Combo Apps/Tangled FX Update 2.0

Tangled Sky Fire

Today I wanted to start the blog post with something BOLD because I’m going to revisit Tangled FX by Orange Cube. Now you’re wondering why are you going to revisit Tangled FX, well first off the app just had a 2.0 update which is huge. Marcin Jachmann works really hard, listens to what people want and made sure this app runs as smooth as possible. I’ve ran Tangled FX on my iPhone 4S and iPad 4. My iPad 4 is going to process a lot quicker than my iPhone 4S. But even on my iPhone 4S, Tangled FX still runs pretty smoothly. I can imagine that Tangled FX will run even smoother on the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display. The photo up above taken with Pro Camera 7, processed through Snapseed and edited with Tangled FX.

Camera Roll-2905

This is the details of what was changed with Tangled FX 2.0 update.

Camera Roll-2906

The screen shots are taken from my iPad, so if this app will look different from your iPhone. Like always we load up a photo with the normal default settings and it’s always quick when the app starts process. You noticed at the top center of your screen the preview is 1600 x 1200. Make sure when you start to process your photo again with Tangled FX, just tap on the button to change the preview resolution.

Camera Roll-2907

Make sure when you start to process your photo again with Tangled FX, just tap on the button to change the preview resolution. Your photos will look different from processing with Tangled FX in a high resolution output than the low res output.

Camera Roll-2908

These are the settings you can make and adjust on Tangled FX. I don’t like to the settings all the way to 4096 because a lot of the apps can’t handle the resolution that high when processing a photo at that high of a resolution, “yet”. I like to keep it at 3264 x 2448 at the present moment.

Camera Roll-2909

These are your manual slider controls for the output in processing your lines, softness and colors.

Camera Roll-2910

You can use the presets that are provided if you don’t like to use the sliders. I like to start with the presets first and then tweak them with the sliders after the process. You always want to see how it looks first before you start to change things around. The presets are always the best way to start off with before you start doing your tweaks.

Camera Roll-2911

Like right here I wanted to mess with the strokes and make the lines a little longer than the preset options.

Camera Roll-2912

I really recommend that if you like your tweaks. You should save them in the custom slots and name your presets. Tangled FX is one of the few apps that I will save custom settings from tweak a preset.

Tangled Vida

This is my tweak from Tangled FX. And yes, it’s looks soft, bright and angelic all at the same time.

Camera Roll-2914
Camera Roll-2915
Camera Roll-2917

I also like to play with the Gamma and Hues when processing my photos with Tangled FX. I just like to play with colors and push processing on my photos and images. Colors always set the mood or pace of an image or photo. It’s really fun to play and experiment with apps because this is how you find other ways to incorporate apps together in a creative way. As you play and experiment with apps over time you will find out that a lot of these apps go beyond their obvious purposes.

Tangled Vida

One of the final edits I did with playing with the hues, below I made a video slideshow with all the different hues.

I used Flipagram to make a Tangled FX in motion with Vida dancing around, music is by Daft Punk and titled Aerodynamic. I’m a huge fan and love Daft Punk.

Tangled FX Left and Drop

Now here’s another photo I processed with Tangled FX, I liked the lower resolution output more than the high res output. The photo was a little soft or blurry but Tangled FX makes the image looks like there’s a little motion going on.

The Secret Powers of Boyce-a-nese !!!

This image is called “The Powers of Boyce-a-nese” and Boyce is not to fond of my edits. If you knew or met Boyce, you can tell he’s a real character just like his Aunt Tina. So the edits I do of Boyce always come out otherworldly or on the crazy side. I’m lucky to have a nephew who likes to do crazy and outrageous photo shots for me. When I was edited this image I was trying to look for something else to add and Tangled FX was what I was looking for and loved how this image came together. Other apps I used in this photo are listed, Bshutter, Waterlogue, DXP, Lorystripes and Tangled FX. You can pick up Tangled FX at the App Store for $1.99. If you don’t have this app then you better get it quick, I use this app when I’m looking for a mood or a creative texture in my image editing needs.

App used in the blog post list:

Tangled FX – $1.99
LoryStripes – $1.99
DXP – $1.99
Waterlogue – $3.99
Bshutter – $.99
Pro Camera 7 – $4.99 On Sale for $.99 !!!
Flipagram – FREE
Snapseed – FREE
Vimeo – FREE

If you have any questions about this blog please leave a comment or email me Marcin Jachmann likes to know if you have any issues or would like to add some improvements to Tangled FX. Make sure your suggestions are constructives just like when you write reviews for apps in the App Store. So use the following searches for the official #tangledfx hashtag on Instagram and Twitter or see this thread at Mobitog and now the Flickr Group. You can follow Tangled FX on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Have a great Sunday and see you soon !!!

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17 Responses to Combo Apps/Tangled FX Update 2.0

  1. Tina Berg says:

    comment. comment. comment. wonderful review Tina! Thanks, always, for always filling us in on the latest apps and the info we want to know about them.

  2. Great review Tina! Thanks for always giving us the pertinent info we want to know about the latest apps. You’re a “go-to” blog, for sure!

  3. Pal reZ says:

    Looks interesting ! Would love to try 🙂

  4. Denise says:

    Hi Tina, I already have this app, and it’s fantastic! Your review covers the magic that Tangled can do quite nicely! As always, your edits are such great eye candy! Thanks for reviewing all of the wonderful apps! Cheers, Denise

  5. Bridget says:

    Tina, this is so pretty. I love this effect. Nicely done!!

  6. woolane says:

    I would like to try this app! great intro.

    (it seems my previous comment disappeared, so I leave one more.)

    • ashcroft54 says:

      It’s ok and you made it. I have a approve the comments. After you’ve commented for awhile I don’t have to approve them. It’s WordPress way of controlling spams and bots.

  7. Danny says:

    Great review! This app has been on my list for a long time.


  8. Niki says:

    Am I too late for a promo code. I’d love to have a try. Your pictures look lovely

  9. Bonny says:

    Hi. I am Beezzz_ I would like to have a try 🙂 And I believe I am number 9 ;P Never did that code thing, hope it is not that diffecult lol.

  10. Claudia says:

    Love what you can do with this app. Thanks for the blog. It taught me a lot!!!

  11. Diren Kanji says:

    An amazing App; amazing review.
    All said 🙂
    Kind Regards.

  12. Carlos says:

    Me encanta la app ..extraordinaria para trabajar fotos extremas…exito Tina!

  13. John Tendahal says:

    Excellent review! I’m too late for a promo code but I’ll buy this app. Your pictures are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

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