Combo Apps/LunaTik Touch Pen and Chubby Stylus

Now that you saw the video of the LunaTik Touch Pen Stylus, I can tell you more about it in details. The app that was used in the video is called Clibe anyone wanted to know and get it at the App Store. All the photos on this blog post were taken with Pro Camera 7, I’ve finally started to use the app. But let’s go back to these colorful stylus pens, LunaTik makes 2 types of styli. The stylus/pen in the video up above and the Chubby Stylus…

Lunatic Styli

This is what I got from LunaTik and Vida (my niece) went nuts over them…she wanted play with these right away. The one she was drawn to the most was that Chubby in the middle. Vida loves all colors and anything/everything colorful. She’s all girl and makes sure I better know this.

Lunatik Twins

The Touch Pens they gave me to write about are plastic and still have that quality ball point pen in them. I wrote and tested the pen. They do write really smooth, which impressed me. One thing I recommend is not to let your kids use this stylus because of the retractable pen. I would use discretion and wait until your kids are older and in the proper mind set. I won’t let Vida whose 5, play with these stylus pens.

Lunatik Blue

This is what the pen stylus looks like in my hot little hand. If you want to get ink refills you will have to buy them else where, LunaTik don’t offer or sell ink refills on their site. But you all know how resourceful I am in finding alternatives if you’ve read my blog post in the last couple years. I did find alternative ink refills that fit the LunaTiks Touch Pen Stylus. The G2 – Pilot Pen Refills work and fit. You can buy them on Amazon with all the sizes shown on the video. The LunaTik Touch Pens sell for two different price range. $39.95 for the alloy model and comes in 3 colors, Silver, Black and Red. $19.95 for the plastic model and comes in 5 colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White. Touch Pen does work with most capacitive screens.

Lunatik Cubby - 1

Now it’s Chubby time, which are for the ages 3 and up. When I first saw the stylus online, I thought they were flat. Kind of like the flat wide highlighters I used at school. Then I got it in the mail. I was like WOW this is small and triangular. I didn’t click on the page with the little girl holding the Chubby in her hand. What I clicked on was “iPad & Tablets” so that why I was surprised when I got the Chubby. Vida is in love with the Chubby. I can not take it out of her hands. She even took the Chubby shopping along with her tablet.

Lunatik Chubby - 2

If you have large hands I don’t recommend you get this stylus because it’s short. It does feel like I have a piece of sidewalk chalk in my hands.

My finger and Chubby together.

When I use the Chubby on my iPad to color or draw. I want to hold it like I’m using a pastel or an art pencil (index finger on the tip). When I hold it that way, it does feel really naturally comfortable in my hand while using it this way. So if you’re a traditional artist you will understand what I’m talking about and provided a photo (up above) to show you what I’m talking about. The Chubby sells for $19.95 and comes in 5 colors, Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Magenta and White. This stylus is reasonably priced and great for kids, elderly and people with small hands (like me). They are eye catching, cute and colorful.

The styli does work with most capacitive screens. I’ve tried both stylus (Touch Pen and Chubby) on a Nexus 7 and HTC EVO 4G LTE smartphone.

Product Information: Click “HERE” if you would like to get 20% discount on LunaTik Stylus Pens and Chubby Stylus. If you like their styli, I do recommend you sign up to be part of their rewards program. You can pick up the FREE Lunatik App at the App Store. Make sure you sign up and sign in on the app itself, so you can get paid and give people 20% off on LunaTik products online. If you like to know more details please check out the video below for information about the rewards program. There are Rules of Etiquette if you want to partake in their program, please note I do not condone nor does LunaTik when it comes to spamming and playing the system.

I would like to thank Jessica Herman for giving me this opportunity to write this review and providing me the products for this blog post. If you have any questions about this product, please leave a comment on this blog post, email me or contact Lunatik at If all fails you can called them, +1.855.LUNATIK (586.2845). *Our customer service team is available M-F from 9am-5pm CST (closed on US Federal holidays) – we are a small customer service team but we will get back to you as quickly as we can !!!* I leave you with Lunatik’s Rewards Program video…have a great weekend and see you soon !!!

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