Combo Apps/Cosmonaut Stylus

Today I’m going to talk about a very well made Stylus by Studio Neat called The Cosmonaut. That is a video from Studio Neat and intro to their stylus and the concept behind the stylus.

Cosmonaut 1

This is how it look when you get one of these cool stylus. It’s in a box to make your Cosmonaut look like a rocket. I’m really fortunate and thankful that Tom and Dan sent me one of these stylus to test, play and review.

Cosmonnaut 4

There it is laying on the table in all it’s Cosmonaut Glory !!!

Cosmonaut 2

This is the Cosmonaut in my hot little hand as you see it’s thick like a dry eraser marker. It’s very solid and feel really nice in your hand with the rubber grip the stylus won’t slip out of hands when used on an iPad or tablet device.

Vida and her Cosmonaut

Cosmonaut also has a bit of weight to it but it’s not too heavy to hold or write with. You can watch Vida using the stylus with ease and no problem coloring and doodling with it. She enjoying herself and loves using my iPad and The Cosmonaut.

Camera Roll-2548

To show you how well this stylus works, I did a test with Tayasui Sketches. That fat rubber tip makes very clean and precise lines, even with a screen protector on my iPad and works well for painting too. It’s really important to keep you iPad and tablet screen clean.


Here’s a drawing I did with the Cosmonaut and using Tayasui Sketches, called Bugs.

Camera Roll-2544
Flowing Flower Buds

The next two example are drawing and then layered image with a photo. 1) I used the Cosmonaut to draw the Flowing Flower Buds on the top image with Tayasui Sketches. 2) Then I layered the Flowing Flower Buds on top of a cloud photo using Photo Forge 2.

Camera Roll-2545
Camera Roll-2547

I did the same thing with second drawing and layered it with a photo on top of it. I drew out my image with Tayasui Sketches and used the Cosmonaut to draw with it. Then layered them on top of each other with Photo Forge 2 again.

Replacing your Cosmonaut Tip, now how to get a replacement you would have to contact them. I’m not sure how to order a replacement tip or how to get another one but if you have to I’d contact them. But with the rugged quality of this stylus I don’t see you getting a replacement tip soon. Tom and Dan are both very nice guys and helpful.

Overall the stylus is built really well and worth the $25, this stylus will last you a long time as long as you take care of it. It’s great for kids and the elderly. I recommend this stylus for a going back to school or collage gifts. You don’t have to worry about shoving the stylus in your back pack or pocket. It will collect lint from you pockets but that’s OK because the link doesn’t collect on the tip. It’s very strong and durable but I wouldn’t keep the Cosmonaut out in the sun for a long time. Studio Neat also sells other great products and I’ll leave you a list below.

Studio Neat List:

Cosmonaut Stylus – $25 Shipping starts at $2.50 USA/$7 international. Spend $40+ and worldwide shipping is FREE !!! Also available at
Glif Tripod mount for iPhone 4 & 4S and iPhone 5 and 5S – $30 Shipping starts at $2.50 USA/$7 international. Spend $40+ and worldwide shipping is FREE !!! Also available at
It Will Be Exhilarating – ebook – $5 You will receive a link to download a DRM-free copy of the ebook in ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats. It is also available in the iBookstore and on Amazon.
FRAMEOGRAPHER – Time-Lapse and Stop Motion Movies on your iPhone – app

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment, email me or contact Studio Neat. I want to thank Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost for giving me this chance and opportunity to write about their stylus.

We end with a creative and beautifully well done video of how the Cosmonaut is made hosted by Mr. Rogers and video done by Studio Neat. You can watch their other videos on Vimeo. Have a great weekend and see you soon…

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