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Ben Guerette contacted me about the iPad support update and asked me to write about the recent update of LoryStripes. Now there has been 100 blog posts out there that have written about this app already so with the new iPad update and thanks to Laurent Rosset</strong> for giving me a code a while ago. Since I do a lot of my heavy editing on my iPad this was the perfect opportunity to do this write-up. I figure it was time for me to write about LoryStripes and my personal opinions about this app. The image up above was started with a crazy show taken with BShutter and ended with LoryStripes. I did this edit on my iPad way before they updated LoryStripes to support the iPad. So this was done awhile ago and haven’t used the app since because I’ve been so busy with a lot of different things and projects.

JCB - Lory Stripes Demo - 4

So because of how busy I’ve been in testing and writing product reviews, June Courtland-Burke has offered and will be on display with her images (shown up above) done with LoryStripes and other apps. I want to give a huge thanks for June and her donated images !!! If you like June’s images please let me know so I can contact her to pass on the information.

Stunning new photo effects app LoryStripes Version 1.1 now available for iPad users

– Unique app lets you reinvent your photos using mesmerizing three-dimensional graphic stripes and ribbons–

San Diego, California–November 19, 2013 – Fresh off the massive success of their most recent photo app Tangent, the photo app development team at Pixite LLC, in partnership with renowned Italian architect and designer Laurent Rosset, is excited to announce the release of LoryStripes Version 1.1. LoryStripes is a one-of-a-kind photo enhancement effects app that allows users to completely reinvent their photos through a dynamic technique using graphically mesmerizing three – dimensional stripes.

With a highly successful launch that includes being featured in the App Store’s Best New Apps section in over 39 countries, LoryStripes has quickly become one of this year’s “must have” apps. This latest 1.1 update also features support for both the iPhone and the iPad, a welcome addition for iPad aficionados.

In the realm of photo enhancement apps, LoryStripes approach is as breathtaking as it is unique. LoryStripes lets users alter, enhance and embellish their images by selecting from an assortment of intriguing 3D graphic ribbons and stripes. These various “Stripes” can actually be manipulated on a three – dimensional plane to create visually arresting angles, and can be scaled, positioned and tweaked at will, allowing LoryStripes users to take full advantage of the graphic realm.

Additionally, users can choose from a diverse palette of colors, shades and blends, and can also remove sections of the “Stripes” with eraser tools, adding a completely new dimension to their photos. Many users have actually woven stripes seamlessly through windows, doorways and around objects to create surrealistic works of art. While professional graphic artists have used similar techniques in advertising and artwork, this is the first time these techniques have been accessible to both artists and novices alike.

Once LoryStripes users have enhanced their photos, they can either opt to share their creations through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with just a tap, or “ReStripe,” a feature that allows the user to save their creation and continue adding additional layers to their photo. This unique feature alone means that the creative possibilities for LoryStripes are truly limitless.

“For a long time, I was searching for a way to personalize the photos I take everyday. Something elegant and beautiful that would enhance each photo and make it more mine. What I landed on was LoryStripes,” says LoryStripes creator, Laurent Rosset.”

“At first I added these enhancements to my photos on the computer using the stripe overlays I carefully created. The more I shared my photos and overlays, the more I discovered that the stripes were exactly what other artists were looking for.”

“Now that LoryStripes is available on both the iPhone and iPad, it’s easier than ever to add style and elegance to any digital photo.”

LoryStripesunique features:
•40 beautifully crafted Stripes
•120 Stripe presets, or “Styles,” to quickly select the right Stripe for any photo
•62 stunning colors and 9 different shadings and blends for every Stripe
•Completely customize any Stripe by rotating, scaling, and moving them in 3D for an infinite number of possibilities
•Weave Stripes between different elements using the Masking feature
•Layer multiple Stripes using the ReStripe feature
•Share on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
•Browse amazing LoryStripes creations in the Inspirations section, updated frequently

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPad with iOS 6.0 or later
* 14.6 MB

Pricing and Availability: LoryStripes is $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo and Video category as a universal binary.


Now let’s talk about LoryStripes in more details and how it unravels your photos into a beautiful works of art. When you load up your photo or take a photo with LoryStripes you will have the option of cropping your photo into different ratios or no crop. Then you will tap on the arrow button on the top right hand corner to move to the next editing options. I didn’t post this screen shot because most people can figure this out if you’ve been editing photos for awhile.


After you pick your crop ratio, you can choose these are your 3D ribbon options to apply on top of your images. There is a feature to open up more ribbon options by tapping the “like” button on the LoryStripes Facebook Page. I highly recommend you tap on the “like” button on their page to get those extra ribbons. What’s nice is you can twist, turn and flip the ribbon to where you want to put it on your photo.


After your apply your ribbon on your photo you have these 3 options, back to the ribbons, choosing the color you like and erase, writing and kinds of other manipulations you can do with your ribbon. You really have a lot of different combinations and styles in editing these ribbons your own way.


You can even change the opacity of how the ribbons so they can blend into your photo well. This way you have a realistic look that makes your ribbons a part of your photo.


You can apply more ribbons on your photo too and change them to have different colors. Again another endless possibilities that will blow your mind, this app has blown my mind.


Last are all your options to cahnge your LoryStripes creation, you can even send your edits to another app to be edited on over 50 different other apps. Remember when you send your creation to another app, this will not save your work. I recommend you save your creation first them load them onto another app.

JCB - Lory Stripes Demo - 1

JCB - Lory Stripes Demo - 2

JCB - Lory Stripes Demo - 3

Now these are the editing styles of June Courtland-Burke who adores and loves using LoryStripes. It has become one of her all times faves and go to for editing her mobile creations. I”m really glad June offered her work to be on displayed on this blog post. You can follow June on EyeEm and Insatgram @dayinjune, THANKS JUNE !!!

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me I want to give a huge THANKS to Laurent Rosset, Ben Guerrette and June Courtland-Burke for their support and time. You should go and get LoryStripes right now and tag me on Instagram @combo_apps so I can see your work !!!

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10 Responses to Combo Apps/LoryStripes iPad Update

  1. Steven says:

    Oh my thank for keeping me up on these apps much love!!!! N thank u for showing me the way of the Jedi of editing

  2. Laura Wolf says:

    I love the edits everyone is turning out with the newlorystripes app! I still don’t have it Tina if you can believe it or not!

  3. Name_of_account says:

    Thanks for always keeping us up to date on stuff like this. You are awesome.

  4. 86gramos says:

    This app It’s amazing! I’d love to edit my next Lego pics with Lori stripes! I’m a proud #AFOL and always try to do different and original pics!

  5. 86gramos says:

    This is an amazing app! I’d love to edit my next photos of my Lego minifigs with Lori stripes! It’s gonna be awesome! My user in Instagram it’s @86gramos thanks for showing us this app!

  6. Simon says:

    I love over editing images. I have so many apps to help facilitate my hobby that my poor phone is choked. I looked many times at this app as I love Tangent and its many templates. I thought Lorystripes might be a one trick pony but the gallery you have shared proves otherwise. Thanks for sharing.

  7. David says:

    Hi Tina Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us I don’t know how you do it but I really appreciate it. Whenever I receive a combo app email in the in box I can’t wait to read and see what new application or technique you are sharing. Thank you for your knowledge and your generosity. David

    • iNDone_art says:

      Great to see this wonderful app arriving native on iPad. I think it’s good to have more screen estate for experimenting with stripes in 3D because on the iPhone my fingers are quickly off the screen.

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