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Sensu and the long hard fight. It’s really hard to be a blogger and sell yourself as one since there are so many bloggers out there. Also when there are bigger bloggers who’ve already reviewed this stylus and put in their 2 cents. You have to show them what’s different about you, be persistent, creative and not sell yourself short. If anything and what I’ve learn from blogging is reading other blog posts, listen to readers, developers, companies and do lots of research to make my point valid…so it stands out and it’s own merit. In the end of the battle weather you win or loose, you gain so much more knowledge in the whole experience. Alright enough said so lets go and talk about this magnificent stylus…that everyone has told me it glides like butter. That’s my nephew (Leif) playing with the rubber tip end of the Sensu Stylus and using Tayasui Sketches. Leif still insists that pencil and paper is better but I told him that this is the future and better get use to it.

Vida with Sensu and iPad

What can I say about the Sensu Brush Stylus is their product has a quality that really stands out in the brush stylus category. This is the most *sensual* brush stylus on the market to date. Why ? Because this stylus was made for painters by painters, this was made for a serious mobile painter/artist. But at the same time a 5 year old can hold and use the Sensu Brush with ease, like my niece (Vida) up above. As you can see how Vida can naturally hold and paint with the stylus with no problem and she loves it !!! It’s a very basic and simple brush stylus with lots of elegance and style.

Sensu out of the box

When you get the stylus out of the box, it looks like this (tiny and short). You think *HUH* not much to it…don’t let that fool you…looks are deceiving.

Sensu 1

You pull off the long metal lid and you will see the brush. The long lid is solid and will makes the extender to the brush.

Sensu in my hand

As you can see in the picture I’m holding the Sensu Brush in my hand with the lid extension, the brush stylus feels really nice in your hand. The metal lid will also give you balance in using the stylus so it feels natural when you paint. This also makes you forget you’re holing a stylus to paint on a glass screen. You feel like a painter ready to paint the Sistine Chapel !!!

Sensu 3
Sensu 4

Let’s talk about this rubber tip a little, now you’re wondering what they put a rubber tip on a brush stylus. In all of the confusion it’s really simple explanation, so you have the best of both worlds in your hot little hand. That’s something a lot of styli don’t offer unless it’s interchangeable but in this case it a permanently attached solution. The rubber tip is soft but firm as you can see me press down with my finger.

Sensu test 1 with Tayasui Sketeches

The rubber tip does glide really smoother on your iPad (make sure your iPad or any tablet screen is clean before using any styli). I did a test with Tayasui Sketches for precision and response. You get really clean lines with the rubber tip. Tayasui Sketches has been my go to app for testing out stylus just like Pro Camera is for shooting and testing mobile photos.

Camera Roll-2537

OK now it’s the brush tip’s turn and testing…

Sensu Brush Test with Tayasui Sketches

Here’s my brush test with the Sensu again it has great response with the brush tip. The strokes are clear and smooth. It does feel like you’re actually using a brush rather than a stylus with a brush tip.

Water Currents

Quick sample art works using the Sensu Brush Stylus, 1.Water Currents, 2.Fireworks and 3.Flower. I know not the best art work you’ve seen but I want to show you how clean the lines look and the brush response on my iPad.

Overall the Sensu is a really nice and impressive stylus, it’s versatile with the rubber tip on the other end. Now you’re all wondering if the price ($39.99) is justifiable, the answer is YES !!! Why, because you’re getting two styli in one package. If you’re serious about doing mobile painting and artistry, then I recommend you buy this stylus. The only con to this stylus is once it’s worn out and/or breaks then you have to buy a new stylus in it’s replacement. Sensu doesn’t make replacement tips and you can’t take off the tip unless you cut them off and glue something else in it’s place. Now I’ve read that the Sensu Brush wears out quickly and shows discolorations on the brush tip to the point that it will not respond to your tablet screen. So what I’m going to do is do another blog post or an update to see if this really happens or not. Me and a friend thinks or hypothesis the discoloration is like oxidation or a patina/tarnish on the brush, kind of like how paint oxidizes on a car or copper and bronze will tarnish. If this is true then I’m wondering if you can wash the brush somehow and see if that works again. It’s not like the Sensu Brush doesn’t need or take batteries nor have anything electronic in it.

The Sensu Brush Stylus comes in two colours, Chrome and Black. You can buy the stylus for $39.99 on Sensu’s website and *FREE SHIPPING to US residents only*, for a limited time all orders ship free by USPS First-Class mail. They only ship to addresses in the USA. For international shipping please visit our partner retailers. You can also order the Sensu Brush Stylus on Amazon. There are other things you can check out on Sensu’s website by clicking on The Gallery, Videos and Apps & Devices. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment, email me and contact Sensu directly (click here). You can also find and follow me on Instagram @combo_apps and leave a comment on the specific posts. I will respond pretty quickly and try to answer your questions. I want to thank Jennifer Reiss and Marisol Peinado for giving me a chance and believing in me. Have a great week and HAPPY LABOR DAY !!!

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7 Responses to Combo Apps/Sensu Brush Stylus

  1. matartuk says:

    Stylus nightmare! I have been through a few stylus pens, I wanted a slim pen and bought a £8 ($12) well known brand. The shiny tip wore off and the pen would grip the screen. I contacted the company who suggested a few things that didn’t help. I can’t remember exactly the technical help, it was things like temperature and moisture but it was obvious that the pen wasnt going to glide across the screen again. I was given a free replacement which ended in much the same as the first.

    I think how well a stylus glides is a key point for me. I have found a few £1 or even a pack of cheap stylus that have worked and lasted longer than more expensive ones. Yes nibs fall off or grip maybe lacking. Although I have come across a great material for a custom grip (Sugru) I haven’t used it myself as a grip but it came to mind, as I remember it as one of the uses. I don’t want to sound like a big advert but it has a million uses.

    Anyway I will be looking at getting a brush, maybe not an expensive one but I really want to give one a go now.

  2. DW says:

    Do you have an app suggestion to use this with a 6 year old?

  3. Arron says:

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    found that it’s really informative. I’m going to
    watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in future.
    A lot of people will be benefited from your writing.

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