Combo Apps: Intro To JOBY and Mobile Photo Creativity

One of the most anticipated blog posts, Joby’s GripTight GorillaPod, MPod Mini Stand and GripTight Micro Stand. People have asked me what do I think about Joby’s products. I’d told them I’m not sure because I don’t own any of their products. So I wrote to Joby if they would send me products to test out and write about them, later on I’m planning to do a video blogs using Joby’s GorillaPod in a future date. Right now I’m just going to show and introduce you to three types of tripods that Joby sells. One of the great things about this blog post is this isn’t for iPhone only but Joby’s products are made and compatible with Android and Windows smartphones. All of the products I’m going to show are photos with an iPhone 3G and HTC EVO 4G LTE smartphone. Toward the end of the blog post I’ll give you a list of products, prices and shipping.

I’m going to introduce to you the MPod Mini Stand. This is one of the smaller lines in tripods and potability.

MPod Mini Stand 4

This is what the MPod looks like out of the box as you can see it’s really cute. It has a bungee cord to stretch the tripod head open with a plastic tab to help it open evenly.

MPod Mini Stand 2

This is Vida playing with Em (MPod). Vida gave the MPod a nickname, Em (short for Emma),told me this is her new doll and even took Em to bed with her. It’s not just a tripod for your iPhone but it’s a new doll for Vida. Em is with her as we speak while I’m writing out this blog post and playing with my iPad.

MPod Mini Stand 1

Sample photo taken with HTC EVO, I wanted to show you hard far this tripod head can stretch.

MPod Mini Stand 3

Another sample shot with my very old iPhone 3G, a blast from the past. Now I did try using this tripod with my current iPhone and Mophie Battery Case together. You have to take off the Mophie case in order to use the MPod. Overall I recommend the MPod for put it in your pocket, on the go and you’re starting out in mobile photography. You can make the MPro as a stand to watch videos, movies and slideshows on a table or on a desk. The MPro Mini Stand sells for $14.95 not bad of a price because you can do a lot with this mini stand tripod.

The next product on the list is the GripTight Micro Stand. Now this is one tiny tough stand and what’s nice is you get the GripTight Mount with the stand. This is a two in one package deal.

Grip Tight Micro Stand 2

I call the GripTight Micro Stand the Jack Knife because of it’s design and how it folds up neatly. The stand is solid aluminum, which I really like because it can take a beating and heavy enough to your smartphone stays in place. It has rubber grip feet to help your keep your stand in place, even on uneven surfaces.

Grip Tight Micro Stand 1

We tried to position the stand like how we saw it on the box, so you have other creative ways of propping your smart phone. You can see how it’s not just and iPhone only micro stand.

Grip Tight Micro Stand 3

Now the stand is propped up on my old iPhone 3G and loading up Angry Birds.

I wanted to show another way of just using the GripTight Mount on your tripod to shoot with your iPhone or any other smart phones.

As shown in this video you can see how sturdy and stable the GripTight Micro Stand is outdoors. The beeping you hear in the video is from Joby’s GorillaCam photo app to take delayed photos to time lapse photos. Later in the blog post I’ll talk more about the GorillaCam app and the app is iPhone only.

Grip Tight Micro Stand 4

The GripTight Micro Stand sells for $29.95. This is one great multi-purpose stand for on the go, durability, watching videos, creative photo shots, group shots and best of all it fits perfect on your pocket. You can’t really beat the price on this little gem. I recommend this product for the beginners to advance level mobile photographers.

The one you’ve been waiting for and the best is saved for last. The GripTight GorillaPod Stand is the most versatile tripod on the market. As you saw on the video on how to use the mount and tripod stand.

Grip Tight GorillaPod Stand 1

Grip Tight GorillaPod Stand 2

We tried to wrap the GorillaPod on all kinds of things to see how well it could wrap around tightly. If you try to grip this pod on smooth metal surfaces, I noticed it slide down a little and not very sturdy. Make sure to use your GorillaPod on grippable surfaces that grip tight so you don’t have accidents of your smartphone from dropping on the ground, floor and any hard surfaces that will crack or shatter your screen. If the GorillaPod starts to slip after you’ve wrapped something around it, I would make sure to tighten the grip or just take it off and find another place to mount your smartphone. Slipping is a good indication that 9 times out of 10 your smartphone has a chance of dropping on the ground and shattering your screen.

Grip Tight GorillaPod Stand 3

Grip Tight GorillaPod Stand 3

There’s also the push button quick release and lock and unlock switch. Two really great featured needed for mobile photography with a tripod. These are must have features in order to take secure photos, only tripods I see do these type of features are the big tripods for larger cameras. I recommend the GorillaPod for mobile photo enthusiast to serious mobile photographers that needs serious features and grippable sturdy built. The GorillaPod is made to take a beating and great for the outdoors to take lots of nature photography and landscapes. I highly recommend you buying this tripod, in fact it not just a tripod but it’s THE MOBILE TRIPOD to have in your mobile photo gear. The GripTight GorillaPod sells for $29.95 which is a steal !!! I’ll probably buy another one just to have as a back up or do some creative mobile photography. You can’t really go wrong buying a GorillaPod and investment.

This is the introduction of the GorillaCam Photo Apps for iPhone. There are two versions of this app. You can get the FREE version or the GorillaCam Pro version, $1.99 and both apps are universal to the iPad. Now You’re wondering what’s the difference between free and paid versions. The FREE has pre-made sets of controls you can change on the app, so if you’re starting out the free version is something you want to pick up. There are no iAds in the free version of GorillaCam. The paid version has controls on all of the functions on stop motion to time lapse photography. If you’re an advance mobile photographer you might want to pick up GorillaCam Pro. Right now I just have the free version because I’m not very good with stop motion or time lapse photography. Eventually I want to learn and improve my skills for creative reasons. I saw Chronos and Baraka (Ron Fricke documentaries) that gave me some inspiring creative ideas on a mobile scale.

Joby Product List:

GripTight Mount – $19.95
MPod Mini Stand – $14.95
GripTight Micro Stand – $29.95
GripTight GorillaPod Stand – $29.95
GorillaCam for iPhone – FREE
GorillaCamPro for iPhone – $1.99

FREE SHIPPING US ground shipping on non-accessory orders…click here for International Shipping Information. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship orders to Brazil, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

I want to give a huge thanks to Emily Voigtlander for giving me a chance for providing me to test, write and review Joby products. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me You can follow me on Instagram @combo_apps and check out other artist in the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below. Have a great week and see you real soon !!!

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5 Responses to Combo Apps: Intro To JOBY and Mobile Photo Creativity

  1. rjllane says:

    Hi there ashcroft54.

    I concur with your assessments entirely. I have been using the GripTight mount for a year or so now. The engineering and versatility (to handle different mobile phones and their cases, to attach to a standard tripod or one of the Gorilla range, etc.) cannot be matched. For example, I have an iPhone 5 with the chunkiest OtterBox case available, and it can easily accommodate this combination. I also have a number of the Gorilla tripods for different situations. Again, the engineering is first class. And they ship to most international locations – another plus given that I am in Australia.

    … MomentsForZen

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Along with really great customer service which is another thing that can’t be beat. I’m really lucky that they gave me a chance to test and write about their products.

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  3. blaquira says:

    Thank you for the blogpost!!
    I decided to orden one right after reading this!!
    I’m waiting for my GripTight GorillaPod to arrive!!!

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