Combo Apps/STM iPad Bags

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY EVERYONE !!! Now you’re wondering why am I excited about this day, it’s because this is the first Black Friday I don’t have to work or deal with in a long time. Ok the video demo you just saw was about the Linear for iPad/10″ Tablets from STM Bags.

Linear for iPad/10" Tablets - 1

STM sent me a black Linear for iPad/10″ Tablets and you know I have to take photos of this bag and tell you what I really think in great details.

Linear for iPad/10" Tablets - 2

Now what I like about this bag are the zippers, I like those rubber STM lanyards attached to the metal zipper handles. This way you can grab a zipper easily and just pull back and fourth with fast access.

Linear for iPad/10" Tablets - 3

The clip is a different too not the normal snap and push/pull clips. You have to push up at the bottom and the clip will open up. As the this blog post progress you will see more of these clips and I will who you a photo of it later.

Linear for iPad/10" Tablets - 4

Linear for iPad/10" Tablets - 9

The inside area where you place your iPad is really nice with an inlined sleeve and a pocket on the flap too where you can place your iPhone or any smartphone. Now the Linear for iPad/10″ Tablets doesn’t just work with an iPad, I even tried placing my sister’s ASUS Transformer Pad with keyboard attached to it. This tablet bag is a true tablet bag so other tablet will fit in this bag and not just an iPad.

Linear for iPad/10" Tablets - 6

When you open up the pockets you will find this inside any of the bags you buy from STM Bags, “WIN A BAG YO !!!” All you have to do is register you bag and read the details on the back of the card.

Linear for iPad/10" Tablets - 7

The back of the bag is nice too and has a pocket where you can stick papers or notes you’ve taken from glass for fast and easy access. You could also slide your calculator om this pocket.

Linear for iPad/10" Tablets - 8

Now the the only thing is the swivels where the straps connect are plastic, this is fine if you don’t constantly pack the bag with heavy materials and things. Plastic does wear over time compared to metal, so this bag is great for going to school, off to the coffee shop and/or taking the bag to the office.

Linear for iPad/10" Tablets - 10

There is a little plastic key hook inside the pocket, so this will come in handy when leaving the house. Linear for iPad/10″ Tablets comes in 4 colors, Black, Blue, Red and Gray. I wanted to also mention that the Linear bag comes in larger sizes too. Linear Small Laptop Bag and Linear Medium Laptop Bag great for you Macbook Air, MacBook 13″ Pro and most Ultrabooks. You get all the great same pockets but with more room to store devices and other things you will need to for school, the office or just on the go. The medium shoulder bags come in the same 4 colors just like the iPad/Tablet version shoulder bags. The large shoulder bags only come in Black and Gray only. Toward the end of the blog post you will find out where to shop for these STM Bags online.

Blue iPad Sleeve demo animation by STM Bags was what you were watching and great little iPad sleeve/bag on the go.

Blazer for iPad sleeve - 1

Blazer for iPad sleeve - 2

STM sent me a Blue iPad Blazer Sleeve and that is the back and front view.

Blazer for iPad sleeve - 3

It comes with a really durable strap so you can hang the bag/sleeve in your shoulder.

Blazer for iPad sleeve - 4

Inside the bag is padded nicely so your iPad is protected when carrying with you on the go.

Blazer for iPad sleeve - 5

When you unzip the sleeve you have an extra pocket, so you stick papers, your cell phone or calculator. The Blazer iPad Sleeve comes in 4 colors, Blue, Red, Black and Gray. STM Bags also makes a Blazer D7 sleeve for 7″ tablets, Blazer extra small laptop sleeve, Blazer small laptop sleeve and Blazer medium laptop sleeve. All of those bags come in the same 4 colors as the iPad Sleeve version.

STM Bags – Cable Wrap (Animation) Demo is the last of the bags and sleeve I’ll be talking about.

Cable Wrap - 1

This is what actual Cable Wrap bag from STM.

Cable Wrap - 2

Remember I was going to talk about more of how STM plastic clips work, this is a picture of how their clips operate. I know the picture if a little blurry but I was trying to to the motion and take the photo at the same time.

Cable Wrap - 3

Now I’ve unwrapped the bag to show you all the pockets you can stick your cables and plugs. Then wrap it up the bag and pack it away. The Cable Wrap comes in 2 colors, Gray and Black. What I really like about STM Bags is how well designed and stylish they look. They don’t make trendy looking bags and the quality is worth they price these bags are sold for at any online store.

Where to buy list:

Linear for iPad/Tablets, Linear Small Laptop Shoulder Bag and Linear Medium Laptop Shoulder Bag all sold on the following sites Amazon, eBags and Radtech.

Blazer for iPad Sleeve, Blazer D7 Sleeve, Blazer X-Small Laptop Sleeve, Blazer Small Laptop Sleeve and Blazer Medium Laptop Sleeve all sold on the following sites Amazon, eBags, Mori Luggages & Gifts and Radtech.

Cable Wrap is sold on the following sites eBags and Radtech. You can also find the Cable Wrap on Amazon.

Now all these online sites and retailers have all their own prices, shipping and taxes. If you want to buy any of STM Bags outside of the US, then check the shipping cost through those sites. If you have any questions on any of these products please leave comments, email me and/or contact STM by clicking “HERE”. Have a great Black Friday and see you soon !!!!

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