Combo Apps/The Videogram Hype Direction

Today’s blog post is about “Video Direction” and the recent update with Instagram’s 4.1 update to import and load up videos from your camera roll. Now this opens up the market for video apps so I was asked to look, research and come up with a detailed list of video apps. This is Combo Apps in motion finding the best video combo apps out on the market. When I went searching for video apps I found out something about my app collection. That it’s really sad when I found a lot of the video apps in my archive of app hoarding in the last few years. There were a lot of video apps some for free and some I paid for thinking they were camera apps but turned out to be video apps instead. The top video is called The Koi Pond and was done with Super 8 video app. It was a FREE app at the time because of the movie “Super 8.” I can’t load this video on Instagram because it’s 19 seconds long and you can only load 15 second videos. When you try to load a video longer than 15 second, Insatgram will crash.

Camera Roll-5143

Let me show you my first folder of video app hoarding, as you can see a lot of these video apps have been long forgotten. Tucked away and lost in the sea of camera app in the App Store. Toward the end of this blog post I will link up all the apps shown so you can check them out in the App Store. Decide if you really want to get the app or not, so you don’t make the same mistake like I did (thinking that they were camera apps).

Camera Roll-5144

To add to the madness and make matters worse I had to make a second folder for my hoarding collection, now the bottom 3 apps are the ones I mistaken them for camera apps. AlchemCam, AuroraCam, FlameCam and not shown MotionArt Plus. There are GIF apps out there that you can pick up, if you want to make a snippet animation loops.

Camera Roll-5145

Video mobile sharing apps or social mobile video apps have been around way before Instagram launch video sharing, some of these are great to use for uploading and sharing your videos else where besides Insatgram. Where you can find like minded souls who love the art of movie making, short films, snippet videos, gif loops and/or short animations. Now I’ve been told by quite a few people that some of these video share sites have “bots” and “spammers” well so does Instagram !!! It doesn’t matter where you go on the internet. There will always be “bots” and “spammers” and you can’t escape it.

Camera Roll-5146

A while ago MEA Mobile announced they would make all their FREE for a few days. I got so excited about this FREE app event I downloaded all their photos apps. The big disappoint was that MEA Mobile photo apps, were mostly video apps, so it’s part of my archive hoarding collection. Again you can pick these up and come up with creative ways of capturing videos and posting them on Instagram or anywhere else on the web and/or mobile sharing apps.

Camera Roll-5149

Flipagram vs Pic Trip: The latest trend posting on Insatgram are these high speed slideshows. These two apps are the ones you want to get to make those crazy almost animated slideshows that will give your viewers a headache or be in AWE of your video/slide work. Both apps are for the iPhone only but you can load the apps on your iPad or iPod Touch.

Flipagram is kind of new, its has its pros and cons like all apps. The pro is it’s easy to use and upload with 4 simple steps. The con is you have to use the photos from your Instagram library. What that means is if you want to make an animation of photos to make a quick slideshow. You have to upload all your photos on your IG account in order to make the app work it’s magic. One of my friends on IG said she made a separate account to load her photos at because she doesn’t want to flood her feed with tons of photos to make a high speed slideshow. Flipagram is $.99 at the App Store.

Pic Trip has it’s pros and cons too. I wrote about Pic Trip a while ago. It’s been in the App Store for a lot longer but lost in the sea of photo app. What’s the only con is you are stuck with the blinking square at the end so it takes up time and space when you want to use this app to upload on IG. You also have these black borders which can be a good thing or a bad thing. The reason is I don’t know if the black border will show up when you load square format high speed slideshows on IG. I know it will show if it’s not a square format video, 4:3 or 2:3. The huge PRO about this app is you can load your photos from your camera roll or folder you made in the Photo App Library section on your iPhone. So there is no need to load them from your IG account or making another account to load photos up. It’s really easy to use and loads up great. Pic Trip is $.99 at the App store.

