Combo Apps:Photo Nova 2


Beautiful creations made easy and simple with Photo Nova 2 by DeliX Software. This blog post will be a little different with not a lot of writing, like the normal blog posts I’ve written about in the past. The info screen shots from Photo Nova 2 explains how the app operates.

Lens Flare & Summer FX

These are some of the beautiful samples from Photo Nova 2 press kit. What I’ve noticed about Photo Nova 2 is your photos will have that retro, pastel and dream like loo to your photos.

Camera Roll-6246

This is the default page when your load up Photo Nova 2 and after this I will just post screen shots on how the app operates.

Camera Roll-6247

Camera Roll-6248

I’ve loaded my own photo on Photo Nova 2.

Camera Roll-6249

Camera Roll-6250

Camera Roll-6251

Camera Roll-6252

Camera Roll-6253

Camera Roll-6254

Camera Roll-6255

Camera Roll-6256

Camera Roll-6259

These are you save your photo creation options.

Camera Roll-6258

This is my subtle and beautiful creation made with Photo Nova 2. There’s not much writing to this blog post but the developer did such a great job of posting information on how to operate the app within the app. What do I think about Photo Nova 2 well it’s nice camera app with mobile editing ready to load up an go on all your favorite places to share your photo creations. The app is a little on the retro soft side and for people who love that stylye of editing this app is for you. Photo Nova 2 sells for $1.99 in the App Store, iPhone and iOS only. Some people really love that look to their photos, it’s subtle beautiful and full of magic. If you have any questions about this app please leave a comment, email me or contact DeliX Software at

I leave you with the Alayer video demo…have a good evening and see you soon…

lifecycleOrange Lily Flowers - 20131024iColorama 3.62Dancing TreesFunny... Dosn't taste like chickenAlayer Icon
Moldy oldie from WAY back on the camera roll. Not sure why I never posted this, 'cause I really like it now.Colour Cloud ClustersLeaf LightThe Jade WitchApprehension90s Dream the Third
IMG_3063.JPGIMG_3047.JPGIMG_2950.JPGIMG_1974.JPGIMG_1960.JPGSardinian pastel sky #sardegna #sardinia #sardiniasky #cielo #cielosardo #sky
Carretti Sardi #sardegna #folklore #carrettosardo #carretto #sardinianfolkLight hole #light #endoftherain #numbsAyers Rock in the sea #tavolara #sardegna #gallura #baiasantanna #budoni #mare #sea #sardegna #sardinia #maresard #sardinianseauploadAE 1Itsy Bitsy Spider



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5 Responses to Combo Apps:Photo Nova 2

  1. Deli says:

    I do like the soft retro style looks in the sample images shown. I’ve been using photowizard for a while which is great for this kind of stuff but may need a bit of a spruce up – this update to photo nova looks like way forward.

    Nice and helpful reviews as ever, I love them – keep ’em coming!

  2. Denise says:

    I love both the wild and wonderful photo editing styles such as yours, Tina, and also the soft dreamy effects applied to images such as this app demonstrates through their press kit. Editing pictures is such a relaxing “getaway” for me, and Photo Nova 2 looks likes I could get lost in it for hours! Your review of this app makes it seem all the more desirable!

  3. kimartino says:

    Reblogged this on kimartino and commented:
    Great article on this intimidating app!

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