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Onichie 2

Now I wanted to do a special guest blog post about Onichie because I’m very impressed with his photographic skills and self taught app developing skills. How I found Onichie was by accident on Tadaa, I was scrolling through and saw he developed apps. Onichie has a really beautiful photo feed on Tadaa to boot. I wanted to do a small interview about the man behind the photo apps and show off his photos. But this isn’t all he does too, Onichie can play the guitar and composes music. His answers are short on the interview but he’s also Japanese, so I wasn’t expecting long paragraphs of answers to the interview questions. English is his second language and I felt his photographs speaks in volumes compared to his words.

Onichie 2

As you read through his blog posts, you’ll just look at his photos and get to know the man behind the photos of his honest short answers. All the photos were taken with 3 of the 4 apps he’s developed. Onichie is really an inspiration to me and to everyone else. Onichie’s spirit will move and guide you through his photos. So sit back and read what he has to say, then look at his beautiful mobile photos.

Onichie 2

Onichie 6

Onichie please tell the reader who you are and Introduction of Onichie, name, where you’re from, where you grew up and family.

– This is Naoki Onizuka called Onichie, from Osaka, Japan. Father, mother, sister and brother.

Where did you learn about photography ?

– My father used to be a pro photographer when I was kid, and he tought me about photography till he was affected with Parkinson’s disease.

Do you listen to music when you photograph ?

– In my head. Sometimes I’m singing.

Who do you admire and inspire you the most ?

– Michael Muller, Taikichi Irie, and my father.

How did you get into app developing ?

– I would stand reading in a bookstore and Google.

Do you have any favorite photos apps ? Give us the 10 photo apps you like the most.

Noir, Luminance, Snapseed, Picfx, SimplyHDR, MullerPhoto, Cinematics, CinematicsBW, Reversal, The Portrait.

You’re a music composer, tell the readers how you got into music composing and playing guitar ?

– Someone told me a lie, start playing guitar and be popular with girls.

Who are your musical influences ?

George Benson, Richie Kotzen, Stevie Wonder, Stargate.

Anything else you want to let the readers know about, future project to look out for.

– I hope you like all apps I released, my photos, and enjoy mobile photography. I’m in the works of updating my photo apps.

Onichie 3

Now you can check him out and follow Oniche on Tadaa, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud and Onichie’s Place. I do recommend see his feed on Tadaa and Insatgram. Onichie is one talented guy and I’m glad we found one another. See you soon and have a fun !!!


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One Response to Combo Apps/Special Guest Blogger Onichie

  1. Paula says:

    Wonderful interview, I will be checking out his apps. They have a wonderful tonal quality about them. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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