Combo Apps/The ArtRage Experience

The top video is a demo done with ArtRage for iPad but I’m going to show you both versions of ArtRage. ArtRage has been around for awhile and one of the oldest art type apps with virtual realistic art tool. I wasn’t into a lot of art app because I’m a photographer and like photo editing apps. Lately with reviewing a lot of different styli and got an iPad for doing more extreme and intense editing. I started to get into using different art, drafting and journal note taking apps. Having an iPad has changed my mobile artistic style in photo editing and painting.

Camera Roll-6021
Camera Roll-6022

ArtRage for iPhone is nice for the on the go and quick doodles. It doesn’t offer as many tools, like the iPad version but it comes in handy to making the time pass if you’re waiting for something.

ArtRage Sample

What I like to make with ArtRage for iPhone are Mark Rothko type of abstracts. I’ve seen quite a few Mark Rothko paintings in museums and can look at them for hours. When I make these type of abstracts I can relax and just smoother over the paint with a knife tool. It’s one of the most mobile digital zen type of art I really can get lost in doing.

ArtRage for iPhone Demo

Camera Roll-2644
Camera Roll-2646

ArtRage for iPad, this version was made to do some intense and serious painting and drawings. As you can see Vida (my niece) was playing with ArtRage last and loves it. I’m hoping that Vida will pick up some art while she can using my iPad. I want her to have fun using paints, pens, crayons and anything other types of art tools. This is great because all I’m left with is a messy screen rather than a big messy area to clean up. One of the advantages of letting kids us an iPad are the art apps.

ArtRage for iPad v. 1.6 upgraded with Bluetooth stylus support. iPad 1.6 now supports Bluetooth pressure-sensitive styluses, including the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus, TenOne Pogo Connect Stylus, and the original model Adonit Jot Touch.

Art Rage Paint Blend with Adonit Jot Flip V2

My Mark Rothko version using ArtRAge for iPad app with the Adonit Jot Flip stylus.

Art Rage Tree

Here’s my ArtRage Tree drawn with my Jot Flip Stylus. If I use any art app I will use a stylus rather than my finger. It just easier and feels more natural using a stylus instead of my finger and less greasy mess on the screen. I use all different types of styli with ArtRage. Even these iFaraday Styli I just gotten to write about a review in the near future. I’ve used my Chubby, Sensu Brush Stylus and other rubber tip styli with ArtRage on both my iPhone and iPad.

Product Information and other cool stuff:

ArtRage for iPhone – $1.99
ArtRage for iPad – $4.99
ArtRage 4 for Windows and OS – $49.90
ArtRage Member sign up to be a member !!!
The ArtRage Galley
ArtRage Links

Overall ArtRage is one of the best art apps on the market for virtual realistic art tools. It’s really easy to use and like the UI (user interface). This is a great way to teach your kids using different art tools of the trade without making a huge mess to clean up later. You can even layer and paint over your photos too. If you have any questions you can leave a comment or email me You can follow me on Instagram @combo_apps for quick reviews and apps news. I want to thank Karen Thomas for her support and giving me the chance to test and review both apps. I leave you with Time lapse of “A Portrait” with David Kassan at Art Student’s League of New York, below…have a great day and see you soon !!!

latitude & solitudeCarrete-5927The gent with the bowler hat336#2013/365.........:).      IPHONEShroombloomUntitled
Falling downFoto.JPGArt done by Carolyn Hall YoungEasyAcc PowerBanks Combo Appsafternoon sun~Sunday Shadows II
Housewarming335#2013/365...........:).    IPHONE334#2013/365...........:).     IPHONE365/290undefinedExoworld IV
My Lunar Eye 74Mo&JoquantifixPark HilltopThe Steel Works at Dusk, Redcar, Redcar & Cleveland10-17-13

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