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Today I started off with a video review of the EyeCandis SoundBot SB240 Bluetooth Headset. Now you’re wondering why would I write about a headset ? What does this have to do with mobile photography and editing ? Why would I want a Bluetooth Headset ? I’m a music lover and love to listen to music no matter where I go. I like to tune the world out so I can be in my own world taking and editing photos. I always wanted a Bluetooth Headset but always been leary of them because of battery drain. With the Bluetooth 4.0 that has changed every thing because they latest update has improved on battery drain problems in the past. So if you have new devices you might want to think about getting a pair of Bluetooth Headset for yourself, like the video up above these Bluetooth Headset work on most Bluetooth ready devices. TVs, Desktops, Laptops, iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones, Tablets and ect…

SoundBot SB240

EyeCandis offered and asked me if I would be interested in trying out their Bluetooth headset and I said sure why not. These are my first pair of Bluetooth Headset of any kind. I told EyeCandis my favorite color is BLUE, so I for a pair of blue headsets.

Safety and General Information:

*Warning Disclaimer* Please read the following information before using this product. Users are not permitted to make changes or modify the product and the accessories in any way.

1. DO NOT use the product while operating a motor vehicle.

2. To avoid electronic interference and/or compatible conflicts, TURN OFF the product in any facilities where posted notices instruct you to do so. For example: Aircraft, Military Base, Hospital or Health Care Facilities.

3. To avoid impairing your hearing in the long-term operation, keep the headset volume in the moderate level.

4. Keep away of fire, water, and high voltage equipments

5. Follow the charging procedure described in this guide to charge the product.

Camera Roll-6269

Now when you take it out of the bos you will get a micro USB cord with the headset, if you look at the photo you can see where you plug in the headset to be charged up. I’ve posted the batter instructions below to help you down below. The directions are so small that I can’t read the small print on them anymore but not to worry, click “HERE” and this will take you the instructions online.

*Battery and Charging Notice*

We use rechargeable battery for BSH006B. A normal charging process takes about 2-3 hours. The red LED will turn on when charging and will turn off when charging finished.

When the battery is nearly used up, the red LED will flash every 30 second and there is also prompt from the headset. Please charge the headset at this time.

Please make sure the battery has been fully charged and fully released at the beginning three times of use to ensure the battery the best performance.

Always use correct AC Power Adapter to charge the headset. Using any incorrect power supply device will cause damage and void the warranty.

After finished charging, please pull out the cable from the headset and plug the adaptor from the electricity outlet. Do not put the headset in charging state for a long time. This will shorten the lifetime of the battery.

Do not use the headset in too hot or too cold environment. It is recommended to keep the environment temperature between 15 and 25℃.

Dot not install, place or use the headset near any source of heat such as a stove, radiator, oven, toaster, coffee maker or other apparatus (including microwave oven) that gives off heat.

SoundBot SB240 Bluetooth Headset Folded Out

EyeCandis asked me what to I think about the headset in a recent email. This is what I told them I like to use them to watch videos and movies with online. It’s fine for music but I am used to Sony Earbuds for sound, but it’s great for going out and going to the gym. They are lightweight headset so I don’t feel them on my head but my hair has grown out so it’s hard to put them on around my ears because of my hair. I’m in a need of a haircut and my hair is really shaggy now. Then headset fit just perfect around my head but I’m not sure how they will fit around people who have larger heads. I have a small head and they do fit perfect. They headset does stretch a little bit and that would be my only concern with it. EyeCandis does have really great customer service and go out of their way to help you if you have a problems with their products. One thing I love about these Bluetooth Headset is the freedom without a cord attached to your iPhone or iPod.

Price, I know you’ll all wondering about. How much will these Bluetooth Headset will set me back ? They’re $39.99 on the EyeCandis website. But would you believe these headset only cost $25.00 on Amazon (prime item) !!!! The Headset come in two colors, Red and Blue, for the price you better pick these up quick !!!

PowerBot 5600 mAh  Power Bank

Now EyeCandis makes power banks external I’m going to introduce two of them to you today on this blog post. The first is the PowerBot PB5600 5600mAh Universal Power Bank with built-in flash light. It’s a two in one product and great for back up source of power.

