Hey EVERYONE !!! Today I’m going to talk about a product that is in production called the SHOULDERPOD by TAMBAKUNDA. Here’s the story behind the SHOULDERPOD, they did a crowdfunding launch with Indiegogo but did not make their goal. I asked Enrique Frisancho, why they went with Indiegogo and not KICKSTARTERS or why couldn’t they do another campaign with KICKSTARTERS ? This is what Enrique said, “We did try to launch at KICKSTARTER, but at the moment it is only for US or UK citizens, so we had to go with Indiegogo.” Tambakunda is a company in Barcelona Spain, so they are limited in signing up for crowdfunding campaigns. Lofi in LoFi did an article on the SHOULDERPOD, back in July of 2013 and this still didn’t help them enough…


Here it is October 2013, I happen to find the SHOULDERPOD on a Google search and was trying to get a hold of them to ask for a sample product. Well the only way I could reach them was on Twitter, I tweeted them and they tweeted back and with several emails back and fourth to each other. We have some good news from Enrique !!! He said, At the moment we are closing agreements with local investors to launch the company in a matter of weeks. Our schedule is to ship our first products by the end of February.


Absolutely Tina,

As you can imagine, now we need to keep on track in order to meet our first goals as soon as possible, but we will definitely count on all the people that have shown interested in what we’re doing and have offered themselves to help us. For sure we will contact you back as soon as we start promoting, but if on the meanwhile there’s anything you think can be useful, we will be glad to hearing from you 😉

Thanks a lot for your help and all the best from Barcelona,



After I got that email response from Enrique and press kit images, I emailed him back and told I will do a promo blog post to get the word out to you all. I feel they need all the help they can get. I wish I had one of these SHOUDLERPODs !!! I’d carry this with me all the time when I;m taking mobile photos on the go !!! You all know when I get one of these SHOULDERPOD’s, I’ll be doing my detailed review post.


What I like about the SHOULDPOD is that it’s universal to most smartphones on the market. It’s not an iPhone only product but it’s a Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Sony product. My mission is to go beyond iPhoneography and more into Mobile Photography and Editing. You can see at the photo up above how the phone mount has a twist adjustable screw and has nice rubber pads to grip and secure you smart phone tightly.


The mount has a nice grip to your iPhone or any smartphone. Look at how many function the mount has alone and on the go or even at home alone.


This is the SHOULDERPOD grip another awesome piece to go with the mount.


The grip has a standard tripod screw mount, so you can attach to you point and shoots, DSLR and GoPro cameras.


The SHOULDERPOD is a solid multi-function and purpose product. It goes beyond the iPhone because of it’s adjustable mount grip. The bottom grip attachment is also has a multi-function purpose too. Now the price is still in the works and they have to send out product for the crowdfunders first before they sell this to the public. TAMBAKUNDA is rolling out at the end of February and hopefully in late March 2014 I’ll have one of these SHOULDERPOD’s to do a detailed review of the product. You can follow the SHOULDERPOD on the following sites so you can stay up to date on when it will be released, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @shoulderpod.

I want to give a big THANKS to Enrique Frisancho for providing me all the PR press images, communication and information about their product and future updates. Here’s a demo video of the multi-purpose SHOULDERPOD can do for you. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me Have a great day and see you soon…

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