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Olive PixelWakker

PixelWakker is the app I’ll be writing about today. I’ll told Joe that I would write out the blog post and review his app after I watched Apple’s Keynote today, so here I go. Now the concept behind Pixelwakker, “Whack that pixel with PixelWakker! Inspired by the pointillist painters, PixelWakker breaks down your pixels into art. If you like Decim8, Paper Camera or Percolator you will love PixelWakker. I’m sure you’ll wondering do I love PixelWakker ? I’ll answer that question toward the end of the blog post. The photo was edited with PixelWakker of my cat Olive.

Camera Roll-6122

You start off with an EYE photo as a default, with all your buttons right there toward the bottom of the screen. You have your camera button, photo librabry button, top eye and 4 eye (i’ll explain what those buttons do), picture button, effects button, slider control and save button

Camera Roll-6123

PixelWakker is a square format (1:1) only camera and editing app. I’m hoping in future updates that will change, because I like to use other formats.

Camera Roll-6128

This is my Top Eye photo.

Camera Roll-6129

I picked the same photo to do my blending edit with this app.

Olive PixelWakker 2

Now here’s an example of using two different photos on top of each other, as you can see this is a mosaic type of editing with PixelWakker. I have Olive as the Top Eye photo and a Leaf on the ground as my bottom 4 eyes effect photo.

Camera Roll-6142

PixelWakker Includes four great effects:

Pixel Image – pixels of the main image are represented by a second image
Dots – pixels to polka dots
Line – pixels merge to form lines
Color Rain – drops of pure color from your image

Camera Roll-6130

Now I picked Dots for my effect and this looks a little psychedelic but most of you know I like bright colors and make details POP in my editing. The Dots slider starts from 2 – 100. Where Pixel Image, Line and Circle start with 2 and doubles (2, 4, 8, 16…) up to 256. Now one thing I have noticed using this app for editing if your photos are not well exposed or have that faced look to them. The effects don’t show up to well and look a little muddy. I’m hoping that with future updates that their will be saturation, exposure, contrast and brightness controls.

Crazy Dots

Here’s my crazy Dots edit !!!

Sun PixelWakker

Here’s an example of a photo I shot with Hipstamatic (Diego Lens and Blanko C16). You can see that the photo didn’t come out all that well because the Blanko C16 film is on the retro faded side and not great to use PixelWakker.

Camera Roll-6138

Let’s say you want to use one of your 4:3 photos to edit with PixelWakker, what do you do ?

Camera Roll-6139

You can drop the photo to make it fit into a square photo. This is the only format option at the moment, so lets hope for an update…hint…hint…hint.

PixelWakker Art 2

This is my finished edited photo using PixelWakker of the photo shown up above…OK let me show you some crazy editing I did with PixelWakker.

Boyce Mixed Editing

Reeds Mixed Editing

Trolley Mixed Editing

I hope you like those image examples of how to push PixelWakker in a whole new direction and beyond, I gave all of those to Joe as a present for giving me a promo code, test out his app and write a review. So you’ll all wondering what do I really think about PixelWakker, for now I like it and has lots of room to grow. You all know I like unique editing apps. It doesn’t crash on you while you’re editing your photo with the slider, so PixelWakker is a stable running app. This is a very good 1.0 version of an app that you can find other creative ways to edit your photos. Joe told me that he has plans for updates in the near future. PixelWakker is FREE until the end of October (31st), if you miss your chance then you will have to pay $.99 (not bad). This is an iPhone Only app but I have PixelWakker on my iPad too.

I want to give a big THANKS to Joe for giving me a promo code for PixelWakker. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me and for Joe Have a great day and see you soon !!!

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  1. Joe Wrigley says:

    Thanks for the write up. Some great insight.

  2. That looks really nasty 🙂 Wouldn’t mind to try it out as well!

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