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thinkTANK is one of the best and well known companies when it comes to making a wise investment with camera bags for your protecting DSLR cmamera body and lenses. But we all know the industry in the DSLR market has changed drastically because of the iPhone and Android smartphones, with their built-in cameras in these smart phones a lot of people have put away their DSLRs for these smartphone cameras. What I’m going to introduce to you are camera bags for the mobile photographer. It’s getting to the point where you’re going to need a bag to store all of your mobile photo gear when you’re out on the go. I know because sometimes I’d wish I took my Lensdial with me or a power bank battery and a few different types of styli for my mobile editing. I’m getting to the point where I feel a carrying laptop with me is about as cumbersome as carrying a DSLR camera with lenses. I’m even thinking about getting an iPad Mini (on the go mobile) so I can leave my iPad at home. All of our mobile gadgets have become our “2nd Brain” so to speak. This is an introduction to a series in finding the ideal mobile photographer’s gear bag. We need to be able to carry all of our little gear with us, so we can be prepared for anything to happen or come out way because our smartphones gives us more accessibilities with photo op moments.


thinkTank puts out a line of bags called My 2nd Brain (shown up above), these bags are design to take your iPads to MacBook Pro 15″. You can store an iPad Mini and other brand name devices but these bags are design for Apple Devices. I will explain more in details in the blog post why My 2nd Brain was designed for Apple Devices. The bags some in 3 different colors, Mist Green, Harbor Blue and Black. The prices of these bags start at $74.75 to $99.75.

thinkTANK My 2nd Brain Tablet - 1

Here is My 2nd Brain Tablet Bag in Mist Green, I like how small and well made this bag feels. I thought $74.75 was a lot of money to pay for a tablet bag but it’s not because it’s an investment with protecting your devices and gear. If you’re going to shell out all kind of money to buy Apple devices, you might as well spend the money to store your gear properly. In fact if I was going to buy one of these Brain Bags I would of went a step up and got the Brain Bag 11 for the MacBook Air for a little extra room and paid the extra $10. I like to have extra room just in case I need to store something along my travels. I wanted to add I did take this bag out for a test to a friends house to carry my iPad and my nieces Nexus 7. I even put in cables, plugs and extra battery.

thinkTANK My 2nd Brain Tablet - 2

What I really like about this bag are these metal swivel clamps hooks on the straps. To me that shows quality and durability these are some of the things I feel will be the defining factors in buying a camera bag or tablet bag. You don’t want plastic swivel clamps hooks on any kind of a bag. You want something that will stand the test of time and be able to take a beating.

thinkTANK My 2nd Brain Tablet - 3

This plastic hook is great if you want to clamp in your car keys or anything you else you’d like to clamp. It’s just one of those extra added bonuses in the Brain Bag.

thinkTANK My 2nd Brain Tablet - 4

thinkTANK My 2nd Brain Tablet - 8

MY 2nd BRAIN Pockets

This bag is full of pockets galore inside, so you put your cables, plugs, earbuds, little lenses and other goodies you would like to take a long with you. These pockets are very important in storing all your mobile photo gear.

thinkTANK My 2nd Brain Tablet - 6

There’s also a back pocket in case you want to slide in something extra, like an extra cable or a small tablet. I can slide in my niece’s Nexus 7 down this back pocket.

thinkTANK My 2nd Brain Tablet - 7

This is where you slide in your iPad. If you’re going to put your iPad in this Brain Bag, make sure you take off your iPad case. When I left the case on my iPad and pushed it into the bag it was a really tight fit. It was so tight I could barely zip down the bag. Now you know why I would pay the extra $10 for the Brain Bag 11, because of this reason of the tight fit with my iPad. I don’t like to take off the case on my iPad because the case I have on it is hard to take off. I would be to worried about dropping my iPad while trying to take off the case. Since the iPad Air coming out with a thinner and sleeker design, My 2nd Brain Tablet would probably work out better with a case on it and for the iPad Mini this would leave lots of room. If you’re like me then get the step up bag for extra space and keeping the case on your iPad. I love the question that’s printed in the BRAIN BAG !!!

Other device products, me and my sister tried putting her ASUS Transformer Pad in the Brain Bag. The tablet was too long to fit in this bag and you couldn’t zip it. So if you want to get this bag anyways, I would recommend going a step up to the My 2nd Brain 11 Bag. I know people are going to ask me if can store a Samsung or other brand tablets in this Brain Bag. Well get the 11″ Brain Bag, you will have more room to work with and not everyone has Apple Products. I will say this if you want a really nice quality and durable bag, then get a 2nd Brain because if not then you’re not using your brain when taking care of your devices.

My 2nd Brain Price List: You can click on the colors and this will take you to the site directly for shopping and ordering.

My 2nd Brain Tablet – $74.75 Black, Harbor Blue and Mist Green
My 2nd Brain 11 – $84.75 Black, Harbor Blue and Mist Green
My 2nd Brain 13 – $94.75 Black, Harbor Blue and Mist Green
My 2nd Brain 15 – $99.75 Black, Harbor Blue and Mist Green

Unfortunately, thinkTANK do not accept international orders from their website. You can click on the link below and that will take you to stores and online website where you can order their bags and other products.

Finding a store: Think Tank Photo Store Locator

30 – Day Return Policy
If you are not completely satisfied with our product, you can return it unused within 30-days for a full refund less shipping costs. Refunds will not be issued until the product is received and inspected to insure that it contains all the parts and is clean and unused. Note that we do not pay for shipping to have you return it to us.

Return Instructions
Please send an email to for return authorization, return shipping instructions and for any questions you may have regarding your return. Thank you.

Warranty Returns
If you have a warranty claim for a defective bag or part, please visit our No Rhetoric Warranty page for details.

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment, email me or contact thinkTANK or call 1-866-55-THINK (US Only), +1-707-527-0101 (International). I want to thanks to Brain and Brian for sending me a My 2nd Brain Tablet bag to write a review. Have a great day and see you soon !!!

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  1. Claudia says:

    Great blog as usual. I was very excited about it till I read the “no international orders” part. Cause I could really use one.

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