Combo Apps/A Macro Bee

Macro Bee - 1

Today was my walk time with Boyce and Vida, a simple walk and a bee that turn into a blog post. I came across this Dead Bee in someone’s yard so I had to take a photographs of it with my iPhone and fisheye/macro lens from DCKina. The story behind the bee is Boyce is allergic to bees. In fact if Boyce gets stung by a bee he will go into anaphylactic shock and has to use a shot he will inflict himself with to make the reaction go away.

Macro Bee - 3

Boyce said, “I’m going to get stung by the bee TINA !!!” I said, “NO !!! It’s dead and the stinger is gone.” I showed him on my while I was taking the photo with my iPhone. As you see the photo up above that the stinger is gone, I explained to him when the honey bee looses it’s stinger it will die instantly. Boyce was really intrigued with that and how the stinger was gone.

Marla quote to correct the mistake I made on the bee: “Ironically, the bee in the photo is a male bee, a drone. Drones do not have stingers — they cannot sting. At this time of year, the worker bees in the colony (all female) toss the drones out of the nest so they don’t have to feed and support them all winter.”

Macro Bee - 4

But what I loved most about the beauty of the dead bee is how I could really look at the bee in full detail. I was able to take photos of a bee the way I wanted without the worry of getting stung and the constant moving around so quickly.

Macro Bee - 5

Partial details of the wing and seeing the bees veins connecting the wing together. You can’t do this with a live bee. They just move to quickly and don’t like to bother bees while they work.

Macro Bee - 6

You can also see the dusty bits and details in the legs. Look at how the intricacies of the bee’s legs, something you don’t see often. It’s one of those things you don’t get to see a whole lot in your life time. So I just wanted to really study this bee because I won’t get a chance like this again. People ask me how do I make mundane things look do interesting ? It’s simple everything you see everyday is not mundane. Everything all around us is amazing you choose to pass by those things and make them mundane because you’ve labeled it. When you label things, you take things for granted. Nature shouldn’t be taken for granted, nature should be taken care of because without it…we’d die…

Macro Bee - 1

Bee’s fur is just so fuzzy and soft. I flipped this bee carefully all around and took so many photos of it to find 6 great macro shots. I just admire it’s beauty and gesture.

People don’t realize this but without bees we wouldn’t have all those great fruits and vegetables in the store that we buy everyday. It’s sad that the bees are starting to disappear. I explained to Boyce how important bees are to our ecosystem and environment. We need bees to live so just respect their space and they will respect you. You can find out more information about bees from Marla Spivak and the TED video up above. It is an idea worth spreading and sharing with others.

All the photos were taken with Pro Camera 7 and edited with Enhance from the iPhone Camera app. If you have any questions on how to help bees, just plant bee friendly flowers around where you live or in your neighborhood.

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5 Responses to Combo Apps/A Macro Bee

  1. rjllane says:

    Hello ashcroft54.

    A wonderful article with great photos. You are spot-on about using iPhone macro shots as a way to zoom in and see detail that is impossible to see with the naked eye.

    … MomentsForZen

  2. Claudia says:

    Great photos and a great story Tina!!

  3. blaquira says:

    Wow they scare me when they’re buzzing around me….but they are beautiful creatures. Magnificent macro shots!

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