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Today I want to introduce you to the GoSmart! styli by GoSmart, Inc. This stylus has cutting edge and innovative design because of it’s spring metal ring tip. I’ll be writing about what I’ve experienced with this stylus, so let’s get started !!! The video is about the styli and the people giving you a quick demo with the GoSmart! 300 series Styli.

Go Smart!

GoSmart! provided me with a stylus to test, write, paint and draw so you can get my honest feedback of this product. That video is pretty truthful about how the stylus feels in your hand. What they gave me was the 200 series magnetic stylus with black cap, they have 3 other color caps if you don’t want black (blue, red and white). They have the 300 series different design but with the same (concept) spring metal ring tip with 4 different color caps (black, blue, red and white).


When I took the stylus out of the case, it felt very solid and not cheap. It was like holding a nice pen in your hand, in fact I was really impressed with the make and design of this styli.


Those are the magnets that are embedded in the stylus so you can attach it to your iPad so you don’t loose it. GoSmart! does make a styli without magnets in them and I will break down the prices for you toward the end of the blog post.

GoSmart! Metal Ring 1
GoSmart! Metal Ring Demo 2

Now it’s really hard to get a good clear shot of the spring metal ring tip with my iPhone, but you will get the gist of what I’m writing about this spring metal ring. So I cropped it and tried to bring out the details to give you an idea of what the spring metal ring looks like. This tip is pretty durable and don’t let the tiny spring fool you.

Paper Demo with GoSmart! Styli

Here’s my Paper by 53 demo with GoSmart! The lines are really clean and yes I did clean my iPad screen before I started to write and draw with it.

Camera Roll-2362

This is my Tayasui Sketches demo and I wanted to show you the details of the different line sizes you can adjust for with this app. You can make some fine clean lines with this stylus. The only issue I have with it is the noise it makes when you draw with the stylus. Since I have a screen protector on my iPad, it does make a noise when you write, draw and paint with this stylus on your screen. It also helps to make sure you clean your screen before you so anything type of taking notes, paint and/or draw on your iPad or any tablet device.

This is a demo on how to change out the spring metal tips. Yes, the music is cheesy (little on 70’s porn) but you can mute the music on the video and just watch the demo without any music.

Now I’m sure you’re all wonder if this styli will scratch up your iPad. Here’s a video demo of showing 3 different stylus on iPad glass and dust particles. The writing’s on the glass…so to speak !!!

Abstract Flame

Three Types of Trees


These are the quick drawings I made with the GoSmart! Stylus and used Tayasui Skecthes App as a demo. The sketches were quick and easy with the stylus, the only con is the noise it makes (again). Because I have a screen protector on my iPad and not sure if it makes a noise without a screen protector. Even if it didn’t make so much noise without a screen protector on my iPad, I’d still get one on anyways. I’m very protective of my iPad and it’s an investment for my photo editing, art and blogging.

Over all the GoSmart! Styli are worth every penny if you don’t want to spend the money on the $90+ styli (Jot Touch 4, JaJa and Pogo Connect) with Bluetooth connection. It’s very sturdy, well built and has an impressive spring ring metal tip. It’s innovation that doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg. You all know I go out of my way to look for good deals on great products and this is one of those products. The styli sells for $24.95 (with magnets), $23.95 (without magnets) and replacement tip is $6.95 plus shipping and handling (if you are an Amazon Prime Member, you won’t get free 2 day shipping or any kind of free shipping). They come in four colors, black, blue, red and white and two styles 300 and 200 series. You can order them 3 ways, Paypal, Amazon and Amazon UK (unsure on the shipping costs). The link is “HERE” if you want to order one. You can contact GoSmart! if you have any questions about their products or any other concerns. They have great customer service and responds quickly to your emails. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me You can check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below or follow me @combo_apps on Instagram for quick app updates and quick reviews, Have a great week and see you soon !!!

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    Thought you might want to know that Stylus is singular and styli is pleural :-).

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