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Now that you’ve watched the video of the Urban Reporter Bag Series from LowePro. I will be writing about the Urban Reporter 150 canvas bag. But before I go into details about the bag I have a story…you all love my stories. I love and have used Lowepro camera bags for a long time. What I have is an old backpack and a an old school Pro Messenger AW. That should tell you that their bags standd the test of time and can take a beating.

The story is I’ve been emailing back and fourth with Suzanne Knowlton whose Worldwide Photographer Relations Manager at Lowepro. How I ended up emailing her was by chance and a misunderstanding. I explained to her that’s it’s important you make a bag or backpack that’s more fitting to the mobile photographer. Everything is to big and they need to make smaller compartments and pockets for small mobile photo gear. Mobile photography has become the way most people all over the world photograph, edit photos and post them quickly on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and other social media sites. The DSLRs and point & shoots camera market has been declining in sales in the last couple of years. iPhone changed the way we photograph, edit photos and post our photos because of how well the camera take photos. We can do heavy edit in an instant with our iPhone and iPads too. Suzanne talked to the design team and forward my ideas about designing mobile photo bags and backpacks. The reason why I did this was because I love Lowepro bags and backpack. They’ve gone everywhere with my on my photographic adventures. I don’t want the company to die so I told them to change and be more mobile. I showed Suzanne my Salton Sea iPhone 4S photo series. It was my way to show her how important Lowepro means to me as a Photographer~Blogger~Artist.

Urban Reporter - 1

Urban Reporter 150 canvas bag is made for a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, since Suzanne picked out for me I decided to try it. I got the bag and pulled it out of the bag. Then Peach (dog) decided she would lay on it after I took it out of the plastic bag. I guess Peach (crazy dog) wanted to “crisan” the bag for me before I would write about it. That’s why the bag looks a little dusty and a bit hairy.

Urban Reporter - 2

What I like are these snap leather button on this back than the normal plastic clips. You can smell the leather straps around the buttons. That’s quality !!!

Urban Reporter - 3

Urban Reporter - 4

Urban Reporter - 5

What I just showed is a series of photos, like show in the intro video is the interior camera insert adjusts allowing you to carry a variety of camera gear while giving you complete organizational control. I really like this because you have the room to make better adjustments with the different compartments in the bag. Pull it out and make your adjustment and put the interior inset back in the bag. If you plan on getting that Sony Cyber-shot QX10 for you iPhone or Smartphone then you can stick that lens in one of these compartments.

Urban Reporter - 6

Here’s is the slot to slide in your iPad, as you can see it has padding and will fit perfectly snug in your bag. Having your iPad or tablet is a must these days with most photographers and has become a standard to having a slot to slip in your iPad or Tablet. I do plan on buying a mirrorless camera in the near future and use the Urban Reporter bag. But for now when I want to just take my DSLR with 50mm lens and iPad this bag will be perfect.

Urban Reporter - 7

Now this bag wouldn’t be complete without all the pockets to stick your memory cards and other little camera nick knacks you will need on the go as an urban photographer. You can also stick your iPhone lenses in these pockets.

Urban Reporter - 8

The Urban Reporter has pockets on the sides on the bag too. You can put in snacks or another nick knacks you need quick access too. This bag is very durable and made to last like other Lowepro bags. The Urban Reporter sells for $119.99 and only comes in Black.

Product List:

Urban Reporter 150 – $119.99
Urban Reporter 250 – $139.99
Urban Reporter 350 – $159.99

Customer Service Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am to 4:30pm Pacific Time. Questions? Concerns? Ideas? Please email us at

Shipping Information

We ship with Fed-Ex and every order includes a tracking number that is automatically sent after your order ships.

Expedited orders received after 8:00am (West Coast time, PST) will go out the next business day. Overnight orders will arrive on the 2nd business day after order was placed. 2nd day orders will arrive on the 3rd business day after order was placed. This does not include weekends or holidays.

Lowepro does not refund shipping costs on returned orders. If you have specific needs or questions please refer to the Support Section, on the bottom of our home page, and click Contact Us.

You can buy Lowepro camera bags, backpack and other products at your local camera shops, Adorama, B&H Photo and Amazon.

Something to share with you all about urban and mobile photographers out there. If you’ve noticed as Derrick Story is narrating during the video he mentions that he posts his photo on Flickr. Then uses the embed HTML code off Flickr to post them on his blogs. I do the same thing Derrick does with my mobile photos. I load them up from my iPhone or iPad with Flickr Stackr. That’s one of the many reason’s why I love Flickr !!!

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me I want to give a big THANKS to Suzanne Knowlton. I’m really thankful and lucky that Suzanne too the time to listen to me and my to ideas. Have a great weekend and see you soon !!!

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