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Logiix Stylus Set

Yesterday I was suppose to have this blog post up and going but I got depressed. What I decided to do was watch Oprah Soul Series on XM Radio radio, it was with Dr. Jill Bolte Tailor. Which was really inspiring about how her brain was working during and after she had her stroke. I do recommend watching the interview, anyways so you’re wondering why does this have to do with this blog post. Well if you’ve followed me for awhile you will know it my quirky and creative way of drawing you as a writer. Being a writer is really surreal for me as well because I was told I wasn’t a very good at it. That’s what this blog post is about and those styli up above area about, writing. Logiix styli are great for writing when you have those sparks of inspirations. They have lots of different designs, colors and styles for everyday needs from school to a business meetings to just writing down your thoughts and ideas. Toward the end of the blog post I will give details on prices and shipping. I’ve gone back and fourth with Logiix about their products, which tells me they actually care and take the time with their customers.

Logiix Glam

I’m going to start off with Glam Stylus by Logiix.

Glam 1Glam 2

As you can see it has bling and my niece, Vida was drawn to it right away. She was screaming this is mine TINA !!! It has a dongle attached from the lid to push into your earphone jack. The Logiis Glam Stylus comes in 6 colors and $24.95.

Glam 3

The Glam Stylus also looks like I’m holding lipstick in my hand but wait it’s a stylus. Now if you’re wondering why such a small stylus is a bit pricey ? Well one it has a Swarovski Elements crystal at the tip. This little compact stylus is very well made. It’s solid and nothing to laugh at it. Even the rubber tip is really nice and color matched to the stylus. The lid is solid too. This compact stylus is made for glam on the go with your iPhone or Android Smart Phone. This would make a nice gift if you wanted to give something special to your significant other, back to school, stocking stuffer or daughter.

Logiix Titanium and Pro

The Stylus Pro Slim and The Stylus Titanium are next and put together because they are both just styli, besides the Artisans Stylus.

Pro Slim

The Stylus Pro Slim is really nice and works fine. We all tried playing games and intense coloring with kids apps. Vida loves this stylus because it’s hot pink. I was actually surprised on how well you can draw, write and play games with this stylus. Logiix makes The Stylus Pro Slim on other colors but not listed on the website. I would email them and ask them about the colors. The stylus sells for $14.95.


The Stylus Titanium is really solid and has weight to it. My nephew Boyce really liked using this stylus but something happened when he was playing a game with this stylus.

Stylus Titanium Rubber Tip Pop Off

The rubber tip came off, I was a little disappointed about this but I know Boyce is hard on things. I did contact Logiix to let them know what happened they sent me a response back. Basically if you want to get this stylus, this would something I’d stay away from unless you’re always careful. This might of been a flook or just a very good design. My oldest nephew, Leif manage to work and push the tip back on. I gave him the stylus since he’s crafty about putting things back together. I let Boyce use my TruGlide Stylus because the tip was made for hard tablet user. The Stylus Titanium sells for $19.95 so you can understand why I’m stand offish about this stylus.

Logixx Artisan

The Artisan Styli are really nice and remind me of ceramics and sculpture tools. They come in two sizes together in a package, so you get a two in one deal. I was really curious because both stylus have wooden handles.

Artisan 1
Artisan 2

The wooden styli both really solid and nice in your hand. They also give you that organic sense of feeling in your hand, like a raw artist who wants to draw, paint and sculpt. But you’re drawing on glass screen does take away that raw organic sense of being an artist, but using the Artisan Stylus on your iPad still gives you that feeling of being a true artist. Call it a contradiction or just being mobile. The Artisan sells for $24.95 and comes with a short and long stylus.

Logiix Aluminum

The Stylus Aluminum is next and this is a really nice 3 in 1 stylus. When you get this stylus you get replacement ball point pen ink refills. The ball point pen has two color black and red. Both of the ball point pens write nicely and the fact you get two color inks if really nice too.

