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Yesterday I was suppose to write up a post but as you can you see I’ve been busy with a lot of different projects and all kinds of different product deliveries. Since I’ve been posting a lot on Facebook (through Instagram) because of the products I’ve been receiving from companies. My friend Sandee Mapp asked me: “Do you have any formal marketing training?” I told her: “No just working at Target for a long time. I’m learning marketing all on my own.” Sandee Mapp replied: “You’re probably better off that way. Many marketing professionals learned the “right” way to do things and limit themselves.” It’s funny that Sandy said that because it’s true from the experiences working at Target. I’ve watched a lot of college kids become managers, most of them it’s their first real job in the working world. Every Holiday Season, I’d watched these college kids fall apart because they’re so limited with their education and in the real working world. I’m not saying they’re all bad because some have worked up the ladder, went to college while working at Target. Some of the college kids have natural skills to think outside the box and lead people, but they also know it’s important to listen to the people who work under you. What most people don’t understand is a leader is there to serve and help you, not rule over you. What does this have to with Logiix Styli ? Well it’s simple their styli are made for people of all kinds, young, old, leaders of industry, the business executive, the (college) student, the artist, the writer/author and kids. Anyone can use their styli and you don’t need to be an expert or a professional to know these are good products.

Logiix Stylus Pro Jr - 1

Stylus Pro Jr: This stylus is tiny and cute but don’t let the size fool you.

Logiix Stylus Pro Jr - 4

The Pro Jr has a dongle plug attach to a lanyard, so you can plug it into your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The dongle fits into the headphone jack and it’s pretty secure and tight. This is a great feature so you don’t loose your tiny stylus. My old iPhone 3G is on display in this photo.

Logiix Stylus Pro Jr - 2
Logiix Stylus Pro Jr - 3

Now let’s talk about how tough the Pro Jr really is, it’s made out of aluminum so you know this can take a beating. Sorry girls this little stylus only comes in black but we can always hope for more colors. The Pro Jr sells for $14.95 and reasonable priced. It’s great little stylus to carry anywhere and everywhere you go, attached to your mobile devices.

Logiix Stylus Platinum - 1

Stylus Platinum: This next stylus in a two in one deal. It’s a stylus and a pen. This is great for having at the office or the student.

Logiix Stylus Platinum - 2

When you get the Platinum you get extra pen refills, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ink for awhile. The ball point write really nice. This is great for on the go type of person, who wants to have a quick stylus and ball point pen always handy.

Logiix Stylus Platinum - 3

The Platinum is made of aluminum and feels like you have a nice pen in your hand. You can twist the ball point pen in and out so you don’t have to worry if you stick your pen in your pocket and run ink in your pocket. The clip on the Platinum is really made well too, so you have security when clipping your stylus to your shirt pocket or pants pocket. Platinum sells for $24.95, come in 3 colors, Black, White and Pink. This stylus is not bad for the price considering you get free ink refills and a two in one deal.

Logiix Stylus Aluminum Mini - 1

Stylus Aluminum Mini: This stylus is great for browsing, gaming and masking with Tadaa 3D. I played with this stylus and did some quick masking with Tadaa 3D to see how much it could handle. This is also great to use with your iPhone, Android or any smart phone device because of it’s 5mm rubber tip. You could say this stylus was a diamond in the rough because of it’s versatility.

Logiix Stylus Aluminum Mini - 2

The stylus feels really nice and solid in your hands. I like the clips on the Mini too. The mini comes in 6 colors along with matching color rubber tip, Turquoise, Lime, Pink, Red, Black and Purple. The Mini sells for a steal at $12.95, if I had the money I would probably buy two more in different colors.

Logiix Stylus Aluminum Pro - 1

Stylus Aluminum Pro: There’s a lot of things I want to show you with what the Pro can do. This stylus reminds me of the old drafting pencils because of it’s construction and built.

Logiix Stylus Aluminum Pro - 2

One of the things that the Pro has are magnets so the stylus will cling onto your iPad, like shown up above. The magnets are pretty strong and you don’t have to worry about the stylus rolling off the iPad. I would not leave te stylus on your ipad after you packed it away.

Logiix Stylus Aluminum Pro - 3

The Pro has a retractable tip with will make the tip last longer than the normal non-retractable rubber tip. Same like the Mini, the rubber tips match the color of the stylus, so it’s matchy match.

