Combo Apps/Special Guest Blogger June Courtland-Burke

Special Guest Blogger June Courtland-Burke

Today we have a special guest video tutorial by June Courtland-Burke. I asked June if she wanted to share her video tutorial on Combo Apps, since the it’s broken up on Instagram and didn’t do the tutorial justice. June was really excited and said “YES” !!! At the end of the tutorial there will be an app list of all the apps June used in this blog post. The apps will be linked to the App Store so you can check the out and/or purchase them. I’m a fan of June’s art work and her video 3D creations. They’re amazing to look at and opens the door in taking your art work to the next level of 3D movement. Instagram has opened a new frontier and doorway of whole new breed and medium of Mobile Arts by making the art itself mobile. I’m hoping that more people would like to share their video creation and show them off on Combo Apps. Now lets read what June has shared with us all…

📹🎨 HOW TO MAKE A CREATIVE VIDEO~using the “PixAnimator” App📹

📹PixAnimator is a wonderful new app made by “Moonlighting,” the same people that brought us SuperPhoto.📹
🎨First off, I’d like to say that it’s very important to choose a good strong image. Just about anything will work. I especially like the way abstracts turn out in this app. Make sure your image is strong in contrast and tone! I have been working with faces. I will give you a few tips on how to enhance the face to make it look even stronger in the video.
Keep in mind that your photograph will remain motionless in one place; while the video template itself, moves around it. It is also helpful if you choose a photo that color coordinates with the video template. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

💁➡ HERE ARE A FEW TIPS TO ENHANCE ANY FACE (In preparation for your video.) ⬅

▶Take your image into MasterFX and then choose the “Essentials” menu.
🔵Please refer to Photo-A.
As you can see I have chosen the blue light to highlight both eyes. (Scale them down to size and adjust the opacity.) I’ve chosen the white rectangular boca light on the left; second one up from the bottom as the arrow indicates, for the lips. (Scale it down to size and adjust the opacity.)
🔹 Save photo to your camera roll.

▶ Next take your saved photos into PixlrExpress+.
🔵 Please refer to Photo-B.
You will find a brand-new set of amazing decorations called; “Illamasqua”.
(Bottom row, second from your left, in bright pink.) Once you’ve tapped on that, you will see stickers. Tap on the stickers and you will find several different sets of eyelashes that you can choose to enhance your photo, as shown in Photo-B.
🔹 Save photo to your camera roll.

▶ Optional: (for a soft, luminous look)
Take your saved photo into DynaLight HD.
🔵 Please refer to Photo-C.
If using a color photo (which I suggest), set filter to “Orton”. If using a black-and-white photo, set filter to “Orton-IR”. (You will find both filters under: FX.)
Adjust the radius to suit your taste.
🔹Save photo to your camera roll.


1⃣ Go to the App Store and download “PixAnimator”. Open up the app and look at all of the “free” templates. There are “in app purchases” but you can get to those later after you familiarize yourself with the app. Plus, there are certainly enough interesting templates that they offer for free to start out with !!!
Choose your template. Keep in mind that you want to coordinate it with the colors of your image !!!

2⃣ Go to your photo library and choose the image that you have prepared. Adjust it and fit the main parts of the image that you want to see, inside of the clear part of the template. Do not allow any of the clear part of the template to show through and make sure it is completely covered with the image or you will have a mark of demarcation where the photo crop ends.

🌟TIP: I find a good rule to follow is to match up the top and bottom edges of your photo with the top and bottom edges of the video template. (Please refer to Photo #2)

3⃣ The next step is to go into settings on the upper right corner (you will see the little Settings wheel) and pick out an audio track that you feel suits the mood of your image. Now for some reason, the length of the video seems to depend on the length of the music !!! I have no idea why? I plan to write to the owners and give them my feedback on this, soon. That’s why I said in my intro to just play around a bit in the beginning; to get familiar with the video templates, the music, and the length of the songs, as well. They’re quite lovely little shorts, I must say, and there’s quite a nice selection, too !!!

4⃣ If you look at my reference photograph you will see in #4 only a couple of the filters. This is not a must, but some of them can add quite an interesting look to your video !!! I particularly like the “Criss-Cross” Filter and have used it on my video in this tutorial.

5⃣ Check your settings to make sure that they are the way you would like them to be! A few words about settings… Once you find a video that you like, I suggest that you flip the “favorite” switch on. Trust me, in the future this will be very helpful since there are so many different ones to choose from !!!

Next, make sure that you flip the “full length” switch on. The next thing to check is to make sure that the right song is on. I say this because that is one of the bugs I have found, unfortunately! Sometimes when you set it on a particular favorite song, another completely different song will play! This is unavoidable right now, apparently, but I’m sure they will straighten this out since they’ve taken on a quite sophisticated venture, and really the first of its kind, as far as I know. I’m sure all of our comments and reviews will help them to work the bugs out! Lastly, there is another switch that says “full size”. You cannot use this switch unless you pick out a frame first; and the frames unfortunately cut down the actual size of the video, (not the length of the video, but the actual size will shrink down to about 2 inches), and I find it loses its punch, so I don’t personally use this but some of you may like it. Above all, experiment! Have fun with this app and be sure to tag me on some of your videos because I would absolutely love to see what you all come up with !!! I hope that you will find this information helpful to your creative process !!! 💁ENJOY!🙌❤🙌🎨

The App List:

Master FX
DynaLight HD

If you have any questions about this blog post you can leave a comment, find June Courtland-Burke on Insatgram @dayinjune or email me You can follow June on Instagram and EyeEm, make sure you take a look at her beautiful feeds. You will be amazed with her art work !!! Have a great week and see you real soon !!!

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