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What is a capacitive touch screen?
Capacitive sensing technology detects the proximity of a human body by measuring its ‘electrical field’, a concept introduced by Michael Faraday. While a finger is commonly used, capacitive touch screens can detect anything with dielectric properties. (A resistive touch screen, by comparison, measures contact between two thin metallic layers when pressed with a sharp stylus.) Devices like iPad employ capacitive touch screens. No external stylus is required, other than your finger. However, a finger can be clumsy at times, and a gloved finger may go undetected, because its dielectric properties are altered. The iFaraday stylus mimics the dielectric properties of a small, nimble human finger.

What makes the iFaraday stylus different?
The iFaraday tip is made of soft cloth which glides smoothly across the screen. It won’t scratch or leave a mess on your screen. The iFaraday stylus requires the lightest touch, just enough to provide tactile feedback. The iFarady has a pliable, symmetrical tip which functions at any angle and is firm enough to press a button like the iPhone switch. The tip conforms to the screen such that a planar sphere is reflected on the screen surface, like a human finger. (Touch screens are optimized to look for the shape of a human finger.)The iFaraday stylus works with or without a screen protector, it even works with gloves.

Other styli may use less desirable materials:
A hard rubber tip is perhaps the least favorable material for a stylus. It will not slide across the screen, unless infused with oil. Simply put, stay away from these. Conductive foam works better than rubber, but has several drawbacks — foam material crumbles (especially with age) and leaves behind a black powder. The tip requires more pressure than is necessary, and does not glide smoothly on glass. Conductive foam is inexpensive and readily available. It’s the same material that’s been used to protect IC’s from electrostatic discharge (ESD) for the past 30+ years. It costs about a dollar per square foot.

A new “soft rubber” has emerged which is an improvement over the old hard rubber. However, rubber is not an optimal material for sliding motions. There is simply too much friction inherent in the material.

Care for your iFaraday Stylus:
If you clean your screen, do not use the stylus until the screen is thoroughly dry. The cleaning agent will contaminate the tip. After using cleaning agents on your screen, wipe the screen again with purified or distilled water and let dry thoroughly.

The tip is strong enough to press the mechanical center button on the iPhone/iPod. If the tip should become pushed in or out gently push or pull it back into place. (Do not attempt to remove it entirely.)

Cleaning the tip is not necessary. However, should the tip become contaminated, swish tip in soapy water for a 10 seconds. (Diluted dish-washing liquid) Then, swish in clear water for 15 seconds. Run under tap for 10 seconds. Tamp dry to remove most of the liquid and let dry thoroughly before use. Be gentle; excessive cleaning will shorten the life of the tip.

The stylus barrel is slightly domed and polished at the tip end so it will not scratch the glass under ordinary pressure. (Glass is harder than aluminum) However, if you hold the stylus at an angle of less than 35 degrees, consider the iFaraday SALT (Shallow Angle Light Touch) stylus.

What is a Faraday?
Michael Faraday (1791 – 1867) was an English chemist and physicist who contributed to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. The international unit of capacitance, the ‘Farad’ is named after him.

iFaraday iBilities Program:

Our goal is to enable anyone who wants to use a capacitive touch screen device. We have three working designs that enable folks to use a capacitive touch screen. If you don’t find something that fits your needs here, contact us to see if we can create something that works better for you.

MouthStick Stylus
The Caduceus Serpentine Stylus
Shallow Angle Light Touch (SALT) Stylus

iFaraday SALT

iFaraday SALT is a longer than normal stylus because It’s made for a person with special needs. No matter where you hold or grad the SALT you’re able to use it on your iPad or tablet because of the large bold tip. It’s part of the iBilities Collection and sells for $20 which is a great deal. It’s solid and very light in your hand.

Video demo using the iFaraday SALT Stylus.

iFaraday Caduceus

iFaraday Caduceus is a bendable shaft stylus with the iFaraday replaceable tip. Developed for hand and wrist impairments, it can also serve as a mouth stick. The shaft is bendable yet strong, enabling it to be custom fitted for gripping or attaching. People who otherwise cannot use capacitive touch screens may be enabled by this stylus. It’s lightweight, strong and has lots of different options with it bendable shaft. The Caduceus sells for $20.

iFaraday Basic

iFaraday Basic is pretty much what it is a basic stylus with a microfiber tip. It’s great to use on your iPhone and iPad for all around on the go type of stylus. You can toss it in your purse, bag, backpack or pocket and it’s very durable. The Basic comes in 5 colors (Black, Platinum, Moss, Gold and Camo) with a random pick discount price, if you let us choose the color for you, we’ll knock $2 off the price. The stylus sells for $10 or $12. This is one stylus I would pick up at least 2 or 3 of if you need something quick or on the go and a price you can’t beat.

iFaraday RxII

iFaraday RxII is not my favorite out of the iFaraday collection. The tip is really flat compare to the others and tend to make up my iPad screen if your at a lower angle. This is a stylus made for quick sketching and drawing. The RxII sells for $26 and only comes in black.

iFaraday Artist Pack

iFaraday Artist Pack is my favorite pack of stylus with 3 different tips, standard, firm and dome. The firm tip was developed for artist Keelan Parham. It is intended for people who tend to press very hard with the stylus. *NOT recommended for use with Zagg or other rubbery screen protectors.* The Pack sells for $40 but you can buy individual with your choice of tip (standard or firm) for only $15.

Product and Price List:

iFaraday Basic – $10 (random color pick) or $12 (you pick the color)
iFaraday Artist – $15 (standard or firm tip)
iFaraday Artist Pack – $40 (3 Stylus Variety Pack)
iFaraday RxII – $26
iFaraday SALT – $20
iFaraday Caduceus – $20
iFaraday Caduceus replacement tips – $10 for regular tip or 13 for SALT
iFaraday Mouthstick 9″ to 18″ – $20
iFaraday Mouthstick replacement tips – $10 fore regular tip or $13 for SALT

Our goal for shipping is have your order out within 3-5 days from receipt of order. You will receive both an email from iFaraday acknowledging payment, and an email from when your order ships. If you have not received our payment acknowledgement within 7 days, please contact us.


Shipping is by USPS. Other than Delivery Confirmation, there is no en route tracking. If you have received your notification of shipment from please be patient, but do contact us if the package does not arrive in a ‘reasonable’ period. ‘Reasonable’ is determined by the season, where you live, and for international orders – the nature of your country’s postal service.

International Orders: The post office requests a phone number for international shipments. If you don’t provide one, I will use my own phone number, but your number might prove helpful if your post office needs to contact you.

This shipping cost is a flat fee per order, any quantity pays one price.

US $2.50
Canada $5
International $8

All iFaraday products are individually hand crafted in the USA. Rustle Laidman developed the iFaraday stylus for his wife, who likes to play “Bejeweled” on her iPhone. Patent Pending. ©2013 Rustle Laidman. All rights reserved. Money Back Guarantee. Please try for 30 days, Money back if not delighted. Really. We want you to be happy.

Overall these styli are great for all around everything and a great price to match. I do recommend buying these styli for all ages and handicaps. You will not be disappointed with iFaraday Styli. The one of the best things about these styli are strong and lightweight. How can you beat that !!! If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me I want to give a HUGE and BIG THANKS to Rustle and Jedediah for their communication and consideration of providing me these styli. I hope you enjoy this blog post and have a good evening and see you real soon…

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