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Camera Roll-2339

Today I’m going to talk about an app made for kids. Why, because a lot of parents read my blog post. This is an app I beta tested with my niece (Vida 5) and nephew (Boyce 11). By far Tiny Artists Animals is the best app Dropico has put out, because of it stability for not crashing on you and intuitive platform. Tiny Artists Animals is an art app that you choose backgrounds and place sticks on the background you’ve chosen to play with. This app has the mindset and made for kids to keep them entertained for long periods of time and endless possibilities. The app teaches kids about placement, stamping and brushing of people, animals, vehicles, plants, objects and things on pre-made template backgrounds. You can even add words and speech bubble templates to make the people, animals and bugs look like they’re talking like in comic books. What’s great about this app is it teaches them creativity and how to use their imagination. It’s a great way to let kids figure out and place the stickers where they want, so they can express themselves as Tiny Artists. Vida has played with Tiny Artists for hours on end and has fallen in love with it. She picked up on how to use the app right away. I didn’t even have to show her how to use it. The only thing I showed Vida was pinching the stickers on the screen to make them big or small. In fact all of use adults had called the app by the wrong name and Vida will correct us by saying “TINY ARTISTS !!!” This app has been beta tested approved by Vida herself, only if I had a stamp. Boyce tested the app based on curiosity. I caught him playing with it too !!! The app just had it last Beta Test Build and sent to the App Store for approval. Tiny Artists Animals will be in the App Store real soon.

Camera Roll-2340

After the app is loaded up and ready to go you have all these options on the main screen. The main screen is very kid friendly, in fact I didn’t even have to tell Vida how to use the app. She just pressed start and was off an running playing with it.

Camera Roll-2341
Camera Roll-2341

When you first get the app you will get this video of a boy and girl, after the video is done you can pick the boy or the girl. I did the demo for this blog so I picked the boy. Oh and Vida told me I can play with Tiny Artist as long as I picked the boy and not the girl…LOL !!!

Camera Roll-2343

Now if you saw on the main screen there’s a “FOR PARENTS” button, it’s a disclaimer and privacy policy. Dropico has made it clear they take privacy seriously and explains the terms and services about their app. You can contact them at if you have any further questions or concerns.

Camera Roll-2344

You can tap on “Tiny Gallery” this displays other artists who want to display their work. When you tap on the picture of the gallery and it will load up and you can play with the artists pictures.

Camera Roll-2356

I did this Tiny Artwork with Vida. She watched me and was making comments about the bug and the snake. She didn’t like either of them and told me to take them off and put in (“PRETTIES”) butterflies and flowers. I said you wanted me to be the boy and this is what boys like !!! You just can’t win with a 5 year old !!!

Camera Roll-2345
Camera Roll-2346

Now lets tap on “START” and choose a background, you have 36 backgrounds to choose from. When you tap on the right arrow you can scroll through 6 backgrounds at a time. Tap on the one you want…

Camera Roll-2347

I tapped on this background to do the demo for you. At the tap right hand corner are your options of how to place the stickers on your background. There are all sorts of different types of stickers, brushes and text to place on the background. Your kids will have endless fun and entertainment with all these options.

Camera Roll-2348

I’m showing you a sticker I placed on the background. If you don’t like the sticker you’ve chosen then drag the sticker, stamps and/or text to the “trashcan” and tap on the trashcan to get rid of them. After you’re done placing your stickers you can tap on the “arrow” button…

Camera Roll-2349
Camera Roll-2351
Camera Roll-2352

This will take you to these four options with your kid’s art. Now here’s a cool thing about this app. Kids have two save options for their art. One you can share your art to the “Tiny Gallery” to be on display so other artists can see your work. Two save the art on the Camera Roll and My Art, which is a place to keep their saved work so it doesn’t flood or pile up on your camera roll.

My Tiny Artists Edit

This is my saved art work demo from Tiny Artists. The app is made and designed for your iPad and iPad mini (iOS only). The price of the app is unknown until it’s out in the App Store but I will update this blog post to let you know about the price. Other than that Tiny Artist Animals is grade A entertainment for kids and a great way to sit next to your kid and watch them play or play along with them. I highly recommend this app for parents because of the privacy disclaimer for safeness and concerned parents. The fact is they made the platform based on a kids mindset. All you have to do is load the app, let your kids go and watch them create many Tiny Artworks. It’s endless fun and worry free. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me You can follow me on Instagram @combo_apps or click on the sidebar to take you to my Instagram and you can follow me there. Check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group and place your art work in the group pool. Have a great day and see you soon !!!

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IMG_4582-AIMG_4828218#2013/365.....:).       IPHONE366/225Red pub vertorama kitsch
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