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Now you just saw Natalie and Cody from C+N Creative Photography talk about and climb all over Planet Granite in San Francisco with the TurnStyle Sling Bag Series. When I saw this video on this sling bag series, I knew I had to get my hands on one of these bags. I asked for the middle of the road design the TurnStyle 10 because I wanted to see for myself how much room is actually in this sling bag. As you read on and look at the photos about the TurnStyle 10, you will see that everything that was said in the video was true to form.

TurnStyle 10 (Blue Slate)

So here’s my TurnStyle 10 Sling Bag in Slate Blue, I’m not a fan of sling bags because of how they fit on me. They don’t always fit properly on me but this sling bag is different. The TurnStyle 10 is one of the only few sling bags I actually like and fell in love with it. I’ll show you why I love this sling bag as the read through this blog post.

TurnStyle 10 (Blue Slate) - 2

This is the backside of the TurnStyle Sling Bag, I wanted to show you all. I like how this feels on my back because of the padding. There is also a handle on the top of the bag is you want to just carry the sling bag in your hand.

TurnStyle 10 (Blue Slate) - 3

Here is the iPad Mini slot, now this TurnStyle Sling Bag has made me think about getting an iPad mini just so I can use this bag. I know this is extreme and bit much but I love this sling bag.

TurnStyle 10 (Blue Slate) - 4

The front zipper flap pocket unzips so you can store all your memory cards, lens cloth or cables for your mobile devices.

TurnStyle 10 (Blue Slate) - 5

I love the zippers on this sling bag, so I had to share this with you all.

TurnStyle 10 (Blue Slate) - 6

Like Cody said in the video you can fit a lot than you expect, I agree with him 100%. Looks are deceiving when you pack your gear in the TurnStyle Sling Bag. It’s compartments are adjustable and you can fit whatever you need in this sling bag.

TurnStyle 10 (Blue Slate) - 7

The strap on the TurnStyle 10 Sling bag is super adjustable and made so you can wear the bag around your waist (like a big fanny pack). This is great for people you like to turn the bag around for fast and easy access to their gear or their tablets.

TurnStyle 10 (Blue Slate) - 8

Low and behold…look out here’s the rain bag tuck away and ready to be pulled out at anytime when Mother Nature wants to wet her whistle.

TurnStyle 10 (Blue Slate) - 9

Now if you don’t like the rain bag attached to your TurnStyle, you can always just take it off. Just un-velcro the strap and put away in case you need it later. The rain doesn’t take a lot of room, so I’ll just leave it be and you won’t even noticed it’s there.

TurnStyle 10 (Blue Slate) - 10

This is the flap you can put over the rain bag. To be honest I didn’t even noticed or knew about the rain bag tucked up under the bag. The only reason I found the rain bag is because I was taking detailed photos of the TurnStyle Sling Bag. The TurnStyle Sling Bag comes in 2 colors, Slate Blue (as shown) and Charcoal . It even comes in 2 other designs, Tunrstyle 5 for smaller packing (no iPad slot) or Turnstyle 20 for full size iPad and more compartments and larger pockets. Those two designs come in the same colors too.

I recommend this sling bag for the sling bag lovers out there. The TurnStyle 10 has made me like sling bags because of it’s design, functions and the amount of gear you can pack in this bag. This is also ideal and made for the mobile photographer too. This sling bag can take a beating and has the ability to fit your mobile gear and a mirrorless or point and shoot camera along for your photographic adventure. This is great item to get as gift for the holidays for any type of photographer. It’s one of the most versatile camera bags I’ve ever seen. I even want to get an iPad Mini just for this sling bag, again I know it’s a bit much but I love this bag !!!

Register to Win

Anytime you get a thinkTANK product you will get one of these cards, make sure you register you bags or products. It only takes a few minutes online and you could win a bag from thinkTANK.

Products and Prices:

TurnStyle 5 (Charcoal) – $74.75
TurnStyle 5 (Blue Slate) – $74.75
TurnStyle 10 (Charcoal) – $84.75
TurnStyle 10 (Blue Slate) – $84.75
TurnStyle 20 (Charcoal) – $99.75
TurnStyle 20 (Blue Slate) – $99.75

Unfortunately, thinkTANK do not accept international orders from their website. You can click on the link below and that will take you to stores and online website where you can order their bags and other products.

Finding a store: Think Tank Photo Store Locator

30 – Day Return Policy
If you are not completely satisfied with our product, you can return it unused within 30-days for a full refund less shipping costs. Refunds will not be issued until the product is received and inspected to insure that it contains all the parts and is clean and unused. Note that we do not pay for shipping to have you return it to us.

Return Instructions
Please send an email to for return authorization, return shipping instructions and for any questions you may have regarding your return. Thank you.

Warranty Returns
If you have a warranty claim for a defective bag or part, please visit our No Rhetoric Warranty page for details.

I’m going to leave you with a video from the thinkTank Photo video archives, About A Photographer: Joe McNally. I want to give BIG THANKS to Brian Erwin and Brian. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me You can also contact thinkTank, for questions about the TurnStyle 10 (Blue Slate) or other products that they sell. Have a great day and see you soon !!!

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