Combo Apps/OKDOTHIS or Don’t Do This

OKDOTHIS…a concept within a concept that shares ideas. Does it differ from other photo sharing apps ? Will it be better than the other sharing apps ? What does this app have to bring to the table ? Only time will tell, I only got the app for two reasons a recommondation. One was from a new readers and curocity about this app. Two the app became FREE for the Holidays in the App Store. Now I haven’t done much with OKDOTHIS and barely set up my profile.

I don’t see any photo sharing app making a creative blogs go away (said in the video), in fact I see more creative blogs popping up in the future. As long as people can write their ideas down, blogging will not ever go away. I feel the iPhone has gone way beyond the DSLR because of it’s mobility and accessibility. You can capture so many more moments that you couldn’t with your DSLR.

Creative thinking trumps filters: We need more creative thinking, not more filters. Even though OKDOTHIS provides filters – and stackable ones at that – we’re not about limiting you to adding effects. We’re about helping you create and share ideas.” I think they shot themselves in the foot with that quote.

One thing I really noticed is the app does crash a lot, even when I’ve turned off all the app in the background. When I load up the app, crash. You try to connect with your social networks it crashes. While you make a profile, crash. I’m already annoyed and not a fan of OKDOTHIS, sorry Jeremy Cowart. It’s takes a lot more than being a famous photographer to make an app work. All I can say is nice try and fix your app. For now this will be a short blog post and nothing fancy, you’ll have to wait until I can write a better in-depth post. Get it while it’s free and make your comments in writing a review in the app store. I want to let the readers know I don’t normally write blog posts like these, in fact I stay away from writing about apps I don’t care for. Please fix the problem so I can write a fair review…

You can get entangled at any timeTrafalgar Square, WC2N, LondonPaint FX 1024pxVida PoutNight SkyBud Demo Paint FX
The Leaf Is RisingNoëlNightscape - Downtown San Francisco - 20131209Lift offChurchyard, WinterLake in Winter
Solitary Tree, WinterWinter DawnEverything changed. My thoughts rearranged...  I felt my mind burn through itself.Messages Under the Bridge, 4.StillA.D.D.



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2 Responses to Combo Apps/OKDOTHIS or Don’t Do This

  1. Marc Bestgen says:

    Hi Tina it’s Marc! I first was doubting this app would bring me fun and would be like tellling me what i should picture. But i took the app philosophy as a brainstorming app to find new ideas and subjects. I love it and use it when my brain is empty! The developer is cery nice person, we know both how this important is because I deleted my account an evening (probably drunk) and he found me back all my pictures a week after! I was hidding under the pillow when telling him that …. Also under some subject you find beautiful pictures of people not snobbishling showing their art, but simple persons who love pictures. Good app indeed! Marc

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Hey Marc,

      I contacted the developer and he follows me now. I’m sure it’s a good app. I would just like to be able to actually use it. They’re working on an update…I hope.

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