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Duomatic an app that takes two photos or images and combines them into one image. It’s a simple app, easy to operate and self explained in the name of the app. So I’m going to cut to the chase and get to the app’s operation.

Camera Roll-2687
Camera Roll-2688

When you load up Duoamatic this is your default start up screen, all of the screen shots are taken from my iPad. and I also tapped “i” button to show you the pop screen from it….moving on…You have two choices of how you want to merge your photos together. Take a photo or load a photo from your library.

Camera Roll-2689

Now you all know I will load my photos from a library and very rarely take a photo from the actual app. It doesn’t matter which side you load from right or left. There is no dominate right side load on this app, like Image Blender. Another thing Duomatic does is flip to orientation (landscape or portrait) of how you got iPhone or iPad set up to. But Duomatic is landscape format only and does not do portrait or square format when combining your photos together (*enlarge and reposition your images*). The photos will do an auto crop to fit the landscape format. I tested this out on my iPhone to double check.

Camera Roll-2689
Camera Roll-2690

Here’s my first Duomatic Test image. You noticed the slider on the bottom, that’s for blending which photo you want to be more dominate. It’s always set in the middle each time you do a new merge or load the app up. The middle is going to always be your default your start off with. When you find the way you like your merge, you tap on DEVELOP and it will save your photo automatically to your camera roll.

Camera Roll-2691

At the moment you can post your creations on Facebook or Twitter. I tweeted this image…

Camera Roll-2693
Duomatic Example 2

Here’s another creation I made using one of Vida’s drawings from Tayasui Sketches and my Cloud photo taken with Pro Camera.

Did you noticed on the top screen shot I went more on the Cloud side rather than in the middle ? It’s because the drawing was too strong and overpowering. I wanted the images to blend nicely as one image. Duomatic saves at medium resolution, 2048 x 1537 (3 MP) and THANKS DANNY for reminding me !!!

Overall this is a great app for beginners that are just starting out with editing. It teaches you the concept of the art of blending. If you’re looking for some cool looking surreal image making this is the app for you. The developers at Duomatic would like to hear you ideas of improving the app. Duomatic is universal to the iPhone/iPad and sells for $.99 at the App Store. It’s not out on Android, but it will be soon. If you have any questions about this blog post you leave a comment, email me and contact Duomatic You can follow Duomatic on Twitter @duomaticapp because that’s how we found each other. Enjoy the rest of you day and see you soon…

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12 Responses to Combo Apps/Duomatic

  1. Danny says:

    The app looks interesting. Is it better than image blender? What resolution does it save at?



  2. barbara pyle @lunazee says:

    looks very easy to use.

  3. mochans says:

    Thanks for the review…I would love to try Doumatic.

  4. mochans says:

    Thanks for the review Tina…..would love to try Duomatic!

  5. avechucha says:

    I always like to experiment with new apps!! especially if they are easy to use, thank you very much for this example!! I would love to start testing with faces and nature.

  6. Denise says:

    Hi Tina, Thank you for all of the hard work you do testing apps and sharing your experience with us all. I think Duomatic looks intriguing and would love to try it out to compare it with Image Blender, which I happen to enjoy immensely! Cheers, Denise

  7. kimartino says:

    Reblogged this on kimartino and commented:
    A nice little demo of Duomatic app by Tina Rice!

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