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I Am The Passenger

Moxie and Me, the love hate relationship between me and the developer. Now if you’re wondering why I didn’t write about this app sooner or when it just came out. The reasons was this app the wasn’t working properly at the time, since I was one of the beta tester and it was released I was upset with Moxie. I don’t like to write about apps that don’t work properly. I would rather write about apps that are working properly without crashing and/or long rendering that makes not the photo to process what you’ve edited. Moxie did have a lot of problems with Apple and trying to get update builds on Test Flight. I wanted to let you all know that Moxie wasn’t the only developer who had this same update problems with Apple. After they finally got their 1.1. update and I calmed down. I finally played with the app on my iPhone and iPad. The app does work smoothly and renders nicely. The top photo was one of the edited I did with my iPhone 4S called “I Am The Passenger” on top of the page.

There’s something else I wanted to mention, I’m not the type that has to write the latest and greatest app on the market. This will happen sometimes but not always. Only when I happen to be testing an app at the time. My thing about writing blog posts are about quality information, tutorials and products. If you want to read something quick and easy there are a ton of blog posts that will just tell you to buy it and give you vague details so they can throw it out there. I’m not going to be doing that kind of blog posting on Combo Apps. That’s not what I’m about because I want to share and love writing these blog posts. Thanks everyone for reading my blog posts and let’s get back to Moxie !!!


Everyone meet Moxie the social sharing and editing photo app, it’s the only app of it’s kind and only on iOS. What this app is about layers and blending editing and the ability to share textures with the Moxie community. This app is a great way to introduce you in how to use layers and blending effectively. You can apply textures, gradients, vignettes and photos right on top of you photos to give you a creative edge. I will be including Moxie in my book that I’m writing about Introduction to Mobile Photography part of a three 3 book series.

Camera Roll-5521

Let’s get started with Moxie, after you load up the app you will get the “Discover” screen your default. You have three options to choose from at the top of the page, Featured, Popular and Fresh. Now what’s nice about the popular page on Moxie is it won’t look anything like the “Insatgram Exlpore Page.” That can be a nice thing for once in a long time.

Camera Roll-5522

This is your “News” and notification page, basically you can see you liked or reused your filter you made with layers and blending editing.

Camera Roll-5523

This is my profile on Moxie and will display all your edits and works of art on Moxie. If you noticed you don’t follow anyone and you don’t have any followers. It’s basically a place to share, create and reuse each other filters. There are people that can get really inspire by the way you edit your photos with simple layers and blending. I kind of like it that’s it not the typical photo mobile sharing photos app. I feel that a lot of people rely on likes, comments and being on the POP Page to feel they’re a valid artist or photographer. It’s really about your editing skills and being confident with those skills will go along way rather than 1000 likes and 1000 comments on your photo or image.

Camera Roll-5524

This is your settings and control with Moxie as you can see it’s the typical settings like most social photo sharing apps.

Camera Roll-5525

After you seen all the features and operations of how Moxie works, now I’m going to show you how to edit with Moxie. If you noticed from the first screen shot and load up there is a purple “+” button at the bottom right corner. Tap on and this screen will pop up you have two options to get your start with this app. You can take a photo or choose a photo from your camera roll. You all should know me by now with these types of I always take my photos first with Pro Camera and hardly ever use the on board cameras on most editing apps. So I’m going to tap on the camera roll button.

Camera Roll-5526

This is the photo I loaded up on Moxie and taken by Pro Camera. You can adjust your photo by moving the photo around with your finger. You can use two fingers to make your photo smaller or larger on the screen too. Moxie is only square format (1:1) and not set up to do 4:3 yet. I’m hoping they will change this in the near future and not just bet to square only.

Camera Roll-5527

You can tap on the photo you loaded up on the bottom left corner and this notice will pop up.

Camera Roll-5528

This is a cropping example with Moxie. After you decided on your square crop, then tap on the + button and you will go into different layer edits.

Camera Roll-5529

These are your 4 choices in layers for editing, Textures, Colors, Vignettes and Camera Roll.

Camera Roll-5530

I tapped on the textures button. You can see they have lots and lost of choices and category of different textures.

Camera Roll-5531

If you scroll down in the textures category you will have the options of adding textures into the fold. This screen will pop up and you will get this notification. Now if you want to go to these two sites to get you own textures for layers and blending you can click Lost & Taken and Tutorial Freakz. If you do get these textures for yourself then I recommend you keep them to yourself. Moxie only wants textures you’ve made yourself and not from textures sites that are free to pick up.

Camera Roll-5532

I picked a layer in the Abstract section and blended on top of my photo.

Camera Roll-5533

I picked Hardlight as my blend and if you noticed the slider at the bottom of the picture.

Camera Roll-5534

This is what the slider tool does, it changed your opacity of the layer you’re using for blend on top of your photo. Another thing I wanted to mention, do you see the Eye and Trashcan button below the slider. Well the Eye Button is to look at your original picture so you can see what you started with back and fourth. The Trashcan button is to delete what ever layer you used last or highlighted.

Camera Roll-5535

Ok I wanted to loaded another layer on top of my photo and it’s my own texture made with Flow Paper. This is one of techniques I use to make my own texture layers. I have a lot of different art apps I use to make my own background and layers to blend into my photos. This is something I’ve done for awhile, I have old blog posts written on how I use these types of art apps in other ways and not for the obvious.

Camera Roll-5536

I have my Flow Paper textures layer on top of my photo and you noticed that it doesn’t quite fit on top of the photo. That’s ok you can crop to fit it on by using your fingers to move and pinch around to your liking and work it to fit on top of the photo perfectly.

Camera Roll-5537

Now what’s nice about this app is you can move around the order of the photos o change up your layers and blending. All you have to do is hold your finger on the photo you want to move and move it left or right. You can mix the different layers and change you blends until you find what is perfect for you.

Camera Roll-5538

I decide to use Darken for my Liquor Store Sign and left the rest of the textures they way they are. After you done with your layers edit then tap on the Check button on the top right hand corner.

Camera Roll-5539
Camera Roll-5540

You will get these option on sharing and saving your photo. I have two of them up. The top screen shot is just after I’m done editing my photo. The bottom is after I Typed in the title of my creation.

Camera Roll-5542

This is what happened when you have Moxie set up to load on Instagram. You can take on Instagram or Tadaa it will send you to one or the other app. One nice thing is when you load your creations on Instagram this will tag it @Moxieapp to let them know you posted a photo using their app.

Liquor Stream

This is my finished edit with using Moxie, Liquor Stream. So as you can see sky is the limit with Moxie, the app save at high resolution 1920 x 1920 and you’re able to share your edits with others. This is one very unique and creative photo editing sharing app.

I Can Feel The Rain In The Summertime

Here’s another photo I edited with Moxie and on my iPad. One great and last thing I need to mention is that Moxie is FREE !!! That’s right free, full of creativity from beginners to advance mobile photo editor (like me) and room for potential improved updates in the future. If you have any questions about this blog post leave a comment or email me You can follow Moxie on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Have a great week and see you soon…!!!

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