Logiix Aluminum

This stylus has a really nice design that functions, even when you use the stylus tip it glides naturally on your tablets. The rubber tip is color match to the stylus just like the Glam Stylus. You don’t really notice or feel the clip in your hand when you’re using this stylus. The Stylus Aluminum was made for a student or the business minded person. It’s really feels it’s the everyday type of stylus which is nice because sometimes you just want a stylus to do everyday things. The Stylus Aluminum sells for $29.95 and come in 7 different colors.

Logiix Diamond

The Diamond Stylus has one of those plastic discs as a tip. I wanted to check this out since I have the Adonit Jot Pro.

Diamond 1

When you get this stylus you will get an extra plastic disc and pads. Now if you notice that The Diamond has a spring that connects the tip to the stylus. I’ll go more in details when I show you the drawing line test.

Diamond 2

This stylus is by far the most solid and heaviest I’ve felt in my hand out of all the styli I’ve written about. That heaviness makes the difference in how you will write and draw with it.

Logiix Diamond Test

Now here’s the line test I did with Tayasui Sketches. This is what I wanted to tell you about this stylus about the pads that come with The Diamond Stylus makes a huge difference on the smoothness of how this stylus will glide across the screen. The pads that come with the stylus makes a better contact on your screen, even with a screen protector. It doesn’t stick at all, just glides. It’s still important that you keep your iPad screen clean. I was really impressed with that and will give Adonit a run for it’s money. The spring that connects the disc tip to the stylus also helps give you better control when you write and draw. How the stylus is angles makes the difference too along with the spring. The Diamond Stylus sells for $24.95 and only comes in black.

Logiix Pro Writer

The last stylus I’ll be talking about is The Stylus Pro Writer. This is Logiix best overall writing stylus at both ends.

Rubber Tip

It comes with an extra rubber tip, which is really nice and convenient.

Stylus Pro Writer in Hand

This stylus is 95% metal and feels super solid in your hand. Writing with the pen felt like I was using a nice Uni-Ball Pen in my hand, very smooth and clean. The rubber tip feels the same way too very smooth and clean. I like this stylus for writing notes and doing quick sketches. The Stylus Pro Writer sells for $29.95 and comes in black or white.

The Logixx Styli List: *Note come of the styli on the list are not posted on this blog post but offered if you want to check them out and try them.*

Stylus Pro JR – $14.95
Stylus Glam – $24.95
Stylus Pro Slim – $14.95
Stylus Pro Duo – $14.95
Stylus Titanium – $19.95
Stylus Artisan – $24.95
Stylus Platinum – $24.95
Stylus Diamond – $24.95
Stylus Aluminum – $29.95
Stylus Pro Writer – $29.95
Stylus Presenter – $39.95

Ordering and shipping create an account by clicking the “My Account / Order Status” link at the top right hand side of our site. During signup we’ll ask for your shipping address details including country. If your country is not in the dropdown menu of available countries, unfortunately we cannot ship to your country at this time. Shipping is automatically calculated prior to submitting your payment information. Simply add items to your cart and proceed to the Checkout page where you will be offered Shipping Method choices and their prices. We will ship your order shortly after we receive payment from you. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49 and US ONLY. *Please note that unfortunately at this time we do not ship outside of North America, but we are working on changing our website to allow these shipments – we apologize for this inconvenience.*

Overall Logiix makes quality styli, has great customer service and recommend you check out their webpage is you want to buy all around great styli. If you don’t have an iPad or iPhone that’s ok, you can use the Logiix stylus on Android smart phones and tablets, Kindles Fire, Nook Color and with most capacitive screen. Logiix just doesn’t sell styli but other great products too, so don’t let stop you. I want to give a huge thanks to Logiix for giving me a chance to try out their Styli and write about them. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email You can follow me on Insatgram @combo_apps and leave comments and questions there too. Have a! great day and see you soon !!!!

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