Combo Apps/Daramghaus Update

Daramghaus - Studio like a sweet home

Today is about an update from Moment Camera and Bshutter by Daramghaus, they wanted to let me know what going with their apps to get you to use the apps with iOS 7. Daramghaus is mobile app design and artwork studio based in Seoul, Korea, led by Lee Sangho and Choi Daahey. They have done several mobile app projects with good and constructive feedbacks from the users. So if you have a problem with their apps, you can contact them or write a review about the apps you’ve purchased.

Daramghaus Update Screen Shot

If Moment Camera shows black screen, please try this: Please turn on the switch in the ”1. Settings → 2. Privacy → 3. Microphone →4. Moment Camera”. This also works with BShutter app too. ( I’ll update for iOS7 soon.

Moment Camera App Screen Shot
How to use Moment

Screen shot to tell you how to operate Moment Camera up above. Normally I’ll have my own screen shot handy and much more details about camera apps, but I’m going to wait for updates with these two apps. Right now there working on updates with both apps.

BShutter – $.99
Moment Camera – $.99

I wanted to thanks a few people Lee Sangho and Choi Daahey for emailing and me letting me know what’s going on with their apps. Julie Reading for contacting me about her issues with Bshutter Camera App. They’re working on it Julie !!! All of the screen shots and images are copyrighted and from Daramghaus, these images are not mine and used for blogging purposes. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me Have a great Sunday afternoon and see you super soon…

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7 Responses to Combo Apps/Daramghaus Update

  1. batbara pyle @lunazee says:

    have not used moment app before but now you’ve got me interested 👋

  2. Jm0333 says:

    Interested in this. Seem like pretty worthwhile apps.

  3. Doree morse says:

    Found it. Awesome !! Thank you

  4. sounds really interesting Tina.

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