise what it will be. Even for myself 😉

Carry van Bruggen Image

Procamera7, Retouch, PerfectlyClear, Adobe Photoshop Touch, Filterstorm, Decim8, Fragment, Colortime, XnViewFX and BigPhoto

Why did you decide to do the selfie project ?

The decision to keep doing these selfies after the first week was easy. I loved doing them. They were not only teaching me about editing techniques but also about me and who I am. They give me clarity and are a kind of journal for me. When I look at them from the beginning I not only see how much I have learned in skills but also how much I’ve grown as a mobile photographer and as a person, How much more of myself is shown in them. How much more I dare to show. This project has been a journey of self discovery for me.

Anything else that you would to about you project for the readers ?

All I can say is that doing these kind of projects yield rewards that I never thought were possible and I hope that maybe I can inspire somebody else to start their own project. I try out many social media apps to share my pictures but I do have some favorites.

Carry van Bruggen Image

Decim8, Snapseed, PixlrExpress, Colortime, Filterstorm and Adobe Photoshop Touch

You can find and follow Carry van Bruggen:

Instagram @carry_van_bruggen
Backspaces Carry
Twitter @carryeri
Flickr Carry van Bruggen
Facebook Carry van Bruggen

I highly recommend you follow Carry and look at her feed and follow her. Carry is a great person who loves photography as much as the next person. Her work is very inspirational, beautiful and full of creative imagination. Now if you wonder what you can do with your huge app collection, doing a 365 project will help your use those apps and explore your creativity. Have a Happy New Year and see you soon !!!

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