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Today is a request from a follower from Insatgramer @joooolya. She told me that this app confuses her. I told her give me a could of days. I’ll write a blog post on how to use the app. This blog post is for @joooolya and she is a regular and follower of Combo Apps from the early days.

Gelo by Fotosyn

Gelo was one of the apps that was free during Cyber Monday. I’ve had Gelo for awhile and didn’t write a blog post since there was about a hundred post already written about the app. Gelo is developed by Fotosyn, whose also developed Bleach Bypass. Jim Moore was one of the first developer’s who gave me promo codes and introduces me to PhotoAppLink. he helped me with getting the word out for Combo Apps and introduced me to other developers. I owe him a lot for doing this and long overdue blog post for Gelo.

The concept behind Gelo:

“Work with solid color, strong geometric shapes and gradients in a variety of blend modes to enhance color or add design impact to your images.”
“Save your favourite settings and tones with a fully customizable 32-color swatch palette.”
“Use pinch, rotate and pan gestures to get the overlay for your image just right.”
“Subtly enhance tones, or use gradients to add atmosphere to skies. Shapes pull out sections of images and solid colors make for something a bit different.”
“Built in camera, full resolution, supports geolocation and EXIF/IPTC metadata.”
“The ideal one-touch tool to add design impact to your images.”

Camera Roll-2454

Alright so here we with the load up intro screen, you have 4 button at the bottom of the screen, Gear, Photo, Camera and Save Arrow Box.

Camera Roll-2455

When you tap on the Gear button this is what will pop up. Then tap on the “Edit App Settings” button

Camera Roll-2456

It’s important you do this so you can make sure your photos save at full resolution after you’ve edit with Gelo. Always check your settings first before you play with an app, so you don’t end up with low res output on editing your photos.

Camera Roll-2457

I tapped on the Photo button to load up my photo. When you load or take a photo with Gelo you will have swatch color wheel. You can slide your finger back and fourth to find the color swatch you’re looking for to apply on top of your photo.

Camera Roll-2458

I kind of like this purple tint/gradation or gradient.

Camera Roll-2459

You can pull down the editing control by tapping on the up arrow button on the top of screen. When the editing control pop down you will see the arrow button is down. there are a lot of different controls on how you can apply your gel layer in top of you photo. You have OVER, TINT and ADD which will change the color layering on top of your photo. The other button on the opposite side of OVER button is you gradient to shape controls to solid color layer. Now after you pick what you like to apply on top of your photo you will have a Cross Arrow button. That button is for controlling your gradient, shapes control and solid color. Depending what you pick this will be your opacity or moving your shapes around button.

Camera Roll-2461

I tapped on the Cross Arrow button. The two dots are where you’re going to apply your gradient on top of your photo. You can move the dots where ever you like on your photo. After you decided what you like then tap on the Check Circle button. If you don’t like the way the gradient looks you can tap on the Circle Arrow button to redo your gradient again.

Camera Roll-2460

Let’s go back to these controls again, so I can tell your other details I’ve missed. You have the options of changing the colors manually to your liking and opacity of the colors. You can also change your photo to Black and White, change the saturation and gradient. You even have a redo button at the right side of the gradient buttons if you don’t like what you did manually. You have total control over the outcome of applying the color layers on top of your photos.

Demo Edit with Gelo

This is my finished demo photo using Gelo. The photo was already taken with ProCamera 7 and edited with Snapseed.

Gelo Sample - 3

Here’s a photo I shot with ProCamera 7 and edited with Gelo. I convert the photo to black and white using Gelo and applied a purple gradient layer on top of the photo.

Gelo Sample - 3

Then I loaded the photo onto Snapseed, to make the photo look more dramatic. Gelo sells for $.99 in the App Store and is iPhone only app. You can get this app for the iPod Touch 5 Gen and you can load this onto your iPad or iPad Mini.

Coming Soon to Gelo: “Any comments, thoughts we’d love to hear from you”

– Multiple palette sets
– Multiple gel overlays and loads more shapes
– Overlay text in a range of fonts
– Overlay images as colored gels
– More sharing options

App List:

Gelo – $.99
Bleach Bypass – $.99
ProCamera 7 – $2.99
Snapseed – FREE

Now if you still having trouble and this blog post isn’t helpful, you have the option of check out Gelo Tutorials. These tutorials are helpful guides to teach you how to use Gelo or finding other creative ways to use the app. Check out Geló Tutorial 18 – Create colourful lock screen backdrops for iOS7 and 17 other helpful other tutorials. I want to thank @joooolyn and Jim Moore. If you have any questions leave a comment or email me HAPPY HUMP DAY and see you soon !!!

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5 Responses to Combo Apps/The Guide to Understanding Gelo

  1. meri says:

    Nice explanation, Tina!!

  2. Joooolya says:

    Hey thanks for doing this, Tina. Very helpful. Glad and proud to be one of your fans from the old days. 🙂
    You may want to check out the comments thread over at Fotosyn. He’s going to be adding some help.

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  4. kimartino says:

    Thanx Tina, I’m giving Gelo another go =)

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