Combo Apps/Carolyn’s Art Corner

If you are curious about the process – This is a video recording each brush stroke, after I lift my stylus from the screen, and each layering change, as this painting/composite was done, in Procreate, on my iPad. The video compresses hours into 3.5 minutes. It was finished in iColorama, but the video recording of that part of the process is not currently do-able.

The link to the video is below the painting. This is a reduced resolution file of the image. If you want the full resolution, let me know. I will send it to you. I did not want to burden your mailbox, it is about 6MP. Music “I Choose You”, by Sara Bareilles.

Camera Roll-6020

Nelson Mandela iPad painting, Procreate and iColorama. Procreate screen recording.

Pojoaque Gas Station Music by Gerry O’Breine

Carolyn has shared her mobile art world as a Guest Blogger for Combo Apps. She has an amazing mobile portrait collection with over 150 different portraits. I’ve been added to her her portrait collection and gifted my very own mobile artist rendition of myself. Her collection keeps growing and told Carolyn she need to make a book about her growing collection.

Not only is she one of the nicest person you’ll ever come across but she has so much to share with her talents as a mobile portrait artist. Carolyn also helped me find a lot of different styli out on the market. She is a styli expert and will tell you honestly which ones she likes, that are overrated and made hybrid stylus from her styli collection.

You can check out Carolyn’s website…“HERE”…see mobile digital art through her eyes. I want to thank Carolyn for sharing and making this guest blogger post all her own.

afternoon sun~Sunday Shadows IIHousewarmingCarrete-5908Instagram-477365/290
undefinedExoworld IVMy Lunar Eye 74Mo&JoquantifixPark Hilltop
The Steel Works at Dusk, Redcar, Redcar & Cleveland10-17-13RedH2OCone Flower ConeFatBrandy
PatheticAgonizing Consequences.Trafalgar Square, LondonAgony -2 Ecstasy -0The Piperoh my burning bush! Colors Of Autumn Ultra Color Terra Flora EyeEm Best Shots - Nature at Lot 666


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One Response to Combo Apps/Carolyn’s Art Corner

  1. Geri Cent says:

    Carolyn is a brilliant artist! Thank you for featuring her work ❤️

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