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EasyAcc 5000 mAh

Today I’m going to be talking about power banks external batteries. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m writing about external batteries. Well there have been times where I’ve been out to obscure locations, like the desert to shoot mobile photos. Sometimes the Mophie Battery Case isn’t enough and you don’t always have an access to a plug to plug in your device. You can get one of those cigarette light plugs but in order for you to charge your device, your car has to be running. You can’t just leave the car running with your device plugged and go off shooting pictures either. Simple solution is having one of these power banks on hand when you’re out in the middle of no where. EasyAcc have provided me with two of their power bank external batteries to test out and write a review about their products. I know there’s a lot of these vlog and blog reviews out there but you all know I’m all about details and posting my honest opinions. The photo on top is EasyAcc 5000 mAh power bank battery.

EasyAcc 5000 mAh - 2

We tested this baby out after charging it and reading the instructions on how to operate it. LED light indicator on the front of the battery, this lets you know how much of a charge you have left or if you have a full charge. The light will blink while charging and when it’s full the lights will not blink. That yellow cord that you can pull our and push back in is recommended to charge smart phone devices.

Input and Output

This battery has a rubberized casing and on top there are a micro USB cord, LED Flash light and indicator, a micro USB IN plug and USB out plug with voltage.

Power Button

On and off button is on the other side. This Power Bank is design to charge smart phone devices. You are not going to charge an iPad mini or any tablet. It will give the tablets a small charge and not good for the battery cycle for your tablets. The batter will charge your iPhone or any smart phone at least twice from a full charge. It takes about and hour to charge your smart phone. This EasyAcc 5000 mAh sells for $19.99 on Amazon. This is a great price for an external battery if you just want to charge your smart phone, iPod, MP3 Player and/or iPod Touch. Again I do not recommend you do not charge your tablets with this battery because you will not get a full charge with this battery.

EasyAcc 12000 mAh

EasyAcc 12000 mAh Power Bank Battery is one monster battery and very handy if you’re really in a tight pinch to charge your smart phone and tablets.

EasyAcc 12000 mAh - 2
EasyAcc Accessories Plugs

This is everything that came out of the package after I opened it up. The battery, 2 cables and 5 different plug types.

Power and 4 USB Ports

There are 4 USB ports and on/off button on the one side of the battery. After you charged up the battery you need to use the on/off button to charge your device.


The IN micro USB port is where you plug in the battery to be charged. When you charge this battery, it takes a very long time because it’s a trickle charge because it does a 5v = 1a (5 volts = 1 amp) which is simple to your smart phone device. This battery will charge your iPad and tablets. It’s sets to charge your iPad and tablet at the 10v = 2a charge rate (10 volts = 2amps).


If you turn the backside of the battery this will tell you what USB slot to put your device in. Now if you’re going to plug in devices, it’s recommended you don’t use all 4 slots at the same time. It’s OK to use 2 at a time and maybe 3 but I would stick to only no more than 2 devices at a time.

Power Bank Disclaimer

I’ve read reviews about some of these Power Banks and plugs not having any type of certifications. It’s really important that they have CE and FCC markings on the batteries. You want these batteries to be legal to have in Europe and the US, work safely and properly. All batteries should have the recycle symbol on them too. If the batteries don’t have these on them or on the box then they are illegal batteries and you should not use them at all. The EasyAcc 12000 mAh power bank sells on Amazon for $38.99.

Charging Breakdown of EasyAcc 12000 mAh Power Bank Battery:

iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S = 4 to 5 times from 10% to 100%
EVO 4G LTE Android phone = 4 to 5 times from 10% to 100%
iPad 2 = 1 and quarter to half from 10% to 100%
iPad 3 = 1 time 10% to 100%
iPad 4 = 80% charge from 10% to 90%

Now this is not an accurate scale but an approximant scale, so you can correct me if I’m wrong with your comments about this post.

Simple directions to follow so you can get the full battery life use out of these power bank external batteries, a lot of people assume or have a misconception that batteries have a built in memory in them but they don’t anymore with these polymer lithium battery. The other thing is that these power bank external batteries have a whole different type of rule system compared to your mobile devices. I’ll give you simple rules to follow by with a reason behind the rules.

1. When buying one of these power bank external batteries, always read the instructions and charge them first before you attach them to charge your devices. So when you take them out of the package make sure you charge them first and in a place so you can check on them periodically.

2. Make sure you want the charging process periodically because they have built in circuits boards that will restart the charge process again. This will ruin your battery cycle over time. That means you will have to go out and buy another one of these power banks and that becomes costly. It’s important to pay attention to the charging process. Now if you have one of the power banks that do a trickle (slow) charge, like EasyAcc 12000 mAh. Then you can sleep overnight and still be able to pay attention to the charging process.

3. These power banks have a circuit board system built in that always take an extra 20% when you charge a device. This is important for people with iPads and tablets.

4. Once you plug in your device leave it alone, don’t play with your device while it’s charging. These batteries are made for charging when you need a back up system. A lot of people have the misconception that power banks are an extra battery for your device. This is how people burn these things out so quickly. I know there will be times when in an emergency you need to plug in your smart phone and you need to make a quick call or text. That’s fine but don’t make it a habit of doing this type of thing. Battery life is like money, you can waste it or use it wisely.

Overall EasyAcc makes a very sound product and I highly recommend them for your mobile photographic needs. I’ll do an update in a few months to see how well these have uphold. I want to thank everyone from EasyAcc for giving me a chance and the products to review them. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me Have a nice evening and see you soon…

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