Combo Apps/QuikPod Explorer II and QuikPod Mobile+

Fake Crow Shot - 1

Now you’re probably wondering why do I have a picture of a fake crow as an opening to the blog post ? Two reasons, one is Halloween and trying to open with a theme. Two, I was testing the QuikPod for places that are hard to reach for me using my iPhone. I did take the photos with Pro Camera 7, using the self timer on the app. The photo came out pretty good and it was fun !!!

Before I start the blog post, I wanted to give a brief history of Wayne Fromm. The man who invented this nifty little tool for photographers and videographers. Wayne is a self made and humble man. Not only that but is about making products that work and believes that you have to go out there to show how your products work. He goes to shows to sell his Quikpods because he knows if these sit on the self they wouldn’t sell. But they best part is Wayne has been making and selling QuikPods before Facebook was around and his product has been on The Jay Leno Show and other news programs. It’s really a crafty little product and very handy. I wanted to let you know that I went back and fourth with Wayne with emails. Wayne went out of his way to help me and making sure I had the right product to write about, to me that says a lot about a person.

QiukPod Monopod

I’m going to start off with QuikPod Explorer II Monopod. This monopod isn’t just for the GoPro and point and shoot cameras but it for the mobile photographer too. The Explorer II is made for on the go and mobile extreme.

QikPod - Monopod

The QuikPod Explorer II is waterproof, lightweight, compact, extends to 39″, closes to 8.5″. It has a load capacity of 16 ounces, and will go perfectly with your GOPRO and all small sports cameras and smartphones. The Explorer II comes with a mobile adapter for Smartphone, but this adapter cannot be used for sports photography as you must be stationary when shooting with it. Includes GOPRO adapter, 1/4″ x 20 adapter, hiking clip, padded carry bag, waterproof wrist strap and built-in self image mirror. Professional quality & meets ASTMB117/ISO 9227 Salt Water Standards. *Do not attempt to take self-portraits while engaged in sports activities that will pose a danger to your safety.* *Never use anywhere near a tree, branch or solid object when you are in motion, at any speed !* Weighs only 5 ounces. Shipping will be added on final page of checkout.This is one strong monopod, sells for $49.95 and worth getting if you love taking photos in hard to reach places. I got all this info from the QuikPod website.

QuikPod Mobile

Now if you want to use your iPhone or most smart phones you have to get this Quik Mobile+ along with the QuickPod Explorer II, because they go hand in hand with each other. But if you just want to get just this only for shooting mobile photos, then that’s OK too.

QuikPod Mobile - 4

This is everything that’s included with the QuikPod Mobile+ pack as you can see that mini tripod is super durable. It made of mostly strong metal and heavy. The mini tripod has another purpose too. It’s made to screw in the bottom of your QuikPod and turn it into a tripod. You also get the smartphone holder and a back to store them all together.

QuikPod Mobile - 3

Here’s a picture of the whole thing put together with my old iPhone 3G. If you want to take vertical photos then this set up will work. I tried doing horizontal photos, this set up doesn’t work. I tried but the iPhone is to heavy on the left side that it tips over.

QuikPod Molbie - 1

You can adjust the legs by screwing it up and down. You can make the legs go all the way flat.

QuikPod Mobile - 2

On the black mini tripod please note that each leg has a three part extension. You can adjust your phone to sit horizontally on the tripod by leaning it against one of the extended legs for support. Here’s a better photos so you can see how the legs on the tripod are all flat. But you still cant use the iPhone horizontally even in this position, not to worry I’m going to find another mount to fix this problem. The smart phone mount does extend out so you use bigger phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. It even fits the EVO 4G LTE Android phone. QuikPod Mobile+ pack sells for $29.95.

Boyce and QuikPod

Here’s Boyce the explorer using the QuikPod Explorer II with smart phone mount (iPhone 3G). He liked holding the QuikPod a lot and had to tell him it’s not a sword or a club.

QuikPod Explorer II and QuikPod Mobile

Let me who you how the QuikPod Explorer II and QuikPod Mobile look put together using my old iPhone 3G.

Camera Roll-5994

As you can see you screw in the bottom of the QuikPod and the top of the mobile tripod stand, make sure you screw it in tight and the ball head is tight too.

Smartphone Mount

I also used the smartphone mount that came with the QuikPod Explorer II. The mount fits snug and your iPhone won’t fall out easily. There is a cushion pad on each side of the clamps so your smartphone won’t get scratched up and holds in place too.

Camera Roll-5987
Camera Roll-5989

Now if you want a camera app to go with your QuikPod, then you can pick up Quik Timer, FREE at the App Store. I figured it’s free so I have it on my iPhone. Quik Timer does work, easy to operate and when yo set the timer it’s loud !!!

Happy 3

Here’s the 3 of us taking a photo with the Quik Timer photo, one thing I did noticed is the app does take low res (480 x 680) photos.

Prices and Products:

QuikPod Explorer II – $49.99
QuikPod Mobile+ – $29.99
QuikPod DSLR – $49.99
QuikPod Accessories
QuikPod Bundles and other packages
QuikPod Comparison Chart

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave a comment or email me You can follow me on Instargam @combo_apps, tell your friends about me too ansd tart tagging your photos on Instagram #combo_apps.

We end with a crazy QuikPod demo…it makes me laugh a little bit…enjoy the video and have a great day or evening everyone !!!

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