Combo Apps/TruGlide Stylus and Products part 1

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This is a two part series about LYNKtec products, I will be writing about the TruGlide Stylus, Smartie microfiber cleaning cloth and Clean-a-Roo Joey microfiber pouch cleaning cloth. Part two blog post will be posted later on tonight and it will be about the TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus with brand new interchangeable brush tip. The top of the post you will see a photo with number on each item I’ll be writing about in part one’s blog post. Toward the end of the post I will give you prices of all their products and will be linked to LYNKtec sites.

TruGlide Stylus 2

Alright this is the TruGlide Stylus, I saw this stylus being reviewed on The Verge for best stylus for your iPad. Now I felt the stylus got a bad rap because of what Warren Ellis quotes: “The TruGlide may sound like a sexual lubricant, but it’s actually a new stylus for your iPad featuring an odd but effective microfiber tip. The TruGlide feels light in the hand and is pretty ugly, but boy does it perform well. In fact, it’s perhaps the most conductive stylus I tested. The TruGlide’s tip looks like steel wool, but feels as soft as a t-shirt. The tip is about the same size as the small tip of the Bamboo, and feels a touch firmer. It does indeed “glide” across the screen, unlike many of its rubber-tipped counterparts, which makes it simple to make wavy lines but harder to make lines with sharp corners. It’s an odd feeling — the TruGlide exhibits almost zero resistance from the screen, which is ideal for games like Fruit Ninja or for watercoloring on screen. Plus, Lynktec claims that the microfiber tip on the TruGlide is ten times more durable than rubber tips, but I didn’t test it long enough to find out. At $15.95, the TruGlide is a great deal for a person who cares more about silky smooth performance than looks. Just watch out for the clip on its side: it’s attached tightly enough that it nearly ripped my shirt pocket open.”

TruGlide Stylus 1

I’m going to talk about the TruGlide microfiber tip and tell you what I really think about Warren Ellis review. This tip was made for a serious beating from KIDS !!! See there’s something Mr. Ellis hasn’t tried with these styli is letting (your) kids use them on their tablets. I watched my 5 year old niece use this stylus on my iPad and her Nexus 7. She hits everything hard, colours, erases and scribble all over the screen. My nephew whose 11 years old is hard on everything and his Nexus 7 too. He was pounding, scribbling (hard) and playing games on it. He even liked pressing the tip with his index finger because of how it feels. I let them play with it and told them to give it a workout. The last part of Mr. Ellis quote on not making sharp corners with the TruGlide Stylus. You can make sharp corners with it. I tested that out too.

Now let me tell you what The Verge doesn’t tell you about the Bamboo Stylus, from what I saw and read about Wacom’s Bamboo Solo Stylus (on Wacom’s site and Amazon) are those rubber tips wear out quick and fast within a two week period. It’s expensive to constantly replace tips at $4.95 for 3 tips !!! Not only that they are hard to find unless you’re an avid Amazon shopper or you can buy they from Wacom’s site directly. You can’t buy replacement tips at a near by store. It makes me wonder am I paying for the name or the product ?!?!?! So don’t let TruGlide’s microfiber tip and it’s (so-called ugly) design fool you, it can take a serious beating and it doesn’t scratch up your screen or screen protector. What should matter does the product work to your benefit and does what you need it to do ? That’s what should really matter to you as a consumer.

Bottom line Wacom Bamboo at $17.20 (Amazon Price) plus $4.95 (Wacom’s Site) tip replacement vs. TruGlide Stylus $15.95 with no tip replacement and I’ll even add the TruGlide Duo Pen Stylus at $24.95. You buy both of those stlyi and you will come out a head on cost in the long run.

TruGlide Stylus 3

This is the TruGlide Stylus in my hand as you can see it’s small. I have small hands and short fat fingers so this stylus works for me really well. Even the kids like how this stylus felt in their hands, it’s very solid and well built. I’d like to be able to have peace of mind if I dropped something and not worrying it will break as it hits the floor. What else is nice is this stylus is a perfect fits and works with your iPhone or Android Phone. I used it to type messages and type out notes with it. It’s great, very responsive and not so big (tip) it will overlap over onto the next letters when you type out messages and emails. I typed out a few emails with this stylus and lots of messages.

Abstraction with TruGlide Stylus

You can even draw with TruGlide Stylus too. I drew this on Tayasui Sketches and used the stylus to mask on Tadaa 3D. TruGlide works really nicely with a lot of the drawing, painting and other art apps on the market. For the price ($15.95) you can’t go wrong with an all around stylus like this.

Smartie 1

Next, I’ll talk about the Smartie microfiber cleaning cloth, LYNKtec sent me along with the styli. Mandy Skinner whose their marketing manager read my blog posts on the Adonit Jot Pro and GoSMart! stylus. She liked how I went into details about keeping the screen clean so she sent me a Smartie and a Clean-a-Roo Joey cleaning cloths to test out.

Smartie 2
Smartie 3

That’s what the front and back of Smartie looks like, they are really nice cleaning clothes. The don’t feel like cheap cleaning clothes either, they’re pretty thick and durable. Smarties are normally sold for $9.95 but they are on SALE for $7.95. These Smarties cleaning cloth make great gifts for Christmas time and birthday gifts.

Smartie with iPad

I laid my Smartie cleaning clothe on my iPad to give you an idea of the size of these microfiber clothes. They come in a lot of different designs and they are on sale. They even have a mystery pick, where “You Get the Discount, We Pick the Design!*”

Clean-a-Roo Joey 1

Clean-a-Roo Joey is a new product line that offers a microfiber cleaning clothe tucked away in a 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 pouch. I have a couple of these type of cleaning clothes like these in my camera bag and now for my iPad/iPhone.

Clean-a-Roo Joey 2
Clean-a-Roo Joey 3

They’re really cute, easy to pull out and pack away. They only have two designs at the moment (Whooo Are You? and Tee Off!) but I’m sure they will make other designs over time, like they do with the Smarties. My niece is in love with Owl’s so she wants to steal it and clean her tablet constantly. I have to hide this from her !!! The Clean-a-Roo Joey are $8.95.

Clean-a-Roo Joey with iPad

Here’s my Clean-a-Roo Joey splayed out on my iPad, to give you an idea of the actual size of the product.

Product List:

TruGlide Stylus w/ Pocket Clip
TruGlide Duo Stylus Pen
TruGlide Stylus w/ Tether Headphone Jack
Smartie Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Clean-a-Roo Joey

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment, email me or contact LYNKtec They are very helpful, have very good customer service and FREE SHIPPING on U.S. Orders Over $25! This concludes part 1 of this blog post so see you on the next in-depth blog post on part 2…

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4 Responses to Combo Apps/TruGlide Stylus and Products part 1

  1. rjllane says:

    Hi there.

    Enjoyed reading your review. As they say when reading reviews “what matters is whether the reviewer uses the product and is someone you trust” – you fit the bill on both points. These tips sound like they might be the right thing for me. I have an OtterBox case and screen protector on my iPad that makes using an ordinary rubber tipped stylus a completely frustrating experience. If these are more conductive, and tougher, then they might just make a stylus worthwhile.

    … MomentsForZen

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Richard if you do get the stylus let me know how it works on your Otter Box and the response contact you get running the stylus on the screen. I’m really interested in your results.

  2. rjllane says:

    No worries – I promise to let you know how I get on. See my comment on Part 2 for some questions – would really appreciate your advice and help.

    🙂 … MomentsForZen – Richard.

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