Combo Apps/Onichie’s 4 Photo Apps

Cinematics 3

Today I’m going to introduce to you 4 photos apps by a Japanese Man who taught himself how to develope simple camera apps. There will be another blog post to follow after this one about the man behind the apps. It was a struggle in the beginning with his camera app not working properly with the iPhone 4S. We went back and fourth with emails and finally he corrected the issues with all 4 camera apps. This was a process but in the end it all worked out. What I liked most is a built a rapport with Onichie, he also knows that I’m half Japanese. We built a relationship because of our cultural understanding of each other. I deeply understand the Japanese Culture because of my mother ( who passed away 20 years ago) growing up and living in Japan (summer of 1995). All the photo I will be posting were taken with Pro Camera and edited with all 4 of the camera apps, Cinematics, Cinematics Black & White, The Reversal and The Portrait. All the photos that will be displayed on the blog post are very well composed photos and simplistic style of photography that uses forms, shapes and lines to compliment all 4 camera apps.

Camera Roll-5675

You start off with two options, take a photo or load from your photo library. I’m going to choose from the photo library.

Camera Roll-5676

After you load your photo onto the app you will noticed 4 simple sliders to make adjustments to your liking, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation and Warmness. When you find what you like then just tap on the Save button on the top right hand corner. Now if you want to change your photo in case you picked the wrong photo or just changed your mind. You can tap on the top left corner Cancel button.

Cinematics 1

My finished edited photo using Cinematics. The concept behind the app has a dark moody movie theater feeling with your photos.

Cinematics 2

This is another photo I used to edit with Cinematics camera app.

Camera Roll-5678
Camera Roll-5677

Cinematics Black and White is about making you have that Film Noir style to them. Moody monotone depictions made simple with four sliders, Contrast, Brightness, Ink Level and Warmness. The Ink Level slider is for choosing what type of monotone photographic style you want to do, from Black and White to Sepia to Cyanotype.

Cinematics B & W 2

I wanted to my photo to have that old style photo that has a bit of green in it, not quite sepia or black and white. I like that split down the middle when it comes to monotone style of photography. It has that split tone effect where it adds more depth and drama to the photo.

Cinematics B & W 1

Here is a straight moody black and white photo using Cinematics Black and White.

Cinematics B & W 3

This is my sepia tone photo. When I do sepia tone I like to have that deep down look without the yellow. I really dislike digital sepia because it tend sot have too much of a yellow tint to them. I’m really used to do doing my own sepia tone printing, so I’m spoiled from those darkroom days.

Camera Roll-5679
Camera Roll-5680

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what is Reversal and what does it have to with photography. It has to using slide film for shooting for deep saturated and contrasty photos. Reversal is another way of saying positive film processing and the opposite of negative. The E-6 film processor and Cap 40 processor would do a dye destruction process that would reverse the negative into a positive instead of a negative outcome. One of my most favorite slide films of all time and shot with is Fuji Velvia 50. The film was discontinued for a little while and Velvia 100 took it’s place which wasn’t even close nor did justice to Velvia 50. Fuji brought back Velvia 50, now I don’t shoot with film anymore and haven’t for long time. The film and processing is very expensive and still is to this day. The results were amazing and worth every penny when I used to shoot and print from the film.

The Reversal 3

What else I like about this app is how you can get deep desaturated photos from using this app as well as deep saturations.

The Reversal 2

Here is a deep saturated photo from using Reversal, looks really nice and deeply rich in saturation.

The Reversal 1

This photo is on the cooler side. It was a photo I just loaded up and had the default settings. I just left the settings and saved the photo.

Camera Roll-5681
Camera Roll-5682

Portrait is our last photo app and it’s about making your photos have that retro vintage look to them. The sliders consist of Contrast, Brightness, Saturation and Warmness. I would have to say I’m not always into making my photos have that retro look to them unless I’m using Hipstamatic. Portrait is that exception to the rule of retro style photo apps.

Portrait 1

The photo I used The Portrait app, an old decaying building in San Diego Downtown.

Portrait 2

A simple pay phone by the bay in the background.

Portrait 3

Boats docked at the local marina at Sea Port Village. As you can see you just have to find the right photos to work with Portrait, simple well composed photos of things are going away or boats that won’t go away.

App List and Price:

Cinemantics – $1.99
Cinemantics Black and White – $1.99
The Reversal – $1.99
The Portrait – $1.99
Cinematics Lite Editions – FREE
>Cinematics BW Lite Editions – FREE

Less is more with when it comes to Japanese Philosophy, just like all 4 of these camera app. These apps are done really well and simple to operate. You can take a photo or load on up, mess with sliders and save your photo onto the camera roll. If you’re into minimal editing and want to preserve as much as possible with your photos, then these apps are for you. All 4 apps are universal to the iPad and works with the iPod Touch 4. If you’re unsure about buying the apps, Onichie has made two lite versions that are FREE to test out. The developer plans to update the app to add more features and tools later on down the line. IF you have any questions please leave a comment or email me Onichie also like to read your comments and reviews of the apps. Make sure you give him realistic constructive comments and suggestions. He’s a self taught app developer and still learning. You can follow me on Insatgram @combo_apps if you want to leave comments there too about this blog post. Have a good day and see you on the other blog post !!!

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2 Responses to Combo Apps/Onichie’s 4 Photo Apps

  1. blaquira says:

    Wow very impressive self taught….
    The results of the photos look amazing.
    Great blog and discovery as usual Tina! xo

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Onichie emailed me and pleased with both blog posts. He wants to see me when he’s living in America, since we have that Japanese connection. I would like to just hang out with him for a day, shoot photos and talk about app developing

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