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Opening the box !!!

Today I’ll be adding another chapter to the stylus series blog posts, I’ll be talking about the oStylus DOT by designer Andrew Goss. Andrew is a jewelry maker in Ontario Canada and has some really exquisite pieces shown on his website. After I saw his jewelry website and went through it I understood more on the concept and design of this stylus he designed. Now I did get mad because I dropped the stylus on the floor when taking it out of the package and the dot tip popped off and lost the tip. I emailed Andrew and told him what had happened. I asked him for replacement tips and told me he could of sent me a stylus to replace the missing tip. I told him just mail me new tips I know how to replace them. That’s what Andrew did and sent me replacement tips. After I put the tip back on the stylus I was happy all over again and forgot about what happened. Another thing I wanted to add what did happened to me was a *flook* according to Andrew. I do agree with him because I’m not normally this clumsy and take very good care of my things.

What's in the box !!!

When you get the stylus this is what you will get, a box with stylus in plastic pouch case and replacement pads. This was taken before I dropped the stylus.

The Cheap Clip

I took the clip off for two reasons. One it looks cheap and took away the quality of the stylus. Two the clip just got in the way and didn’t fit properly. I recommend just taking the clip off the stylus. Sorry for the blurry clip photo…

Dot oStylus in my hand

This is the oStylus DOT in my hand, it’s a little skinny but really solid. I was really surprised in how light and solid this stylus felt in my hand.

Dot oStylus part 1
Dot oStylus Part 2

The oStylus DOT is really crafted nicely, it might look thin and skinny but the prongs for the stylus is molded in the stylus frame. This way the prongs won’t break and stay in place better. My oldest nephew, Leif really likes using this stylus. He keeps asking me to use it constantly on his Android Phone. If you noticed the pad on the stylus get’s dirty, you can clean it off with screen cleaner. This show my iPad screen and Leif’s Android phone was dirty. It’s really important to keep your screens clean when you’re using a capacitive stylus of any kind.

Dot oStylus line test

This is the line test I did with Tayasui Skectches, as you can see you get really nice clean lines with the Dot !!! This stylus is great for sketches and air brushing. I did use water colors to paint with and it worked pretty good.

The Monster Within
Vine Ripe
Tree Blossoms

These are some of the art paintings I did with the oStylus DOT. This dot tip really works well I’m very impressed with this design. Overall this stylus grew on me and one of those stylus you can be a little rough with and toss in your backpack. My nephew Leif is hard on everything and he was hard on this stylus. I had Leif do the backpack test to school. The DOT stylus came back still intact and ready to use on your smart phones and tablets. I even tried this stylus on my iPhone with ArtRage for iPhone. I had fun using the painting knife and spreading paint on the screen. If you want to be different and standout this is the stylus for you.

Camera Roll-5480

This is my iPhone example of ArtRage for iPhone using the Dot oStylus. I did the picture larger than normal to show you the details using the stylus on my iPhone. The oStylus DOT is $38, $5 discount for two or more units and no extra shipping charge for additional units ordered at the same time. Now if you think $38 is pricy, I don’t for the simple fact you don’t have to replace tips. If you do have to replace a tip it’s not often like a rubber tips. If you have to by replacement pads you can probably find them at Micheal’s or some other arts & craft store. Plus I’m handy like that and rather just replace it myself or fix the problem myself. I will give you a breakdown product list below.

Product List:

Orginal oStylus $39
oStylus DOT $38

$5 discount for two or more units.
No extra shipping charge for additional units ordered at the same time.
We accept PayPal for orders. You can use any credit card with the PayPal system. You do not need a PayPal account.

USA Orders
Canada Orders
International Orders

Goss Design Studio

If you have any questions about this blog post just leave a comment or email me ashcroft54@gmail. You can contact Andrew Goss if you have any questions about his styli, You can follow me on Insatgram @combo_apps if you need to find me quick and not responding to your emails. Have a great weekend and see you soon !!!

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2 Responses to Combo Apps/oStylus DOT

  1. ankuriview says:

    Hi Tina,

    I read your coverage of various styli here on you blog and wondering now which one would you recommend for editing photos especially on an iPhone. Also, did you try wacom bamboo or hand stylus from kick starter projects?
    I have adnoit pro but lost both the disc and the cap so that made me thinking if there is something better that I can go for or should I still get the replacement parts.

    • ashcroft54 says:


      This is what I’d you with you Adonit Jot Pro, you can go to their website and order the missing cap and replacement directly from them. If you want to order anything from Adonit I recommend you order directly from them, you can go directly to their website on the blog post I did for Adonit. You will see them high lighted them in blue.

      Second part if you don’t want to order new cap and tips, then I would just order a TruGlide Stylus. You can go to that blog post and the high light blue will take you to their link directly. If you want to know why I recommend getting that stylus is the tip. That tip is very durable compared to any rubber stylus. I’ve used the TruGlide Stylus on my iPhone for masking on Tadaa 3D. It’s the all around best stylus so far that I’ve used so far.

      I hope this will help, if not you can ask me more about other styli.

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