Combo Apps/TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus part 2

LYNKtec Package  part 2

We continue the serious with LYNKTec flagship stylus the TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus. They added something new to the mix with their flagship stylus which is an interchangeable brush attachment. That is set to go on sale Thursday afternoon. I’m really excited about writing this blog post because I’m one of the first bloggers to get to test the brush tip and write about it. Toward the end of the blog post I’m going to give you all price info and the items will be linked to LYNKtex’s website.

Tayasui Skectches with TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus

When it comes to precision and conductivity to your iPad screen with a TruGlide, this microfiber tip wins hands down. You will get that durable microfiber tip that last longer than a rubber tip and can take a beating on some serious note taking, fast sketches and thumbnails. It glides naturally like melted butter on a hot plate. This is the smoothest stylus I even used so far, nothing really comes close to this. Even on a dirty screen this stylus will still write those lines without any skips. If you want to know how dirty the screen was, then you know my niece was playing with my iPad. But I do not recommend or condone to using a dirty iPad screen, I still feel it’s important to have a really clean screen if you’re going to do some heavy art activity and editing on your iPad. The app I used for the line test was Tayasui Sketches, because they have more fine line drawing options than Paper. I feel Paper is the least accurate app to test a stylus on because it doesn’t have any options to change the lines width on the tools you pay for, like other drawing apps.

TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus

The stylus itself is really light in your hand with the microfiber tip and it looks like a professional business stylus to boot. Most of the stylus has really light weight metal with a plastic microfiber attachment tip. The stylus comes in two colours, Matte Black and Slate Silver. Now let’s talk about the brush tip attachment that is coming out Thursday afternoon.

TruGlide in my hand

Here I am holding the stylus with the brush attachment, it looks really nice and sleek. It feels really solid in your hand and the brush tip is a little heavier than the microfiber tip. Which I like because it makes a better contact on your iPad screen. Another nice thing about this brush tip is that it’s replaceable if you were to loose it or stopped working on you iPad or tablet, which is better than buying a brand whole brush stylus.

Abstract Drawing  with Tayasui Sketches

Here’s a sample art work I did with the TruGlide Pro with brush tip.

Paper Demo with TruGlide Pro Brush

I did do a Paper test for people who love using that app. I still recommend you try other apps for your test. The curvy lines match up to the tools I was using with Paper.

Tayasui Skecthes with TruGlide Pro Brush

This test was done with Tayasui Skecthes, I wrote out what the curvy lines are at the end so you have an idea of how the brush looks. You can see how conductive the brush works on this app, but I also tried it on a bunch of other apps. For you Procreate lovers out there, this brush responds really well on the screen. I did noticed when your iPad starts to get hot from a lot of drawing and processing. The response will slow down and will do a catch up to where you ended the drawing.

List of apps I’ve tested this brush on:

My Sketch Paper
Adobe Ideas
Bamboo Paper
Bamboo Paper for Android
FlowPaper for Android
Scribblify for Android
Meritum Paint Pro
Fingerpaint Magic
Sumo Paint

This is a list just to get you started, I know there are a lot more art and drawing apps out there.

Paper Demo with TruGlide Pro Brush

I did a simple sketch with Tayasui with the TruGlide Pro Brush. It came out really nice. I didn’t have any problems painting with the brush and everything just came out smooth. The water color you will have to go over a few times because it’s light.

TruGlide Pro with Case

I asked Mandy how much all this will cost and break down in prices for all the items. The TruGlide will be released for sale on Thursday afternoon. The brush tip on its own will be $14.95 – our introductory offer will include a complimentary metal carrying case ($4.95 value) with every Artist Paintbrush Tip purchase. So you will be able to get the TruGlide Pro, Artist Paintbrush Tip, and Metal Carrying Case for $44.90 ($50 value). We also offer free US shipping on all orders over $25! The Artist Paintbrush Tip will currently be sold separately from the TruGlide Pro as an additional accessory. You can buy the Metal Carrying Case separately for $4.95. And yes – anyone that likes our Facebook page can get 10% off the TruGlide Pro!

Additional Tip for TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus – $9.95 and sold separately.
Metal Carrying Case sold separately for $4.95
Brush Tip – $14.95 with metal carrying case ($4.95 value) as an introductory offer.
TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus – $29.95
Everything together will be $39.95 and FREE shipping in the US since it’s over $25.
If you go on LYNKtec’s Facebook Page and “like” them there is a promo code for 10% off.

International Order Info:

We ship internationally through our website and have some deals listed – customers can get the TruGlide Pro, Artist Paintbrush Tip, and Metal Case for $39.95, or just the paintbrush tip and case for $14.95. We are not currently listed on Amazon with the new product yet (it takes a few days to approve new listings). We also have a distributor in Australia – The Stylus Company – but they are not carrying the new tip yet either.

If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me You can also contact LYNKtec for questions about their product or anything else via email They are very helpful and have great customer service. This conclude part 2 of the blog post, see you soon and have a great evening !!!

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10 Responses to Combo Apps/TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus part 2

  1. rjllane says:

    Hello again ashcroft54.

    Another good review. I’m sold on it. I will wait a day or two for the new tip to come out, then go for the complete package with the Pro stylus, case and extra tip. Are there any deals for international folk like me (Australia)? Am I best to purchase via the LINKtec website or Amazon?

    Thanks … MomentsForZen

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Let me ask Mandy about it and see what she says. I’ll give you a reply. I know I’ll hear from her soon because of the 2 blog posts.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Check this out, maybe you should order through the site instead of Amazon.

      • rjllane says:

        Hello again ashcroft54.

        What a great deal, and only US$6.95 for shipping. I’ll let you know how I get on in about a month (it is a long swim across the Pacific – estimated delivery in 14-21 days).

        Thanks for following up for me … MomentsForZen – Richard

      • ashcroft54 says:

        Anytime Richard, I just went to the website and checked it out and emailed Mandy too. I’m going to get more stylus from other companies but I think the TruGlige you will really like because of it’s all around ability. So let me know in a couple of weeks what you really think of the stylus and do a test with all different kinds of apps with the stylus.

      • ashcroft54 says:

        Hey Richard I got some information from Mandy. They had quite a busy day on orders yesterday.

        Mandy quotes on international orders:
        We ship internationally through our website and have some deals listed – customers can get the TruGlide Pro, Artist Paintbrush Tip, and Metal Case for $39.95, or just the paintbrush tip and case for $14.95. We are not currently listed on Amazon with the new product yet (it takes a few days to approve new listings). We also have a distributor in Australia – The Stylus Company – but they are not carrying the new tip yet either.

        You can pass this along with all your friends in Australia…hope this helps.

  2. rjllane says:

    I’m getting to really like this company (LYNKTec). Answering your emails, having international shipping (far too few outward-looking companies in the US), an Australian distributor (now we are talking really rare companies) …

    Oh, and great products judging by your review 🙂

    My Australian colleagues will be very pleased to know that there is an Australian distributor.

    Have a great day ashcroft54.

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