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It’s all about “3D” today !!! Tadaa has released a separate social photo sharing app called Tadaa 3D. This app is only on iOS platforms only. The top photo was taken with PowerCam and edited with Tadaa 3D. Here is Tadaa’s press release given to me so you have an idea of what Tadaa 3D is about then I will do my thing as the blog post progresses…

Fed up of the same old photo editing tools? Looking to add a whole new dimension to your photos?

Enter tadaa 3D, a new iOS app launching globally today that brings photos to life in 3D. Using the popular Object Detection tool (patent pending), users are able to select a subject in an image and create an incredible 3D effect that shows different dimensions of the photo as the screen is tilted. These images then animate automatically when shared across the web. Available to download for iPhone, Tadaa 3D is aimed at anyone seeking new ways to enhance their photos in a fun and creative way.

“Tadaa’s filters and HD features are great and we know just how much our users love to be able to put their own stamp on their photos,” said Nikolas Schoppmeier, CEO & co-founder, Tadaa 3D. “What Tadaa 3D does is take this one step further and allow people to add a totally new dimension to their photos. When we saw the first results we were surprised at how well it worked – our beta testers and us have been playing around with it for a while now and we just wanted everyone to have fun with it. It’s really quite unique.”

After snapping an image or uploading from the camera roll, users can roughly draw around an object in an image with their fingertips. The app’s Object Detection then gets to work, automatically detecting the subject the user wants to focus on. Users can then make adjustments to elements such as brightness, contrast and saturation, as well as adding finishing touches by adding filter effects and add Tadaa’s signature depth-of-field effect.

Creating an awesome 3D effect couldn’t be easier:

● Take a photo
● Paint roughly to define the subject
● Share or save to your tadaa profile

And Tadaa 3D isn’t just an editing app; there’s a social community side wrapped around it also. Users are able to set up their own profile and share their images. They can like, comment and repost the images they like. Images can also be shared to Facebook, Twitter and more.

The team behind Tadaa 3D is just as impressive as the app. Tadaa now has a community of over 3 million iPhoneographers with its users sharing millions of photos every day. The app is widely recognised as Instagram’s number one competitor.

For more information about Tadaa 3D, please visit

Camera Roll-2405

Ok now lets go in details about Tadaa 3D, when the app loads up this is your default home page. Look at we have here it’s my colleague, fellow blogger of iArt Chronicles and friend, Geri Centonze. As you can see it’s the people who you follow on Tadaa and Tadda 3D, so you can link your regular Tadaa account with Tadaa 3D. I will show you later how it shows up on your Tadaa account for viewing.

Camera Roll-2408

This is my profile page for Tadaa 3D account. Only on the Tadaa 3D account this will only show how many photos you’ve edited and loaded up on Tadaa 3D only. You can link your regular Tadaa account with Tadaa 3D.

Camera Roll-2410

When you tap on the 3 … (dots) button you will get this pop up menu, so you can edit your profile and hide reposts.

Camera Roll-2411

OK, when you tap on the “Camera” button you will get the default camera on and if you look to your right bottom corner you can go into you Photo Library to upload a photo you would like to edit in 3D. It’s also really important when you use this app you turn off all you apps in the background. This is a very powerful editing app, takes lots of processing and will crash if you do not turn off your other apps.

Camera Roll-2412

The buttons are very simple and the app is very user friendly. I would say probably the least complicated masking and editing app I’ve come across so far…you can’t really mess up when you mask photos. I’ll show you why when you scroll down.

Camera Roll-2413
Camera Roll-2414

I highly recommend you leave the “Detect Edge” button on at all times, why ? Because using this option off (manual blur mask) is a pain in the ARSE when masking a photo on your iPhone. You can see where the lines are being coloured in while you’re masking your photo/image. This masking is done on my iPad so I can get into the tight spots and corners. Tadaa’s detect edge technology is by far the best thing I’ve seen and used for getting close to the edge, tight spots and corners. It’s even better than the Magic Wand on Photoshop CS (whatever) and any other app out on the market. It’s just the most amazing and innovated thing I’ve seen in masking since vector masking. The masking and erasing will blow you away. The erase has the same “Detect Edge” process too. Developers need to take a serious look at what Tadaa did with masking technology because this is really impressive and no one comes even close to this type of masking.

Camera Roll-2415

After you finished with your masking and you’ve checked every nook and cranny, you can hit the “DONE” button. What I like is they used a green colour for their masking so you don’t miss any spots.

Camera Roll-2416
Camera Roll-2418
Camera Roll-2419

PRESTO !!! Your photo/image is in 3D !!! What’s really cool is your 3D photo will move around the screen on how you tilt your iPhone, so the photo/image will follow you. There are also some editing filter options, if you have Tadaa you should be familiar with their features and controls (filters, adjust and crop).

Camera Roll-2420

This is how your photo/image will look on Tadaa 3D. If you want to do these 3D type photos I would stick with photos that have simple forms and shapes it’s easier to mask out and those seem to come out the best with this app. Simple is best way to do with this app.

Lost in Sensation 3D

This is what my finished edited photo with Tadaa 3D. Now the only downfall to doing these 3D photos are they only been seen on Tadaa, Tadaa 3D, Facebook and Tumblr. These photos you edit do not save onto your camera roll, so I had to take screen shots of them with my iPad. Then I used Pic Frame to crop out everything so I can get the image only to show you how it looks on the blog post. I’m hoping in the near future you can save these 3D photo onto your camera roll.

Camera Roll-5270
Camera Roll-5271

This is how your photo/image will look on Tadaa (default page and profile page) when you linked Tadaa 3D together. You don’t have to get a Tadaa account if you don’t one. Tadaa 3D is it’s own entity but you have to buy Tadaa 3D if you want it. The app is $3.99 / €3.59 / £2.49 and each of those prices are linked to the App Store in that country.

I tweeted Tadaa and asked them why you can’t save the 3D photos on your camera roll. Tadaa said, “the camera roll doesn’t support the 3D animation, so therefore you can’t save the 3D photos until Apple write a program to support 3D animation photos.” How do we change this ? It’s simple by writing to Apple and asking if they can support these types of photos so they can be saved on the camera roll.


Here’s another photo I shot with Pro Camera and edited with Tadaa 3D. If you have an questions about this blog post leave a comment, email me, or contact Tadaa through their website by clicking that link >>> ( ). You can also find me on Insatgram @combo_apps. I want to thank Dan Walsh and Tadaa for contacting me so I can write about this innovative and extraordinary photo editing and sharing app. Check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below, have a great weekend and see you on Sunday for a special blog post by June Courtland Burke on a special video edit and tutorial that can’t be missed and worth the read !!!

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6 Responses to Combo Apps/Tadaa 3D

  1. Well thank you my dear for the mention! I wish there was a way to embed the images in our blogs so the reader could get the full effect of the 3D! Great job explaining the app. I’m looking forward to the post about June – love her work.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Geri the trick I use so I can post them on the blog is take a screen shot from Tadaa 3D. Then use Pic Frame to crop it and save at the higher res. Screen shots from the iPad are higher res anyways.

    • ChrisCGN says:

      Hey Geri,
      You should be able to embed them using the tadaa-homepage as source.
      This is how tadaa explained how to get the information to embed the pictures:
      “Embed 3D’s: get the link of your 3D magic by ••• > share via… > mail/text.
      When opening in your browser you’ll see a „“ sign.”

      Alternatively you could just go to your user profile on the tadaa homepage on your desktop, then select the 3d-picture you want to embed and change to the source-code view of the homepage to find the needed line there.

      Hope that helps 🙂

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