The App Store video click list:

Super 8
8mm Vintage Camera
Blux Moive
FiLmMiC Pro
FiLmMiC Classic
iMajiCam Pro
Lomora Pro
Slo Pro
Paper Camera
MotionArt Plus

MEA Mobile List:

Speed Machine
Video Masher
Glady’s Cam
Gif Life

Video Share Mobile Networks:


Camera Apps with live effects list:

Fisheye Pro
Fast Camera a great way to use stop animation or high speed slideshow.

Michelle’s List:


Bethanie the Wookie adds:


Deborah Blaque has added:

Squaready for Video
Split Lens 2 Pro

There are camera apps that have video built in them but they just do straight video with no effects to them. That’s why I didn’t list any camera apps that do video too. I know there are more video apps out there with effects to them. These are only a few that I’ve listed. If you want to add apps to this list and just post them in your comments or you can email me This is only the beginning with video apps with Instagram’s popularity it wouldn’t surprise me that more video apps with effects pop up at the App Store. If you’re really into video make sure you have plenty of room to store your video on your iPhone or transfer them to a hard drive. Video does take up a lot of space quickly before you know it your iPhone is full !!! I hope this will help you get a better idea of what to look for in video apps and video effects, see you soon and have a great day !!!

I wanted to share a special email I got from Daniel Vinh from PicPlayPost:

Hi There!

I checked out your article today and wanted to provide some insights to our Instagram favored apps.

With Instagram’s latest update allowing video uploads from your camera roll, it unlocks limitless opportunities for our video montage app PicPlayPost. We’ve recently updated PPP to take advantage of Instagram’s video capabilities, specifically:

1. Allowing Instagramer’s the ability to develop cool video/photo montages. PicPlayPost is to video montages as to PicFrame is to photo montages.
2. Ability to upload a variety of aspect ratios. If you post video collages with audio directly from PicPlayPost, you can change the ratio from 1:1 to any other option (i.e. 16:9).
3. Add music from your music library.
4. Simultaneously or continuous video play
5. Filters: you can apply filters to your photos and videos.

Hope this sheds some light on PicPlayPost and incentives you to tell your readers about it.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions.


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21 Responses to Combo Apps/The Videogram Hype Direction

  1. Hi Tina,
    thx for your great list!
    I’d like to add Animoto
    and GameYourVideo
    You can see examples on my Instagram account @muenchner_kindl
    Greetz Michelle

  2. I had Vintagio and iLapse but had to delete to make room for other stuff. I can’t do much with video because my phone is always full. Lens+ is another app that allows video and photos. It offers various effects, frames, and aspect ratios.

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  5. ashcroft54 says:

    I just updated the app list !!!

  6. Marilyn says:

    Hi I have just newly found your blog and I am thrilled as I am very much a beginner at using apps, have so much to learn! Hopefully I will learn through your blog posts.
    PicPlayPost sounds very good.

  7. Jana Malachowski says:

    Just thinking about getting this tonight!!!

  8. Isaac Gee says:

    Very interesting read. I’ve been having a bit of trouble uploading video, but with this post I see some that may alleviate my problem.


    • ashcroft54 says:

      Isaac I feel that Instaragm hasn’t really worked out the video bug yet. This is a new kind of medium and has a way to go in working out the kinks. My advice is trial and error, make mistakes and learn from them. If you have an questions about anything on editing, you have my email and you can always ask me for tips.

  9. danmblog says:

    I have PicPlayPost, and it is a cool app! There are many ways to customize!

  10. Gerard Godin says:

    I love that we see more and more people discovering video thanks to smartphones. 🙂

  11. @zoppa !! says:

    Hi Tina
    Thanks for sharing !!

  12. An incredible article and very informative.

  13. Chris says:

    Wow there’s so many options. Looks like I have some experimenting to do!!

  14. Claudia says:

    I enjoyed this blog post very much. Thank you Tina!!

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  16. toby says:

    Congrats on obtaining one of the most sophisticated blogs I have arrive around in some time! Its simply incredible how very much you are able to take away coming from anything due to how successfully beautiful it is. Youve placed with each other an incredible weblog area -great graphics, movies, layout. This really is absolutely any must-see weblog!

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  18. With your permission, I will take thhis opportunity and reveal how much I
    love following this blog’s posts. It never fails to make me
    think… Or perceive things differently

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