Combo Apps/RAV Power Bank 2600 mAh Battery

RAV 2600 mAh Power Bank

It’s all about RAV Power a small power bank in the palm of your hand and fits perfectly in your pocket. The RAV Power Bank 2600 mAh is what I’ll be talking about today. This power bank comes in handy for those tight pinch situations and has a built-in flash light. The design for this type of external battery is known as a Lipstick Design because of the cylindrical case. Leif (my nephew) said: “It looks like a Chapstick battery !!!”

Contents of the package.

When you get the RAV Power 2600 mAh, this is what you get out of the box, Power Bank, micro USB cord and directions.

Power Bank Side Down

The back end has a power button, a micro USB port and an USB port. Both port are in and out for charging your device or charging the power bank.

Power Bank Side Up

The top end is the LED flash light, when you hold the power button down for about 2 seconds it will turn off or on. So it’s not just a source of power but a handy flash light on the go.

LED Indicator

This is really important when it comes to charging your RAV Power Bank. It has LED indicator lights to let you know how much battery power you have left, blinks while charging and lets you know when the power bank is full after being charged. All 4 lights on means it’s at it’s full charge and ready to go. Now here are some thing I recommend you charge with this power bank, since it’s only 2600 mAh. Do not charge your tablets or smaller tablet with this battery. I would only charge smart phones, MP3 players, iPod Touch, iPods and anything that is a small device. This battery has more power than a Mophie battery case and cost a faction of the price too. One nice thing is once you plug in your device to this power bank, your device will start to charge automatically. The charge time takes a few hours to charge this power bank. The RAV Power Bank 2600 mAh sells for $19.95 on Amazon and you can order it on eBay for $19.99. The 2600 comes in 3 colors, Black, Silver and Pink.


1. When you get this battery make sure you read the direction and plug in your battery to get a full charge first.

2. Charge the battery where you can see so it you when it does you can unplug it. Because if you don’t unplug the battery after it reaches it’s full charge, the battery will go through an cycle and you only have 500 recycles charges on these lithium polymer battery. All you’re doing is running your battery down so it will not hold a charge after awhile.

3. Charge only small devices with this power bank and not your mini tablets or tablet. This battery will only do a trickle charge since it’s 5V 1A output. This power bank will give you a full charge on most small devices.

4. Last thing when you plug your power bank onto you small devices and smart phone, try not to use the device so it can get a full charge. These power banks are not an extra battery, they are back up systems that are handy in a pinch.

I’be charged my iPhone and my sister’s iPhone. We both got a full charge in about an hour. When you charge this power bank it takes a few hours to charge it to full capacity. The RAV Power Bank 2600 is worth the $19.99 because of how small and handy it is. I would probably buy 2 or 3 of them and keep them handy. They makes great gift for teenager kids, friends, co-workers or anyone else who has a mobile device. Plus this battery has a handy flash light built in, so you can;t really go wrong with this product. You can go to the RAV Power’s website, that will take you directly of where to order their products. You can find this battery on Amazon or eBay. I wanted to thank Flynn and RAVPower for letting me test and review their products. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me Have a great day and see you soon…

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