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Now this is the third installment from DeliX Software from their development company. It’s about masking and layers and blending on the go. This is one of the apps that will take a little time to learn how to use but once you get it there’s no turning back. You will get hooked using Areocut. Areocut is an iPhone Only app but you can install the app on your iPad or iPad Mini.

Camera Roll-6382
Camera Roll-6381

You start off with the load up default screen and pick your photo you will use for your background first. You can take a photo with the camera or load a photo from the your library. It’s up to you with what you want to do, I like to always laod a photo from the library. I tapped on the “i” to show you the information about Areocut.

Areocut Screenshot 1

You tap on the layer+ button to add the image you would like to mask and apply as a layer on your image. I will go into details from top left to right all across each row in numerical order.

1. Change Background, this is also the button where you can change your background in case you didn’t like what you picked or changed your mind.
2. “i” is the info button.
3. Preview, this will take you to a preview of layers and where you can each masking layers you have on your photo.
4. Layers 3 is the number of layers you have on your photo. You can apply as many layers on your photo.
5. Delete is when you delete your layers if you changed your mind or didn’t like it.
6. Clone is to clone the layer you have applied on your photo. You can close as many times as you want just make sure to keep track of the last clone you have cloned or used.
7. Flip H is flip horizontal.
8. Flip V is flip vertical.
9. Edit Layers, this is where mask and edit your layers.
10. Add Layers+
11. Preview, this will take you to the editing od each layers.

Camera Roll-6392

I wanted to show you the screen shot after you hit the “i” button.

Areocut Screenshot 2

This is the opacity slide you can use for each of the layers or clones you’ve applied on your photo. You just have to tap on layer circle below, to get to the next set of layers or clones you can slide your finger across the screen.

Areocut Screenshot 3

Masking is a little tricky to do because of a few things when running this app. If you want to do on your iPhone this can be hard at times especially if your eyes are that strong as they used to be and being over 40 puts me in that category. You can load this app on your iPad and iPad Mini. The other tricky part is the lasso tool. If you plan on using this tool make sure you zoom in to see the details of where they lasso is tracing at in your photo. The last past is if you plan to be masking with this app with make sure you turn off all your apps in the background. Don’t having anything rubbing in the background because this app will crash on your in the middle of masking. It’s best to find simple item to mask if you plan on using this app.

Smoothness is like feathering, you want to make your cuts when you mask as seamless as possible so your item you’re using to place on top of your photos don’t look like cut and paste. A really person who can mask and layer item on their photos can make the item they are placing look natural like if they were part of the photo or image. This takes a lot of practice and time to get this type of editing mastered. I’m still working on my masking because I feel it isn’t up to par and always feel I can improve in this type of editing.

The 4 buttons at the bottom are Lasso, Erase, Brush and Settings. When you feel you’re done with masking your can tap on the “+” button on the right hand corner that will take your to preview.

Areocut Screenshot 4

This is where you will edit each of your layers or clones that you’ve applied on your photo. You can change colors, exposures and anything else. You can tap on the layers button at the end of the slide so you can change which layer or clone you want to edit. If you tap on the arrow down button that where you can change you blend modes on your apply your layers and clones. The possibilities are endless with Areocut, you can edit forever with just one photo or image alone because of the different outcomes.

Leafy Spirits

This is my finished image using Areocut, called Leafy Spirits. It was fun to just toss this together and didn’t take me long to use the app. Not everyone will get it the first couple of times, so practice. This will improve your masking skills as a mobile photo editor. I’m very anal when it comes to masking, layers and blending so it was good practice for me. Don’t get discourage when your not getting the masking down right away, this type of editing takes lots of practice to hone in the skills. Areocut sells for $.99 at the App Store and it’s steal of deal for an editing app of this kind. Again you can install Areocut on your iPad or iPad mini and iOS Only.

Now if you have any questions about Areocut you can leave a comment or email me You can follow Areocut on Insatgram @areocut, Twitter @Areocut and Facebook. I want to give a thanks to Loran Dyrmishi for the press kit and app code and everyone else at DeliX Software. Have a good day and see you real soon !!!

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11 Responses to Combo Apps/Areocut

  1. blaquira says:

    I’m always looking for better, easier and quick ways to mask….I’m curious to see if I can master this app and if it will be my go to app in the future…

    • ashcroft54 says:

      It has room to grow as an app but it can be touch go. I’m having problems with the app crashing so I hope people will let the developers know. Other than that I use this app on my ipad instead of my iPhone.

  2. Claudia says:

    Tina thanks for this blog. This looks like an awesome app. Your explanation is just great. Thank you

  3. danmblog says:

    I have a collection of layering apps, of which I always grabbed Layover. It is pretty basic, and the basics work well. I’d really enjoy trying out Areocut, it looks like it has many advanced features beyond the apps I currently have. Thanks for your review on this, and other apps!

  4. Looks interesting. How do you compare it to other masking/layering apps?

  5. mochans says:

    Great info about this app. I am still trying to master the art of masking and blending. I would love to try this one. I still haven’t found that “one” that I am really proficient with.
    Thanks Tina…..

  6. Denise says:

    Hi Tina, thank you, always, for the scoop on new apps! I, too, would love to master the masking skills! I’d truly love to try Areocut out. I love the new Alayer app from this developer! Take care, Denise

  7. avechucha says:

    I only use one app for masking/ layering… It was not easy to learn to use… I wish I had read an explanation as complete as this… everything seems much easier, although I know you have to practice…Thanks for your app reviews!

  8. danmblog says:

    This app is deep with adjustments and tweaks. Workflow seems good on this too. Very impressed! Thank you!

  9. Lilian Oliveira says:

    I’m very interested in trying this app. I’m always looking for new ways to improve my editing techniques. I have to say that reading the review tickled my curiosity even more to try it!

  10. mochans says:

    After using this app for the past week it is starting to grow on me. The things I like least are in the masking process. I don’t like the darkness of the image to be masked, my 50 y/o eyes have a hard time defining edges and detail. I have a 4s so I am not sure if it is my phone, but the responsiveness of the brush is slow and jerky.
    Thanks for all of the great info you share with the mobile photo community Tina.

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