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One of my weakness is going to any art supply store are the pens and pencils next to the papers, paints and brushes. I love to look at pens and pencils for writing, drawings and quick sketches. I could spend hours on end just looking at pens, pencils and other art supplies at Blicks outside of Downtown, San Diego in Little Italy. I’m sure some of you remember Blicks being called The Art Store. When I look at art supplies all these ideas pop in my head to do mix media work with my photographs and artist book making too. What you just saw was the best of both world from Eco-Essential Pen on the Kickstarter Campaign. During this blog post I made a video demo of myself using the Eco Essential Pen and Pencil set. Some of you will hear my voice for the first time.

Eco-Essential Pen - 1

I was extremely lucky to get a set of these Eco-Essential Pen and Pencil Set. It did take some time to get this set. I also had to go to the post office and pick them up because it was registered mail. You will find out why later why I had to go through all the trouble, but as you know it was worth it. This is my box set of the Eco Essential Pen and Pencil Set. It comes in a really nice black paper box.

Eco-Essential Pen - 2

When you open the box it’s like magic inside, you see a pen and pencil set. I was like in “awe” of these because they really do look like a nice pen and pencil set. These are a nice set to give to anyone you care about as a gift. What I got was the Gift Set (Pen + Pencil). You get Eco-Essential Pen x 1, Eco-Essential Pencil x 1 and Accessories (Color Rings + Flat-Tip) x 2 sells for $95.00. This is why the package was registered mailed to me and had to sign for the package.

Accessories (Color Rings   Flat-Tip)

Underneath the box you will get 2 sets of Accessories (Color Rings + Flat-Tip) so you can change the color rings to a different color if you like.

Hi-Tec-C Refills

Hi-Tec-C Refills - 2

You also get 2 Hi-Tec-C pen refills, a black and a red.

Eco-Essential Stylus Tip

The stylus tip is soft and squishy. You can also see where the color rings go if you don’t like the black rings that came on the pen and pencil set. You can also replace the stylus nip to an Alternate Flat-Tip, if you just want it to be only a pen or pencil or if you wear out the rubber nip on the stylus.

Eco Essential Pen Test

Here’s the stylus test done with Tayasui Sketches and of course the Eco-Essential Stylus passes the response test. You can buy replacement tips for the stylus. Eco-Essential sells 2 kinds, Alternate Nib-Tip for $3.00 and Wacom-compatible Tip (designed for “Wacom Bamboo Stylus Nib” only) for $8.00.

But they didn’t want me to talk about the stylus in details, what they wanted me to do is talk about the pen and pencil. Quote from Issey: “The stylus is not a major feature for our Eco-Essential Pen, it’s just a plus !!! Most of our buyers & backers fed back that they enjoyed the holding & writing from our bamboo-texture housing. And we have also offered an interchangeable flat-tip for swap if someone would not like to have stylus function.” This is the key selling point they wanted me to address. This was my first video. Now I was a bit nervous and did the video like 5 times !!! It’s not perfect but I knew if I kept doing video takes over and over again…there would be more mistakes after each take.

Eco-Essential Pencil - 1

Eco-Essential Pencil - 2

The mechanical pencil in my hand. And how do you know when you have the pencil is from the tip, it clicks when you push it up and down.

Eco-Essential Pen - 3

You can see this is the pen because the tip of the top is different from the pencil.

Full Length of Eco-Essential Pen Stylus

The full length of the pen and stylus in my hand.

Putting in the pen refills

Pen Tip

This is how you replace or put in the Hi-Tec-C 04 or 05 refills sells for $2.00.


Products and Price List: *click HERE for the shopping link*

Eco-Essential Pen (Hi-Tec-C version)
-Pen Set x 1 – $55.00 Each Pen includes a 0.5mm black Hi-Tec-C cartridge & one Accessories
-Pen Set x 2 – $95.00 (that’s 2 pens only)
-Pen Set x 3 – $135.00 (that’s 3 pens only)

Eco-Essential Pencil
-Pencil Set x 1 – $50.00 Each Pencil includes one Accessories (Color Rings + Flat-Tip)

Gift Set (Pen + Pencil)
-Eco-Essential Pen x 1, Eco-Essential Pencil x 1, and Accessories (Color Rings + Flat-Tip) x 2 – $95.00

New Edition Eco Pen Intro – Pilot G2 Pen

Eco-Essential Pen (G2 version)

-Pen Set (Pilot-G2 Edition) – $55.00 Each Pen includes a 0.7mm black G2 cartridge & one Accessories
-G2 compatible-kits (Black10) – $3.00 One Spring & One 1.0mm black G2 cartridge
-G2 Compatible-Kits (Black07) – $3.00 One Spring & One 0.7mm black G2 cartridge

Incognito Edition – Dark Finish

Incognito Edition – Dark Finish

-Incognito Pen Set (Hi-Tec-C) – $55.00 Each Pen includes a 0.5mm black Hi-Tec-C cartridge & one accessories
-Incognito Pen Set (G2) – $55.00 Each Pen includes a 0.7mm black G2 cartridge & one accessories
-Incognito Pencil Set x 1 – $50.00 Each Pencil includes one accessories (Color Rings + Flat-Tip)
-Incognito Gift Set (Pen + Pencil) – $95.00 Incognito Pen x 1, Incognito Pencil x 1 and Incognito Accessories (Color Rings + Flat-Tip) x 2
-Incognito Accessories (Color Rings + Flat-Tip) – $5.00

Spare Parts:

-Flex-Carry Pouch – $15.00
-Accessories (Color Rings + Flat-Tip) – $5.00
-Alternate Nib-Tip – $3.00
-Alternate Flat-Tip – $3.00
-Hi-Tec-C Ink Cartridge (Black05) – $2.00
-Hi-Tec-C Ink Cartridge (Black04 – $2.00
-Hi-Tec-C Ink Cartridge (Red05) – $2.00
-Hi-Tec-C Ink Cartridge (Red04 – $2.00
-Hi-Tec-C Ink Cartridge (Blue05) – $2.00
-Hi-Tec-C Ink Cartridge (Blue04) – $2.00
-Wacom-compatible Tip (designed for “Wacom Bamboo Stylus Nib” only) – $8.00

Shipping Term:
-Total orders over $200 – FREE !
-Total orders $50 – $200 – $5 per shipment
-Total orders under $50 – $10 per shipment

For more information and questions on Eco-Essential Pen and other products, you can contact them by email These are really nice and quality pens, pencils and styli by ISHUJA. They make a really nice Christmas, Graduation, Back to School/Collage and/or Birthday Gift. You can even treat yourself to something nice…you only live once !!!

I want to thanks Issey and ISHUJA for providing me a Gift Set (Pen + Pencil) of Eco-Essential Pen ( Hi-Tec-C version ) and Eco-Essential Pencil to write this review. If you have any questions just leave a comment or email me You can also contact ISHUJA Season Greetings and see you soon !!!

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