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OK KIDS !!! What you’ve been all waiting for my opinions and operations on the Muku Shuttr Remote by Muku Labs. Now I’m going to tell you all something this was a hard to come by product. It took me 2 months to get this remote. Muku Labs had production problems because of Christmas and everything was in full production when they finally were able to mass produce these Bluetooth remotes. The good news is they’re in full production and shipping them out. Muku Shuttr is the thinnest Bluetooth shutter remote on the market. It’s the only Bluetooth remote to be compatible to Apple and Android mobile devices. No more wires to get in the way of mobile photography, tangled up wires are gone.

My Muku Package

When you get the package from Muku Labs, it comes in this special package envelope that you peel open and tear the sides. This is what it looks like after you open up the envelope completely. It has instructions on how to operate the remote and change the battery. You have no idea how excited I was when I got this package in the mail !!! I had to post this photo on Instagram (@combo_apps) because I was so excited !!!

What's in the Muku Package

This is what you get inside the package from Muku Labs. You get a Kickstand, Shuttr Remote and tiny black bag to put the remote in for protection.

Camera Roll-2475

The Muku Kickstand, basically you put the kickstand in your earphone jack and this will hold you iPhone or any smartphone that is compatible with the Muku Shuttr remote. It’s great for taking selfies in a flash or a group shop on the front facing camera or back camera. It’s a solid piece of plastic so this won’t break easily.

Muku Shuttr Back

I wanted to show you this so you know how the switches on the sides work. You have ON/OFF and Apple/Android. I took a photo to quickly and peeled off the back to quickly (over zealous). After looking at the photos, I put the peel back on the remote and retook the photos again. Somehow my light was on while taking the photo and that is why there is a glare on the Muku Labs. There’s even a hole at the top left hand corner of the remote so you can attach it to your key ring.

iPhone Bluetooth Connection Screen

Pairing (First time only):

1. Switch on Shuttr, make sure LED light is flashing, DO NOT press the “Camera” button.
2. Flip the OS switch to Android or Apple, based on the OS of your smartphone.
3. Open the Bluetooth setting on your smartphone, make sure “Bluetooth” is on.
4. For iPhone, click “Shuttr” on “Devices”.
5. For Android, click “scan” and select a keyboard device .
6. The LED light should be on, open the camera app and take photo by pressing “Camera” button.

Green Light On !

Taking photo:

1. Make sure Bluetooth is ON in your smartphone.
2. Switch on Shuttr, the LED light should be flashing, press “Camera” button to connect to your smartphone. The LED light should be ON and Bluetooth on your smartphone should show a connected status.
3. Open the camera app and take photo by pressing “Camera” button.
4. Turn off Shuttr after use. If you don’t TURN OFF Shuttr every time after use, the battery will run out in around 1 month !!!

Cloud Shot - 1

Cloud Shot - 2

These are sample shots I took with the on-board camera app on the iPhone. The Shuttr remote doesn’t work with other camera apps because most of the camera apps don’t support Bluetooth. Don’t worry after this blog post, I will write to ProCamera and tell them they need to support this Bluetooth Remote. Because you all know ProCamera and ProCamera 7 are my go to and most favorite camera apps for my mobile shooting needs. I rarely use the on-board iPhone camera app. The Shuttr is my new favorite piece of mobile gear. I plan to take this everywhere with me. Hopefully other camera apps will follow and support Shuttr’s Bluetooth remotes, just like Procreate and Tayasui Sketches support Bluetooth Smart Styli.

I highly recommend you order one of these remotes, great Christmas gift for any mobile photographer. I really love this Bluetooth remote and can’t wait to try time lapse and long exposure mobile photography with it !!!

*Important: Compatibility List*

iOS: Shuttr works on all iOS 5.0+ devices (current IOS version is 7) with a camera on it. i.e. iPhone 5s/5c/5, iPhone 4S/4, iPad 3/2, iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display, iPod touch 4th generation or above. Shuttr works with the camera app of iOS. You do NOT need to install any app., just pair it up and it works right the way.

Android: Different Android smartphone makers can choose their own Bluetooth chipset and modify the camera app on their own specification so ensuring compatibility is a much more difficult task. So far from what we tested, we found the following handset to be working with Shuttr without the needs of additional camera app, however, we cannot guarantee the compatibility as the manufacturers can change the Bluetooth chipset and/or modify the camera app on their own business decision.

Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Notes 3, Notes 2, Notes Tab 2, Notes 8, 10.1. (Shuttr MAY NOT works with low-end or old Samsung model, including S2, Notes 1, S3 mini etc, we DO NOT recommend Shuttr to you in case you are using these models), Moto X​, Nexus 4, 5 and all newer version with Bluetooth 3.0+ and Android 4.1+, Sony Xperia S (works only with when our own Camera app installed), HTC New One and X+ (works only with when our own camera app installed).


Other android, there are quite a number of Android smartphone out there and it is impossible for us to test the compatibility of all of them. But we tested a couple of Lenovo and Xiaomi models and we unfortunately found that there were either pairing issues or application issue with Shuttr.

Here’s how you replace the battery in a Muku Labs Shuttr remote. The battery is a 2025R coin battery, you can find them at Target, WalMart, Raido Shack, Amazon or any other online/retail store. Prices vary on the 2025R coin battery.

Prices and how to order:

Amazon US – $39.79 to $39.99
Rest of the world – $39.00 for Black and White Free shipment worldwide with Celery.
You can also order the Muku Shuttr on

If you’re going to order one of these remotes, I highly recommend you go with Celery over Amazon. Even if you live in the US go with Celery because you have better options/shipping, 2 more colors (Midnight Sun, Black with a red button +$10 and Black Hole, Red with a black button +$10) and discount when you order 2 Muku Shuttrs (1 black and 1 white +$30).

Now I leave you with a Mukulabs video of “How to use Macrowide HD.” I want to thank Kevin Leung for providing one of these Muku Shuttr remotes for me. It was well worth the wait Kevin !!! Have a great rest of the week and see you soon !!!

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