Combo Apps/Glass Camera with Creative Video Features

Crackle Blooms

Today is about an app called Glass Camera! from the developer that made Wrap Frame. Glass Camera came out just in time for the Video Hype going on with Instagram. It’s really great if you want creative frame and distortions with videos. You can take photos with the app too which is up above. Below are the features of what Glass Camera can do and a list of filters and effects.

What’s in the app:

Preview video:
Total live view of the effects. What you see in the preview is what you record.

Glass lenses:
21 glass lenses to record your fun moments Dice, Perimetric, Horizon, Cubicle, Orb, Skewish, Concave, Window, Domino, Upright, Slant, Angled, Casey, Designer, Abstract, Ringtic, Basics, Perspective, Looptic, Wormhole and Squarish.

Distortion effects:
Use the slider bar to adjust the level of distortion inside each glass lenses and add some cool effects to the video in real time

Effect filters:3D emboss filters:
Softic, Middy, Decolor, Mint, Darkroom, Sabour, Chromic, Solar, Highcolor and Colortone

Post Processing:
Apply and adjust effects while they are playing, like you are filming them for the first time.

Camera Roll-5362

When you load up the app you start off in two modes, Classic and Normal. I like using Classic Mode because of that’s where all the glass frames are at if you use Normal Mode all it does is a flat screen with just the different filters.

Camera Roll-5363

Normal Mode with all the features and filters.

Camera Roll-5364

Classic Mode with all the different glass frames.

Camera Roll-5365

This is how you play with the distortions with photos taking or video recording.

Camera Roll-5367

After you take your photo you can decide if you want to use a filter or not.

Camera Roll-5369

You have your filters and you just scroll left to right and tap on the filter you want to apply to you photo or video.

Camera Roll-5370

After you save your photo or video this message will pop up if you want to take another photo or record another video.

Tricky Old Truck

Here’s a picture of a truck I took with the Glass Camera, I used the distortion and filter.

Dead Lavenader

Sometimes the photos just look cool without any filters at all, like this one.

These are the two videos I did of Boyce with Glass Camera in video mode. Now I have a problem loading the video on Insatgram so Deborah Blaque showed me a solution to the distorted upload problem. There’s a FREE app called Squaready for Video. You can use this app to help you crop the video to the proportion you need to upload them onto Insatgram. Glass Camera is normally $.99 but FREE for a limited time. Wrap Frame is also FREE for a limited time too. Glass camera photos save at low res 960 x 640 and the video res is 640 x 480. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me You can also check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below and follow me on Insatgram @combo_apps. Have a great weekend and see you soon !!!!

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