Logiix Stylus Aluminum Pro - 4

Another nice feature with the Pro is you can replace the rubber tips with this stylus, it also comes with two replacement tips. WHAT A DEAL !!! When you replace the tips, make sure you really tighten down the holder cap down over the rubber tip. If you don’t tighten it down, the retractable part will loosen that holder cap.

Logiix Stylus Aluminum Pro - 5

Now the Pro feels very nice in your hand and feels like one of those drafting pencils, these stylus come in 6 great colors Turquoise, Lime, Pink, Red, Black and Purple. The Pro sells for $29.95, in my opinion it’s worth it because it’s solid, the magnetic cling to the iPad, retractable rubber tip and replaceable rubber tips. With what’s all this included in the package, the Stylus Aluminum Pro is worth every penny.

Logiix Stylus Presenter - 1

Stylus Presenter: It’s all about the business or marketing person in mind. Normally I would stay away from these type of stylus because it doesn’t suit my artistic needs. But looks can be deceiving and the Presenter did blow me away !!! That’s hard to do and you will see why…

Logiix Stylus Presenter - 2

Now when you open up the package you will get extra ink refills and button batteries for the laser pointer. This is a 3-in-1 package stylus, so you have all the things you need to be a presenter.

Logiix Stylus Presenter - 3

I took the Presenter apart to show you how it all works. As you can see, this stylus has a lot of pieces and I would not get this stylus for a child or anyone whose immature. When I mean immature, I mean someone whose irresponsible with pointing the laser in or at places they shouldn’t. Example, pointing the laser at people’s eyes because it can damage the person’s eyes.

Logiix Stylus Presenter - 4
Logiix Stylus Presenter - 5

Now as you can see the stylus changes from rubber tip to ball point pen. This stylus is heavy and solid, but the ballpoint pen could be better in my opinion. If the Presenter Pen had the same type of pen like the Stylus Pro Writer then this would be a top notch 3-in-1 stylus. Other than that the stylus does feel like you have something expensive and very well made in your hands. The laser pointer does come in handy. The Stylus Presenter sells for $39.95 and only comes in black, which looks very professional.

Logiix Stylus Aluminium Touch - 1

Stylus Aluminium Touch: This is the last of our styli series from Logiix and wanted to end this with a brush stylus. Now I was excited to see that Logiix has a brush stylus in the mix as well as a plastic disc tip. I feel Logiix is one company that knows how to compete in the mobile world of products, with this brush stylus they are not messing around.

Logiix Stylus Aluminium Touch - 2

What’s nice is the Touch is longer (153mm) than the average stylus which is nice because you always want it long when using a brush. This also has a 4mm brush-lie tip. I like the large hole at the end of the stylus so you can hang it up on a hook of some kind. It does feel nice in your hand, just like a watercolor brush in your hand.

Logiix Stylus Aluminium Touch - 3

The Touch has a magnetic barrel and works best when hung vertical. I tried placing it on the top but it doesn’t work well and rolls down the screen. But since it’s a brush stylus you might like it in a vertical position rather than horizontal position.

Touch Test with Tayasui Sketches

I did do a test to see how well the Touch responds with Tayasui Sketches. The Touch did a really impressive job on response, but that’s not all this brush stylus responds too. You can also use this brush stylus on touch screen desktops and laptops too. So any desktop and laptop that has a touch screen, this stylus will work on that type of surface. It also works with Android devices too. Normally I will draw or paint something up with Tayasui Sketches but I didn’t have time because I’m doing 10 projects at once. I blame my A.D.D. for having this many projects going on at once. The Touch sells at a competitive price of $29.95 and only comes in black. Overall the Touch is a great brush stylus for starting out in painting, weather on your iPads, tablets, laptops and/or desktop. If you’re starting out as a digital artist then get this stylus is for you. The stylus will give you an idea of how it feels to paint on a glass surface, which is something you need to experience before you go out and spend the money on expensive the stylus.

Logiix Product List:

Stylus Pro Jr – $14.95
Stylus Platinum – $24.95
Stylus Aluminum Mini – $12.95
Stylus Aluminum Pro – $29.95
Stylus Presenter – $39.95
Stylus Aluminum Touch – $29.95

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