PowerBot out of the box

These are the things included with the PowerBot 5600 mAh battery. There are 6 differnet universal plug types and one USB cable. This power bank is small in the palm of your hands and packed full of power at the same time. You would want this as a back up power source if you’re out in the middle of no where or a location without a plug source. If you can’t read the small print of the manual that’s ok, you can click “HERE” and find the manual on EyeCandis website.

PowerBot 5600 mAh does take a long time to charge when you kill it, so expect about an 9 to 10 hour charge from this power bank. It’s a slow charging process so I would plug this battery in before you do to bed at night. There is a 4 LED light indicator of how much battery life you have with this power bank.

This PowerBot PB5600 will charge your iPhone up to 4 times give or take on how low your battery is on your iPhone or if you’ve killed it. I’ve charged my iPhone with the Mophie Battery Case on it. It takes awhile to charge both the items so you will almost use up 5600 mAh on this battery. It takes about 2 hours to charge my iPhone and EVO 4G LTE smartphone. It’s a on the power button and it will start charging. Trickle charge process on both ends but what’s nice is after your device is charged the PowerBot will shut off automatically. When you plug in your iPhone or smart phone just tap

I highly recommend that if you use this battery to charge your 7″ tablet to a 10″ tablet with this PowerBot PB5600, don’t expect a full charge. This power bank will not give a full charge to your tablets, unless it’s an old Kindle or Nook with a black and white LED screen. I tried charging a Nexus 7 tablet and got about 70% charge from 14%. Tablets are power hungry and will eat this PowerBot alive. I would only use a PowerBot if it’s an emergency or you’re in a pinch. You don’t want to wear out the battery cycles of your tablets or the PowerBot because it will be costly in the long run.

Prices on the PowerBot PB5600 on the EyeCandis website is $69.99 but on Amazon it’s $16.99 (prime item).

KickBot Power Bank

I’ll end with the KickBot Power Bank 2600 mAh with built in LED Flash Light. One of those battery lipstick tubes type of battery.

KickBot out of the box

The contents out of the bos when you get a KickBot Power Bank.

KickBot Flash Light Up

LED Flash Light Up !!!

KickBot End Down

IN and OUT put with on and off flash light button on the down end. Now when you plug in the battery to charge you will have an red/orange LED light on and when it’s full a green light will appear. Charging time for one full charge: Approximately 4 hours. This KickBot is designed to charge your small devices such as an iPhone, iPod, MP3 Player, Android Smart Phones and ect…I would not use this battery to charge your 7″ Tablets to 10″ Tablets. You will not get a full charge of any kind from this battery, unless you’re in need a tight pinch. It’s a battery great to carry in your pocket because of the flash light, how compact the battery is and fits perfect in your pocket. This is a power bank on the go and my oldest nephew (Leif) really likes using this KickBot for his iPod Touch and EVO Smartphone for charging.

Prices for the KickBot is $19.99 on the EyeCandis website and Amazon for $12.99 (prime item).

Prolong your power bank life by doing these recommended steps.

1. Make sure you charge the battery first before you start to use it for charging your devices of any kind.

2. This battery is made for a back up source and not a power source. If you use your device while charging your device, you will wear down the life of the power bank. When you’re charging your smartphone of any kind just leave it alone unless you’re expecting an emergency call or need to make an emergency call. Don’t text, play games, surf the web or look on your social networks, just plug in your smartphone and just walk away for about an hour or two.

3. When your device is done charging then unplug it from the battery right away, do not leave your device plugged into the battery for prolong period of time. If left plugged in this will wear out the cycle of you device and power bank source.

4. After you’ve charged your power bank battery at it’s full charge then unplug it right away, so your power bank doesn’t go through a recycle charge again. If you leave it plugged it, you will wear down the battery quicker and the life of power bank will be gone.

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment, email me or contact EyeCanids I want to give a big THANKS to EyeCandis for giving me the time and the product to review them. The video review at the start of the blog post was done by iGorillaTech on You Tube.

I will be writing more about EyeCandis products in the near future so stay tuned in for that !!! Have a great day weekend and see you soon !!!

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