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Alayer Press Release

Beautiful layers come alive with Alayer, you’ve just watched the video and read the press release of the ALAYER app. I’ll show you how to use the app but first let me show you the screen shots of the and give you details of each other screen shots. So you can read the full details of how to operate this beautiful layering app.

Camera Roll-6189
Camera Roll-6190

You start off with the load page like this. When you tap on the “i” button, then you will get all the info about Alayer’s app. The buttons on the app are pretty easy to read and understand and the functions behind them.

Alayer Screenshot 4

This is the default editing page for Alayer. You can pretty much figure out what all of the 7 different sections of editing and effect types.

Alayer Screenshot 5

I’m going to start from the top and go left to right with all the buttons on the screen and listed below.

1. Back Arrow Button
2. Save Button
3. “i” Button (info)
4. Arrow Button Down is your blending mode button.
5. Slider is for Opacity 05 to 100%
6. Layers Button
7. Rotate Button
8. Eraser Button
9. Mixer Controls (Undo, Opacity Slider, Sharp, Unsharp, Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Exposure, Red, Green, Blue)
10. Plus Button is for layer save and add more layers.

Alayer Screenshot 3

Mixer Controls: Undo, Opacity Slider, Sharp, Unsharp, Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Exposure, Red, Green, Blue

Camera Roll-6240

“i” Button after you tap it, this will pop up so you can get a diagram and information on the controls.

Alayer Screenshot 1
Alayer Screenshot 2

You also have the options of changing each of the layers in blend modes and see what layers you’ve used with the app.

Leaf Light

Colour Cloud Clusters

Now here are a couple of samples edits up above that I did with Alyers, you’re all probably what do I really think about this app. This app is great if you don’t have a lot of layering apps already (like me). It’s great if you’re looking for a new variation or style of a layer blending app. It’s like I’ve said before and I’ll say it again…one of the greatest things about having 4 or 5 apps that do the same thing are the different results you get from each app. No app are created exactly the same nor will you get the same results. What I love most is your mobile edits don’t ever look like Photoshop, they look like mobile editing with a 100 different types of app piled on top of each other. I like Alayers, it’s worth the pick up for $.99 because that’s cheap in today’s app market !!! Alyers is an iPhone Only app but it doesn’t stop me from loading the app on my iPad. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me You can also contact DeliX Software if you have any questions about their apps, The developers always like feedback, ideas and constructive criticism.

I’ll conclude the blog post with another app by DeliX Software called Photo Nova 2. Photo Nova 2 is selling at the App Store for $1.99. Have a great day, check out Combo Apps Flickr Group down below and see you soon !!!

Colour Cloud ClustersLeaf LightThe Jade WitchApprehension90s Dream the ThirdIMG_3063.JPG
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Good VibrationsBig City, Bright LightsPrendre du champmarching DMsFlames365/299


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4 Responses to Combo Apps/Alayer

  1. Dan R says:

    The app looks clean and no doubt I could use it. I hesitate because Merek Davis from Mextures voiced some complaints at the app shopper. Basically alayer took one of his light leaks and used it in the app. I assume it’s been removed in the update. Still, it looks a little too close to Mextures for my comfort. Thoughts anyone.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      You know all I can say is this I’m not sure what the story was about between Mextures and ALayer is really between them. We don’t know the story between the developers. I’m not going to let it affect the way I edit me photos. To be honest Mextures had a lot of other problems with their app and a lot of people stopped using it. I feel a lot of these layering apps are all about the same with different results. If you ever look at the feed on Instagram you will noticed I don’t use a lot of grunge, muted colors or textures style of editing. What I find funnis is why Did Merek complain about Distressed FX that app does pretty much the same thing. Think about it, Dan…

      • Dan R says:

        Good points Tina. I think Distressedfx was released first, so they could have complained about Mextures copying them. I guess many photo editing apps are going to have a lot of the same features. That’s just the way it is.

  2. Every “grunge” app will obviously have some design elements in common, but Alayer’s design obviously mimics Mextures. Both apps crash on me, but that could be my device. That said, we all should dial back the distressed look, at least a little bit.

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